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 Upgrading This Old Drone

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PostSubject: Upgrading This Old Drone   Upgrading This Old Drone EmptySun Dec 18, 2011 12:34 am

Greetings, I recently picked up the book "This Old Drone" that contains several "new" examples of drones for SR4. One of the drones I found interesting was the MQ-9 Reaper which has the Obsolete trait. What I was curious about was if such drones could be modified(in game terms) to accept "modern" upgrades (ie autosofts, system/firewall upgrades, pilot upgrades and the like), or if such things weren't "possible" due to the Obsolete trait.

Obsolete: The vehicle uses a very old version of control software (or maybe even none at all), rendering it incompatible with current remote control rigs and AR technology. It may be considered a traffic hazard or be illegal to operate in certain jurisdictions. The vehicle does not possess the Rigger Adaptation Trait as standard. The vehicle’s device rating (p.222, SR4A) is three less than a comparable modern device’s would be (to a minimum of 1), e.g., An M1A2 tank would have a device rating of 2, rather than the normal rating of 5 for military equipment.
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Upgrading This Old Drone
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