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 Character Sheets - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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Character sheet
Character Name: Kesslan
Race: GM

PostSubject: Character Sheets - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star   Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:30 pm

Just to keep the sheets together for the group I will be posting accepted characters into the game below.
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Number of posts : 2140
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Character sheet
Character Name: Kesslan
Race: GM

PostSubject: Re: Character Sheets - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star   Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:39 am

Sha'hGrim (played by Gala)Female Human Mystic Adept/Magician
Body:5 | Agility:4 | Reaction:6 | Strength:2 | Charisma:7 | Intuition:6 | Logic:3 | Willpower:5
Edge:6 | Essence:6 | Initiative:12 3 | Astral Initiative:12 3 | Magic: 9 (7 for Magician Purposes)

Sha'hGrim is of normal hieght for an Elven woman. She walks with grace and poise, rarely hurrying unless the situation calls for it. She keeps her head up, and does not check her email or messages while walking, preferring to treat those around her with respect, and stepping out of the way before reviewing her electronic communications out of the flow of traffic (or view of "Big Brother's" eye...).
Sha'hGrim's appearance carries a very strange Metalic Silver hue to everything she is near. Her hair is bright, shining silver, even slightly reflective in the sunlight. Her irises are similarly slightly reflective Metalic Silver. Even her skin, though it takes a moment of careful scrutiny to notice beyond the eyes and hair, has a slight Metalic Silver hue. While this is not terribly strange in this day and age, especially in a club or nightlife, it is most definitely surprising. All told, the effect is likely striking, and very easilly located during the day.
Sha'hGrim generally wears very nice clothing, most often favoring the Steampunk line by Vashon Island while she is out and about. She occasionally wears a pant-suit, but most often is seen wearing a skirt and blouse underneath her overcoat. Because of her skin pigmentation, and the coordinated hair and eye colors, Sha'hGrim NEVER wears makeup. She also seems to near wear any head-wear. She displays her Elven ears with gusto and pride.
Sha'hGrim is quiet, shy, and unlikely to show any personality similar to her appearance. It is almost as though "The Gods" knew that her personality would be so withdrawn, and gave her the appearance she now has to remind the world that she is there. If a stranger were to approach Sha'hGrim, she will react in a highly withdrawn but cordial manner. She will answer questions, generally, to the best of her ability, but will not volunteer further information, nor will she intentionally carry on a conversation. Beyond her shy exterior, Sha'hGrim is warm and considerate. She makes a fine friend, as she is very easy to get along with and up for nearly any kind of Social interactions.

Karma and Improvements:

Positive: Mystic Adept, Genetic Heritage (Phenotypic Alteration - Elf), SURGE III
Negative: Gremlins IV, Dependent II, Elf Poser
SURGE Qualities:

Skills: (u=Skill; b/i/u=Skill Group; /i=Specialization)
Spellcasting: 5
Counterspelling: 5
Conjuring: 5
Assensing: 4
Perception: 4
Enchanting: 3
Animal Husbandry: 3
Shadowing: 2
Infiltration: 2
Outdoors: 1
Arcana: 1
Pilot: Groundcraft: 1
Blades: 1
Gymnastics / Gymnastics Dodge: 1 / 2

Knowledge Skills & Languages:
Paranormal Critters: 4
Mundane Critters: 3
Animal GeneTech / BioTech: 3
Seattle Animal Societies: 2
NAN Magical Practices: 2
Aztlan Magical Practices: 2
Magical Groups: 2
Sperethial: 4
Japanese: 3
German: 3
English: Native

Combat Axe Personalized Grip
Victorinox Memory Blade

Ball Lightning
Mana Bolt
Improved Invisibility
Improved Reflexes
Improved Attribute - Willpower

Bound Spirits:
None Yet

Adept Powers:
Mind Over Matter (Willpower) w/Geas
- Talisman Geas - Must wear specific Pendand at all times.
Astral Sight w/Geas
- Geas: Command Words to activate "Activate The Sight"

Initiations and Metamagic Techniques:
Adept Magic = 2
Magician Magic = 7
Total Magic = 9 / 10
First Initiation: Oath, Centering:
Second Initiation: Talisman, Masking:
Third Initiation: Thesis, Extended Masking:
Fourth Initiation: Geas: Talisman, Channeling:
Magical Tradition:

High Lifestyle, Purchased:
Clothing and Equipment:
Sha'hGrim travels nearly everywhere with the following items in her purse:
Victorinox Memory Blade
- as the strap on her Purse
Primary Commlink
- ALWAYS in "Hidden" mode
Secondary Commlink
- Weak model, contains various "public" pieces of data; enough to be believable
- With sound enhancements, suppressors, and spatial recognizers
- With Flare Comp, Vision Enhancements, Thermovision, Smartlink, Image Link and Vision Magnification
- With Flare Comp, Vision Enhancements, and Image Link
Magesight Goggles
Various Foci
The below Clothing sets include a description of when/why she would be wearing them, and their armor values.
Standard Street Wear:
"Professional" Street Wear:
"Formal Wear:
Adventure Wear:
Yamaha Growler:
Suzuki Mirage:
Magical Gear:
Force 5 Sustaining Focus (Normally containing F5 Improved Reflexes)
Force 7 Magical Lodge
Magesight Goggles
Enchanting Reagents:
- Refined Reagents
- Radical Reagents
Bound Spirit Services:
Enchanted Animals:
Barn Owl x2 (Mundane):
Ferret x2 (Mundane):
Raccoon x2 (Mundane):
Bandit x2 (Awakened):
Cougar x2 (Mundane):

Contacts: (L/C) - Names and Descriptions TBA
Talismonger (4/3)
Veterinarian (4/2)
Beat Cop (1/3)
Bartender (1/3)



Special Attributes:
Positive Qualities:
Negative Qualities:
Magical Gear:
Vehicle Budget:
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Character sheet
Character Name: Kesslan
Race: GM

PostSubject: Re: Character Sheets - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star   Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:45 am

Alexia Mooie Vos (Played by Starcraft)
Fox Shapeshifter
Shift: Human (female)
Age: --

Ratial Abilities" -1 Reach (Animal Form), Enhanced Senses(Hearing, Low Light Vision, Smell, Taste), Dual Natured

Bod: 3
Str: 3
Cha: 5
Int: 6
Log: 5
Wil: 4
Initiative: 11
Mag: 8
Initiation: 4

Analytical Mind
Spirit Pact (spirit of beast formula pact)
Media Junkie L1
In Debt

Henry Hollingsworth (Armorer) 2/3
Eve Ton (Spider) 3/2
Darren Mauffray (Pirate) 2/3

Perception: 4
[Hardware: 4]
[Data Search: 4]
[Computer: 4]
[Software: 4]

Armorer: 4
Assensing: 4
Heavy Weapons: 4
Pistols: 4
Con: 5
Infiltration: 3

Knowledge Skills:
English: N
Japanese: 4
Security Design (Banks): 5
Security Design (Government): 5
Surveillance: 4
Security tactics: 4
Architecture: 4
Engineering: 4

Adept Powers:
Improved reflexes 3
Enhanced Perception 4
Improved ability (Armorer) 4
Eidetic Sense Memory
Improved Ability (Infiltration) 2
Combat Sense 2


Permanent High
R6 Sin (Kitsune)

Vehicle / Drones:
Conestoga Vista (Bus)
- Amenities, Luxury
- Armor, Concealed (Rating 9)
- Extra Entry/Exit points
- Morphing License Plate
- Vehicle Tag Eraser
- Off-Road Suspension
- Off-Road Tires
- Satellite Communication
- Shop (Armorer)
- Weapon Mount (Concealed, Fixed, Manual & Remote)
-- FN MAG-5
--- Gas Vent 2
--- Smartgun System
--- Sound Suppressor
--- Ammo Box (1000 Ex-Explosive Rounds)

MCT - Nissan Roto-Drone (medium) x2
-Improved Takeoff and Landing Level 2
-Weapon Mount (Normal, Concealed, Flexible, Remote)
-- Laser Sight
-- Gas vent 2
-Medium Drone Sensor
-100 Regular Assault Rifle Ammo

2 x Jammer, Area, Rating 4
1 x Jammer, Directional, Rating 4
2 x Micro-Transceivers Rating 6
2 x Tag Erasers
1 x White Noise Generator Rating 6
50 x Datachips
1 x Lockpick Set
2 x Endoscopes
2 x Periscopes
1 x Laser Microphone Rating 6
1 x Microphone Rating 6
2 x Radio Signal Scanner Rating 6
1 x Electronics Tool Kit
5 x Small Containers of Nanopaste Disguise
2 x Wire Clippers
1 x Climbing Gear set
1 x Rappelling Gloves
2 x Grappling Guns
400 meters of Stealth Rope
1 Catalyst Stick
Micro Camera (Rating 6) with Low-Light
Electronic Binoculars (Rating 2), with Low-light and Vision
Enhancement (Rating 2)
Glasses (Rating 4), with Low-Light,  ermographic, and Vision
Magni cation
Micro Microphone (Rating 6) with Select Sound Filter (Rating 3)
Microphone (Rating 6) with Audio Enhancement (Rating 3)
and Select Sound Filter (Rating 3)
Handheld Sensor with Directional Microphone and Laser Microphone (Rating 6)
Earbuds (Rating 3) with Audio Enhancement (Rating 3) and Select Sound Filter (Rating 3)
Handheld Sensor with Cyberware Scanner (Rating 5) and MAD Scanner (Rating 3)
100 x Stealth RFID tags

Transys Avalon with Novatech Navi OS (Response 4, Signal 4, Firewall 3, System 4)
Sim Module )
Nanopaste Trodes
AR Gloves

Pro User Program Suite (Analyze 4, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4)
Linguasoft 3 [Russian]
Encrypt 4
Scan 4
Purge 3

1 x Camouflage Suit with  Thermal Dampening modification Rating 6
1 x Full Body Form Fitting
1 x Bike Racing Armor
1 x Actioneer Buisness Clothes

Ares Preditor IV
-Smartgun System
-6x Spare Clips
-90 Regular Ammo Pistols

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Character sheet
Character Name: Kesslan
Race: GM

PostSubject: Re: Character Sheets - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star   Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:01 pm


Male Elf
Age : 91
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 98kg
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/54329272@N02/5455932005/" title="Darkon Shadowrun 1 by DarkonTaDra, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5294/5455932005_846a3ff16c_z.jpg" width="453" height="640" alt="Darkon Shadowrun 1" /></a>

Here are some more pictures of him.

Body 4
Agility 2
Reaction 4
Strength 2
Charisma 7
Intuition 5
Logic 2
Willpower 6
Edge 2
Magic 7

Action Skills
Sorcery (Group) 5
Conjuring (Group) 4
Assensing 4
Astral Combat 2
Clubs (Staff) 4(6)
Influence (Group)4
Pistols (Heavy Pistols) 2(4)
Unarmed Combat (Tai Chi) 3(5)
Perception 2
Pilot Ground Craft 1

Knowledge Skills
German N
English 4
Sperethiel 4
Japanese 2
French 1
Or’Zet 1
AK:Psychology 2
IN:Occult Knowledge 2
SW:Magic 4
SW:Places to Stay 2

Positive Qualities
Mentor Spirit
Martial Arts (1) (Tai Chi)
Astral Chameleon
Erased (24 hours)

Negative Qualities
Sensitive System
Dependent (medium)
Prejudiced (Specific, Biased: Shiawase )
Compulsive - Mild (Talks to his Staff)
Distinctive Style (carries the staff)


Name L C
Barnabas (Shaman) 3 3
Frank Miller (Streetdoc) 3 3
Nekosune (Hacker) 3 3
Beeper (Talismonger) 3 3

Manabolt (Direct) (F÷2)
Influence (Mental) (F÷2)+1
Alter Memory (Mental) (sm) (F÷2)+2
Mind Probe (Active, Directional) (F÷2)+2
Control Emotions (Mental) (F÷2)
Levitate (Physical) (F÷2)+1
Mob Control (Mental) (F÷2)+2
Orgy (Realistic, Single) (sm) (F÷2)
Physical Mask (Realistic, Multi) (F/2)+1
Heal (DmgDV)-2

Bound Foci
Power Focus Type
Power: 2 Spellcasting
Power: 2 Weapon (Reach 2)
Is included in:
A wooden staff, shoulder height. Has a raven head carved into the top. Has been tinkered with to be very stable and resilient. Is in Darkons possession for about 70 years by now.


Grade Group Ordeal Metamagic
Grade: 1 Group, Ordeal: Oath Masking
Grade: 2 Group, Ordeal: Thesis, Sensing

Regular Clothing Bal: 0 Imp: 0
Form-Fitting Body Armor Full-Body Suit Bal: 6 Imp: 2
Lined Coat Bal: 6 Imp: 4

HK Urban fighter: Heavy pistol; DV 5p; AV –1; Ammo type 10c; RC 0, Fireing mode SA; Cost 1400; Notes: Nonmetallic, ammo is hermatically sealed, costs double, +8 avail. Ceramic silencer for 500¥

Staff: DV 3p; AP0; Reach 2. Weapon focus force 2.

Novatech Airware. Base response 3; Base Signal 3. OS: Iris Orb. Base Firewall 3; Base System 3; Cost 2250 Always in hidden mode, reserved for special ‘friends’.
Novatech Airware. Base response 3; Base Signal 3. OS: Iris Orb. Base Firewall 3; Base System 3; Cost 2250 ‘Public’ comlink.

Category QTY Gear
Ammunition QTY: 10 Gel Rounds
Ammunition QTY: 10 Regular Ammo
Magical Supplies Magical Lodge Materials R6
DocWagon Contract Gold
Vision Wear Contact lenses R3
+Vision Wear Enhancement : Flare Compensation For contact lenses
+Vision Wear Enhancement : Image Link For contact lenses
+Vision Wear Enhancement: Smartlink for contact lenses
Vision Wear Binocular

Rover 2068 (ar) SUV
Body 13, Handling 1, Accel 20/35, Speed 140,
Base Pilot 2, Base Sensor 2, Base Targeting 0, Base Maneuver 0 Armor 10, Upgraded Armor, 3
Run Flat Tires, Anti Theft System, Extreme Enviroment (Toxic), Gun Port, Life Support 2, Microphone, Amphibious Op. Upgrade 1, Additional Fuel Tank,

High lifestyle permanent. A house in Downtown Seattle, in the elven district.
Negative Quality: Network Bottleneck –1, This isn’t Big Bob’s Autos –1
2 permanent ‘Guests’: Increase of 20%

42 Questions:

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Character sheet
Character Name: Kesslan
Race: GM

PostSubject: Re: Character Sheets - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star   Wed Jun 20, 2012 6:19 pm

Name: Billy Gibson
Handle: Neuro
Race: Human
Essence: 3.95/6
Initiative (Matrix): 10 (12)(13AR)
Initiative Passes (Matrix): 1 (4)

Body 5
Agility 4
Reaction 5
Strength 4
Charisma 5
Intuition 5
Logic 5
Willpower 5
Edge 2

Athletics Group 1
Electronics Group 4
Blades (Knives) 2
Dodge 3
Pistols 3
Navigation 3
Perception 3
Survival 2
Con 2
Etiquette 2
Cyber Combat 6
Electronic Warfare 4
First Aid 3
Forgery 4
Hacking 6
Gunnery 3
Pilot Aircraft 3
Pilot Ground Craft 3

Knowledge Skills:
Security Companies 4
Security Procedures 4
Security Design 6
Military 2
Paranormal Critters 2

Language Skills:
English (N)
Mandarin 3
Japanese 3
German 3
Sperethiel 3

Enemy -20
SINner -5
Partial Amnesia -10
Analytical Mind 5 (+2 dice pool to most Logic Test, +2 dice pool to any Data Search and Software Tests
Born Rich 10

The Exchange Connection 4 Loyalty 1
Fixxer Connection 3 Loyalty 2
Mechanic Connection 2 Loyalty 2

Cranodyne Innovations Conn: 4 Incidence: 2
Membership: 6 Area 6: Magic: 1 Matrix: 1

Fairlight Caliban Commlink Beta Response:4 Signal:5
-Novatech Navi OS Firewall:3 System:4
Datajack Beta
Control Rig Beta
Orientation System Beta (+2 Dice Pool to Navigation Tests)
Smartlink Beta
Sim Module Alpha (Hot-Sim)
Encephalon Rating 1 Alpha (+1 Dice Pool Mod for Active Logic Tests)
Math SPU Alpha (+2 Dice Pool Mod for Math & EWAR Encoding/Decoding)
Simsense Booster Alpha (Extra Initiative Pass in VR)
Skinlink Beta

High Lifestyle Permanent
Fake SIN R6
Singularity Battle Buddy Commlink R7 Response:7 Signal:6
-Custom OS Firewall:6 System:6
-Biometric Lock (standard issue on milspec comms)
-Hardening R5 (standard issue on milspec comms)
-Armor R5 (standard issue on milspec comms)
Subvocal Mic
Contact Lenses R3
-Image Link
-Flare Compensation
Glasses R4
-Vision Magnification
-Low-Light Vision Enhancement
-Thermographic Vision Enhancement
-Ultrasound Vision Enhancement
Earbuds R3
-Audio Enhancement R3
-Select Sound Filter R3
Smart Jammer:Area R4
Rugged Clothing
Feedback Clothing
Form Fitting Full Body Suit
Greatcoat Lined
Combat Load Vest
-Smart Pouch System Ammunition x2
-Smart Pouch System Ration
-Smart Canteen
Secure Tech PPP Forearm Guards
Secure Tech PPP Leg & Arm Casings
Secure Tech PPP Shin Guards
Secure Tech PPP Vitals Protectors
Respirator R6
Hardware Tool Kit
Tag Eraser
Survival Kit
4 water purification tablets
AR Gloves

Nordkapp Zugsmaschine
Handling:-1 Accel:15/30 Speed:110 Pilot:2 Armor:8 Sensor:1
-Vehicle Sensor (included)
-Rigger Adaption
-Ram Plate
-Amenities Middle
-Run Flat Tires R2
MCT Fly-Spy Minidrone
-Improved Take off & Landing Level 2
-Minidrone Sensor
-Maneuver R2 self
-Gecko Tips
CYberspace Designs Dragonfly Anti-Vehicle *2
-Improved Take off & Landing Level 2
-Minidrone Sensor
-Targting R4 (Close Combat)

Ceramic Knife DV:(STR/2+1)P Conceal(Greatcoat): -2(-4)
-Personalized Grip (+1 melee combat)
Ruger Thunderbolt Smartgun DV:5P Conceal(Greatcoat): -1(-3)
-RC:3 AP:-1 Range:5/20/40/60 Mode:BF Ammo: 12(c)
-Concealable Holster
-Extreme Environment Mod 1
-Electronic Firing
-Gecko Grip
-Spare Clips x4

EX-Explosive Rounds x240 AP:-2 DV:+2

-analyze 6
-armor 6
-attack 6
-black hammer 6
-blackout 6
-bio-feedback filter 6
-browse 6
-command 6
-corrupt 6
-data bomb 6
-decrypt 6
-defuse 6
-disarm 6
-eccm 6
-edit 6
-encrypt 6
-exploit 6
-medic 6
-nuke 6
-purge 6
-reality filter 6
-scan 6
-sniffer 6
-spoof 6
-stealth 6
-track 6
-tactical sattelite mapping software r4
-tacsoft r2 *6

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Character sheet
Character Name: Kesslan
Race: GM

PostSubject: Re: Character Sheets - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star   Wed Jun 20, 2012 6:25 pm

Ork 20 BP
Karma 5
Nuyen: 1500

Body 8
Agility 5 (9)
Reaction 5 (Cool
Strength 7 (11)
Charisma 4
Intuition 5
Logic 4
Willpower 5
Edge 5
Essence 2.4
Initiative 10 (13), Passes 1 (4)
Condition Monitors: Physical 12, Stun 10

Dodge: Ranged 5 (7) 22
Gymnastics: Parkour 2 (4)
Infiltration: Urban 5 (7) 22
Longarms: Shotguns 5 (7) 22
Perception: Visual 4 (6) 18
Pilot Groundcraft: Bikes 4 (6) 18
Running: Sprinting 4 (6) 18
Martial Arts: Savate 5 (7) 22

Ork Underground 4
Savate 4
Seattle Area Knowledge 4
Combat Bike Circuit 4
Urban Combat 4
English N
Japanese 1
Or'Zet 3

Ambidextrous 5 BP
Restricted Gear: Titanium Bone Lacing 5 BP
Restricted Gear: R4 Muscle Augmentation 5 BP
Restricted Gear: R4 Muscle Toner 5 BP
Savate 10 BP; +2 DV on Unarmed Combat attacks

Maneuvers 8 BP
Finishing Move
Kick Attack

GEAR (500,000¥) 50 BP (+50 BP Budget)
Bike Racing Armor (Black)
Form-Fit Half-Body Armor
SecureTech PPP Forearm & Shin Guards and Vitals Protector
2 Smart Butt Packs (each holding 3 clips)
R6 Fake SIN
R6 Micro-Transceiver 12 1,200¥
Novatech Airware 3 3 1,250¥ (Hidden mode)
+Iris Orb 3 3 1,000¥
CMT Clip 1 3 300¥ (Active mode)
+Vector Xim 1 1 200¥

Biomonitor 0.3 [1] 4 1,000¥
Beta Bone Lacing: Titanium 1.05 16F 80,000¥
R4 Cybereyes 0.5 16 8 1,500¥
+Flare Compensation [1] 4 750¥
+Low-Light Vision [2] 4 1,000¥
+Smartlink [3] 8R 1,000¥
+Thermographic Vision [2] 4 1,000¥
+R3 Vision Enhancement [3] 9 3,500¥
+Vision Magnification [2] 4 1,000¥
Inner Ear Modification: Sound Damper 0.1 4 750¥
R4 Beta Muscle Augmentation 0.56 20R 56,000¥
R4 Beta Muscle Toner 0.56 20R 64,000¥
R3 Alpha Synaptic Booster 18R 240,000¥
Spur (Retractable) 0.3 12F 1,800¥

Harley-Davidson Scorpion (Chopper) +2 15/30 120 2 8 4 1 — 12,000¥
Yamaha Growler (Off -Road Bike) +1 15/40 150 1 6 6 1 — 5,500¥
Suzuki Mirage (Racing Bike) +2 20/50 200 1 6 4 1 — 6,500¥

Boyd & Richards Desperado (Repeating Shotgun); DV 7P, AP -1, SA/BF, 5/mag, 10R, 1,700
+Foregrip mod
+Pistol Grip mod
+Concealable Holster
+6 mags Slug Rounds
Spur 7P (9P)
Titanium Bone Lacing 7P (9P)

Jasper Crag Ork (Fixer C4/L2)

Advanced Permanent Lifestyle: Middle+
Middle (3 LP)
Your home has enough comfortable furniture to fill it. It’s probably mass-produced, but it won’t break when someone sits on it. You probably have three or more household drones and a multi-function soy processing unit. Your walls are fully covered with AR paint or wallpaper. You may even have a collection of knick-knacks. Your CHN is secure enough that you could telecommute.
This is the lifestyle of typical wageslaves.
Examples: You have a full bedroom set, a matching living room set, and a full subscription to a virtual wallspace program with virtual weather and virtual windows. You have three or four useful drones, such as the BusyBuddy, including drone or virtual pets.
Middle (3 LP)
Your home is well equipped, and you can afford subscriptions to multiple entertainment sites. Date nights are more frequent, and you can go to the occasional large event. At this level, you can keep up pampering treatments and can budget for a modest vacation annually.
Examples: You have an assortment of shows to watch at home, either on the trid or in AR. You eat out regularly at a popular chain restaurant and have season tickets to a sporting event or occasional tickets to a rock concert (nose-bleed seats.) People know your name at a neighborhood bar or club. You can take a five day cruise ship vacation or spend a week camping in the NAN territories. You can afford occasional minor cosmetic surgery (tummy tuck, nose-job.)
Middle (3 LP)
Your home is comfortable and cozy. You have stable utilities, although the occasional peak-usage brownout still occurs. Your home has room for a small family, with perhaps an extra guest room.
Examples: You have a 90-100 square meter home with a small yard or an apartment with patio/porch. It comes with a designated parking space in an underground garage or a garage attached to the home. Soy is prepared on a multi-function soy processor and is almost indistinguishable from the real thing, and you can occasionally splurge on real food like coffee on Sundays. You can afford bottled water, you have centrally controlled appliances that work, such as a laundry machine and dishwasher, and you have mid-priced new clothing, or items you bought on sale from Mortimer of London or Vashon Island.
Middle (3 LP)
The Middle lifestyle neighborhood is a pleasant, well-kept community. It may be a mix of high-density housing and shops, or it could be a suburban neighborhood. The public utilities, such as electricity and water, are reliable, the wireless coverage is up 24/7, and the neighborhood has a standing contract with a reputable police corporation or well-respected criminal syndicate (response times of less than five minutes.) Drones patrol the streets, and you can go out at night without body armor. There are probably several popular chain restaurants to choose from, the grocery delivery services are well-stocked, and there might even be a park or green space. Your neighbors are middle management, white-collar wage slaves, entrepreneurs, and successful criminals. Neighborhood watches are common, and street crime is not. On the down side, most Middle neighborhoods will require all metahumans to broadcast a SIN and ID at all times.
Examples: Fort Lewis (Seattle), Tarislar (Seattle), Mid-Levels (Hong Kong), Orange County (LA)
High (4 LP)
Your home has excellent security, which deters all but the
most determined and well-equipped thieves. You have a private security
contract with a reputable firm, and either drones or trained
metahumans patrol your property at all times. Your windows and
doors have superior locks. Your Matrix system is well protected,
too, with IC running at all times. Your neighbors are likely to
call police if they notice anything suspicious, and the neighbors’
security teams will likely come as backup for your own if there are
any problems. You enjoy considerable safety and privacy in your
Device Rating: 4
Professional Rating: 4
Examples: Metahuman security team, spirit (Rating 4) patrol,
electrified fence, security cameras, armed patrol drones, wards
on one room, remote spider to monitor the Matrix.
+Escape Tunnel +3
+No Neighbors +1

Turf: Ork Underground
Colors: Brown and Gray
The Skraacha (means something like “Scorchers” in Or’zet)
is a new gang that’s cropped up in the Ork Underground following
the Crash. Formed initially from a group of young orks who
banded together to help defend the Underground when everything
went to hell all over Seattle, the gang has since evolved into
a kind of combination neighborhood watch group (think of the
old-style Guardian Angels) and vigilante squad with the aim of
taking down anti-metahumans whenever possible. They often
skirmish with anti-meta groups like the Humanis Policlub, and
they pick up extra cash providing security to pro-meta rallies put
on by folks like the Ork Nation.
> This makes ‘em sound like they’re choirboys, but they’re not.
They’ve also got their meaty arms into quite a few strong-arm and
smuggling schemes around the Underground. If you’re not an ork,
they don’t have much use for you.
> Sticks

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Character sheet
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Race: GM

PostSubject: Re: Character Sheets - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star   Thu Jul 19, 2012 3:11 pm

Scarlet Cred spent: 299,906
Elf 30 BP
Karma Earned: 0
Nuyen: 7000

ATTRIBUTES (295 bp) Special Attributes (40)
Body: 5 (6)
Agility: 5 (10)
Reaction: 2 (9)
Strength : 4 (7)
Charisma: 8
Intuition: 5
Logic: 5 (7)
Willpower: 5
Edge: 5
Essence: 1.145
Initiative7(14) , Passes 1 (3)
Condition Monitors: Physical 11, Stun 11

SKILLS (190)
Armorer: 1
Athletics Group: 1
Automatics: 6 ( 8 ( Assault Rifles)
Computer: 1
Dodge: 1
First Aid: 1
Hardware: 4 (6) (Maglocks)
Heavy Weapons: 1
Industrial Mechanic: 1
Influence Group: 5
Infiltration: 4 (6) (Urban)
Intimidation: 1
Locksmith: 1
Palming: 1
Perception: 4
Pilot Ground Craft: 1
Pistols: 1(3) (Semi-Auto)
Unarmed Combat: 1 (3) (Martial Arts)

KNOWLEDGE: 30 points free (LOG + INT x3)
Architecture: 1
Area Knowledge: Seattle: 2
Business: 2
Combat Tactics: 4
Crime Syndicates: 2
Gangs: 2
News: 1
Security Tactics: 4
Trids: 2
English: N
Japanese: 4
Sperethiel: 4
Or’zet (speak): 1(3)

Biocompatability (Cyberware)
Low-Light Vision
Restricted Gear (Rating 2)
First Impression
llergy (Common, Mild) (Cats)
Media Junkie (Mild)
Records on File (Renraku)
SINner (Standard) (UCAS)
Weak Immune System

Martial Art: (5)
Krav Marga
+Ready Weapon as a Free Action

GEAR: 50bp (250k) + 50k for gear
Contact Lenses R3 (150)
+Flare Comp (50)
+Image Link (50)
+Smartlink (500)
+skinlink (50)
Glasses R4 (100)
+Vision Enhancement R3 (300)
+Thermographic (100)
+Vision Magnification (100)
+skinlink (50)
Earbuds R3 (30)
+Audio Enhancement R3 (300)
+Select Sound Filter R3 (300)
+skinlink (50)
Autopicker R6 (1,200)
Lockpick Set (300)
Maglock Sequencer R4 (800)
Wire Clippers (25)
Fake SIN R6 (free) (Main alias)
Fake SIN R4 (4000) (Alternate alias)
Fake SIN R3 (3000) (Alternate alias)
Fake SIN R2 (2000) (Alternate alias)
Certified Credstick, Gold (29)
Certified Credstick, Standard (29)
Smart Pouch System, Combat Load system (300)
Smart Pouch System, Ammunition Pouch x3 (75)
Stimulant Patch R6 x3 (450)
Tranq Patch R6 x3 (360)
Trauma Patch x2 (1000)
Tacsoft R2 (6000)
Tool Kit (Armorer) (500)
Tool Kit (Hardware) (500)
MedKit R6 (600)
Medkit Supplies x2 (200)
Tag Eraser (150)
Smart Pack (500)
Respirator R6 (150)
Mapsoft R6 (Seattle)
Comlink (Main comlink, runs in hidden mode)
+Trans Avalon w/ Response upgrade (9000) Response: 5 Signal: 4
+Custom OS (5500) System: 5 Firewall: 6
+Biometric Lock (150)
+Biometric Reader Reader (200)
+Hardening R6 (150)
+Sim Module (Cold) (100)
+Subvocal Mic (50)
+AR Gloves (250)
+Analyze R6; Ergonomic, Optimization R1 (1000)
+Browse R6; Ergonomic, Optimization R1 (1000)
+Command R4 (400)
+ECCM R3 (1500)
+Edit R4 (400)
+Encrypt R5 (500)
+Stealth R5; Ergonomic (5300)
Comlink x2 (Public comlink – throw away)
+CMT Clip Response: 1 Signal: 3
+OS: Vector Xim System: 1 Firewall: 1
Fake License R4 x8(Security Specialist (Occupation), Concealed Carry, Armed Security Carry, Driver’s license, SMG License, Assault Rifle License, Move-by-Wire System, Reaction Enhancers)

Attention Coprocessor (Rating 3); E .27; 4,500Y
Alpha Move-by-Wire System (Rating2); E 2.1; 85,000Y
Reaction Enhancers (Rating 2); E.54; 10,000
Cerebral Booster (Rating 2); E .2; 10,000Y
Enhanced Protein Exchange, PuSHeD; E .1; 15,000Y
Muscle Augmentation (Rating 2); E .2; 7,000Y
Muscle Toner (Rating 4); E .4; 16,000Y
Platelet Factories; E .1; 12,500
Synthacardium (Rating 2); E .1; 10,000k
Suprathyroid Gland E .35; 22,500Y
Tailored Pheromones (Rating 3); E .3; 22,500Y

Rover 2068 (SUV) Cost: 78,350Y
+Additional Fuel Tank
+Amenities, High
+Armor Normal (Rating 15)
+Off-Road Suspension
+Passenger Protection (Rating 2)
+Engine Customization, Speed
+Engine Customization, Acceleration
+Spoof chip
+Morphing License Plate
+Run Flat Tires (Rating 4)
+Life Support Level 1
+Smuggling Compartment, Shielded
+Manual Control Override, Drive-by-Wire
+Special Armor Mod, Chemical Protection (Rating 6)
+Special Armor Mod, Nonconuctivity (Rating 6)
+Firewall 5
+Pilot Program Rating 4
+GridLink Override
Suzuki Mirage (Racing Bike) Cost: 7,000
+Vehicle Sensor
+Run flat tires (Rating 2)

Defiance EX Shocker Cost 1,250Y
+Smartgun System, Internal
+Firing Selection Change, Small Mod (SA)
+Personalized Grip
+DV: 8S(e) AP: -half RC: 2 (With Str recoil bonus)
Ares Alpha Cost 3,260Y
+Ares Alpha Grenade Launcher
-Air Burst Link
+Smartgun System
+Gas Vent 3
+Shock Pad
+Chameleon Coating
+Personalized Grip
+Spare clips
+DV:6P AP: -1 RC: 9 (With Str recoil bonus)
HK 227-X Cost: 2, 470Y
+Gas-Vent 3 System
+Spare Clips
+Chameleon Coating
+Personalized Grip
+Smartgun System
+Sound Suppressor
+DV: 5P AP: - RC: 9 (With Str recoil bonus)
Steyr TMP Cost: 2,830Y
+Concealable Holster
+Gas-Vent 3 System
+Smartgun System, Internal
+Spare Clips
+Chameleon Coating
+Personalized Grip
+Barrel Reduction
+DV: 4P AP: - RC: 5 (With Str recoil bonus)
Shock Glove Cost: 200Y
+DV: 5S(e) AP: -half RC: 0
Cougar Fineblade Knife, Short Cost: 650
+ Personalized Grip, Melee
+DV: 5P AP: -1 Reach: 0

Regular Ammo (Machine Pistols) x150
Regular Ammo (Submachine Guns) x150
Regular Ammo (Assault Rifles) x150
Stick-n-Shock (Machine Pistols) x100
Stick-n-Shock (Submachine Guns) x100
Stick-n-Shock Rounds (Assault Rifles) x100
EX-Explosive Rounds (Assault Rifles) x100
Taser Dart x20
Minigrenade: Flash-Bang x2
Minigrenade: Thermo Smoke x2
Minigrenade: Smoke x2

Mortimer of London: Greatcoat Line - Ballistic 6/Impact 5 Cost: 3,600Y
+Chemical Protection: R2
+Insulation: R2
+YNT SoftWeave
+Fire Resistance R3
Form-Fitting Full-Body Suit - Ballistic 6/Impact 2 Cost: 3,960Y
+Nonconductivity R6
+Thermal Dampening R2
+YNT SoftWeave
Armored Jacket – Ballistic 9/Impact 7 Cost: 3,890Y
+Chemical Protection: R2
+Insulation: R2
+YNT SoftWeave
+Fire Resistance R3
+Gel Packs
Synergist Business Line (Slacks Blouse Jacket Longcoat) (4/3) OR (6/3) Cost: 3150Y
+YNT SoftWeave
+Custom Fitted
Secure Tech PPP System (Ensemble - helmet) - Ballistic 2/ Impact 4 Cost: 900
+Leg and Arm Casings
+Forearm Guards
+Shin Guards
+Vitals Protector
Helmet – Ballistic 1/ Impact 2 Cost: 575
+Image Link
+Vision Magnification
+Vision Enhancement (Rating 2)

CONTACTS: 24 free
Armorer (2, 2)
Fixer (2, 2)
Night Club Owner (2, 2)
Street Doc (2, 4)
The Exchange (3, 3)

Bolt Hole (Redmond Barrons) (50 months paid) Cost: 55k
+Comforts: Low
+Entertainment: Squatter
+Necessities: Low
+Neighborhood: Low
+Security: Low
-Network Bottleneck [-1]
-Rough Neighborhood [-1]
Residence (Upscale Neighborhood) (Permanente) Cost: 900,000K
+Comforts: High
+Entertainment: High
+Necessities: High
+Neighborhood: High
+Security: High
-Workplace (Three ½ car garage)
-Lax Security
Coffin Motel Rooms x2 (Paid for 45 months each)(Different areas of Seattle) Cost: 45k
+Comforts: Squatter
+Entertainment: Squatter
+Necessities: Squatter
+Neighborhood: Squatter
+Security: Low
-Network Bottleneck

BP Breakdown:
Metatype: 30
Attributes: 295
Special Attributes: 40
Skills: 190
Gear: 50
Qualities: -5

Back story:
Thirteen years ago.
Samantha was lucky, lucky enough that she was leading an elite tactical team in the employ of Renraku. Protecting its assets both living and inanimate was a privilege or so she thought. Little did she know that she was just a pawn of corporate big wigs playing a game that directed others in their attempt to work in the shadows.

Rumor had it that there was a planned hit on the corporate soil of the Renraku Arcology in Seattle. The target of interest was said to be data files on some new computer tech the eggheads had been working on for years now. For three days Renraku security was on alert and nothing happened. On the fourth night she received a message over her comlink. "Sam its Henderson. Stand down the extra teams. I think this has been a wild goose chase from the start. Probably an effort to make us focus here instead of somewhere else, send them home"

It didn't register then but in looking back there was something in the suits voice that didn't sound right. Later in the early morning hours when the extra teams had stood down and went to where ever home was the attack came. With the extra teams gone the four separate teams of runners hit hard and fast from the physical world and the matrix. When all was said and done a total of 12 runners were either dead or captured. That was the good news. The bad news was that nearly four dozen Renraku security and employees were dead.

That was when it hit the fan and the accusations started flying. Somehow the dismissal of the extra teams was pushed back on her since she gave the order sending them home. Henderson of course spoke to the fact that he never spoke with Samantha. All records of their conversation had been erased. Things spiraled quickly from there. The attack was buried and no one on the outside of the company would ever know it happened. Before she knew it she had been branded a traitor and terminated from the corporation. She was lucky and she knew it to have not been terminated in a more permanent fashion. Now she found herself on the opposite side of where she started. Living outside the corporate world in the shadows doing things that others wanted done weather it was legal or not. The city is a big place, plenty of room to just disappear from the sights of Renraku.

Twelve years nine months ago.
A message appeared on her comlink. She continued driving on her way to her apartment as she played the audio file. The voice was from Jones, one of the guys on her former team. Well it was his team now. She could also tell it was a recording, probably sent from some out of the way node with little to no way to be traced back for both their safety. "Hey boss I'm going to make this quick. The hit has been traced back to someone who has ties with Ares. Not sure who and I don't want to know. Henderson also got a big promotion. It all seems a bit coincidental if you ask me. This conversation never took place. Stay safe, watch your back."

Anger welled up inside of her at the message. She had been setup big time. Used as a pawn in someone’s game. And for that she will always be known at Renraku for what she did and the lives she had supposedly forfeit. Again she was lucky for the run was never made public knowledge. Funny how corporations like to protect their image, that need for protection kept her mostly out of the news.

Twelve years six months ago.
With her nuyen running low Sam delved into a new life in the shadows. Seattle was a big place and there were plenty of people who needed a person with her skills. It didn’t matter who it was either. Cred was cred no matter who was paying. She took the runner name of Scarlet, a throwback to an old cartoon/movie character from 70 to 80 years past.

Post Crash 2.0
With the Crash now in the past, and much of the information from before then gone, Sam came out of the Shadows mostly. While she was pretty sure that Renraku still had files on her, anything else on her was most likely lost in the world’s wide changing event. She started doing some legitimate work as a security specialist testing physical and matrix security. Still the allure of the shadows
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Character Sheets - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
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