Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Living on the Edge - Dossiers

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Character Name: Kaneis
Race: Gnome
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Living on the Edge - Dossiers   Thu Dec 29, 2011 7:10 am

I would like you to post your characters here. In the event that you wish to use the character in another game, there won't be any confusion.
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Team Leader
Team Leader

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Character sheet
Character Name: Tokko Tsuonomi
Race: Elf
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Living on the Edge - Dossiers   Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:22 am

AGE: 29 (see background)

Appearance: Black haired native-american ork, more short than tall, thin for an ork, with dark mahogany skin and bright green eyes that doesn't have pupils. He usually wears a cloaked robe to shade his face and most of his gear is in the many pockets of his chameleon suit.



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PostSubject: Re: Living on the Edge - Dossiers   Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:33 am

Letha is a girl-troll who is strikingly gorgeous not only among other female trolls, but among metahumans in general. Flirtatious and adventurous, she knows how to live life to the fullest. Don't let her womanly wiles fool you, however, she can and will put a serious hurt on any slot (or slit) who is foolish enough to cross her.

Female Troll 40 BP

Body 5
Agility 5 (7)
Reaction 3 (7)
Strength 7 (9)
Charisma 3
Intuition 4
Logic 3
Willpower 4
Edge 4
Essence 0.6
Initiative 7 (11), Passes 1 (3)
Condition: Physical 11, Stun 10

Gymnastics: Dodge 4 (6)
Intimidation: Physical 4 (6)
Perception 3
Pilot Groundcraft: Bikes 2 (4)
Pistols: Heavy 4 (6)
Unarmed Combat: Wildcat 6 (Cool

Seattle Nightlife Hotspots 4
Safehouses 3
Sturgis Biker Rally Schedule 3
Seattle Arms Dealers 4
English N

Wildcat 10 BP, +1 die on Called Shots to target an unprotected area, +1 die on Called Shots to increase damage
R1 Gremlins -5
Borrowed Time -20 BP

Finishing Move
Kick Attack

GEAR (115,000¥) 23 BP
dressCODE Cyberpirate 5/3 (all black)
(Jacket 3/2 - 7 500¥
Tube Top 1/0 - 7 200¥
Hotpants 1/0 - 7 200¥)
Black Leather Lined Coat 6/4 2 700¥
Knee-High Leather Boots 0/1 10 500¥

R2 Dermal Sheath 1.0 12 20,000¥
R2 Muscle Augmentation 0.4 10R 14,000¥
R2 Muscle Toner 0.4 10R 16,000¥
R2 Reaction Enhancers 0.6 10R 20,000¥
R2 Wired Reflexes 3 12R 32,000¥

Ruger Super Warhawk; DV 6P, AP -2, SS, 6/cyl, 3R, 500¥
+ Concealable Shoulder Holster
+ Personalized Grip

Dugan Darkholme Fixer/Sensei C4/L3
Dugan, or 'Dugie' as Letha calls him, has been the girl-troll's sensei/fixer for a couple of years now. Though they get along famously, and even share a mutual fondness for each other, they have agreed to keep their relationship strictly business (each feeling without saying that the picture of the two of them together would be too comical to endure.)
Despite this, the bond between them is rock solid and Dugie will cover Letha's back in any way he can while Letha will protect the dwarf's reputation as well as his skin.

Street Lifestyle (Perm)
On-Hand Cred: 1,200¥
Natural Thermographic Vision
+1 Reach
Lost natural armor due to Dermal Sheath
Armor B/I w/Dermal Sheath
dressCODE: 7/6
w/Lined Coat: 10/8

Letha is a statuesque raven-haired girl-troll reminiscent of the legendary Amazons of Greek mythology. Standing at about 2.5 meters, she is head and shoulders taller than most metahumans on the street which not only gives her a mostly unobstructed view of her surroundings, but also makes her stand out in a crowd (something she has gotten used to.) Her weight is something you'll have to ask yourself to which she is likely to thank you for your inquiry with an open-handed 'love tap' to the face.
With a curvaceous figure that can stop most metamen in their tracks; voluptuous bosom and hips, long taut legs and a firm flat belly, Letha is a strikingly beautiful girl-troll, and she doesn't mind showing it off; usually wearing a short leather jacket, tube top, hotpants, and her knee-high leather boots whenever out on the streets (saving the stiletto heels for the club scene,) reveling in the effect she has on people. The only time she 'covers up' is during a run when she trades her jacket for a lined coat for its concealment and protection value (or if its an acid rain day in the sprawl.)
Playful and adventurous, Letha squeezes as much enjoyment from life as she can, but on the job she's...well, playful and adventurous even then (a quality befitting her small devilish horns that are mostly covered by her long curly locks.) She is dependable and fearless when the chips are down, and though some of her former male teammates seemed to become somewhat distracted and clumsy whenever she was around, all would agree that Letha would be their first and best choice on any mission.
Letha is a total package; gorgeous, outgoing, and deadly. She has studied Wildcat martial arts techniques preferring the 'in-your-face' fighting style over ranged combat. She does, however, respect the often needed advantage of shooting back and so keeps her Warhawk handy just in case.
A well-rounded (very well-rounded) shadowrunner, Letha makes a good addition to just about any runner team.

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Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson

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Character sheet
Character Name: Big Daddy
Race: Troll
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Living on the Edge - Dossiers   Thu Dec 29, 2011 9:53 am

Name: Z
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5" (1.65 kg)
Weight: It's rude to ask

Attributes: [270 bp]

Body: 3 [20 bp]
Agility: 2 [10 bp]
Reaction: 2 [10 bp]
Strength: 1
Charisma: 6 [65 bp]
Intuition: 4 [30 bp]
Logic: 4 [30 bp]
Will: 4 [30 bp]

Initiative: 7
Passes: 1
Edge: 5 [30 bp]
Magic 5 [40 bp]

Qualities: [0 BP]
Aptitude (Singing) [10 bp]
First Impression [5bp]
Photographic Memory [10bp]
Fame [5 BP]
Adept [5bp]

Sensitive System [15 BP]
Weak Immune System [5 bp]
Pacifist [5 BP]
Allergy, Moderate, uncommon (Meat) [10 bp]

Skills: [108 BP]
Dodge (Reaction) 2
Pistol (Agility) 1
Perception (Intuition) 3
Con (Charisma) 4
Etiquette (Charisma) 4
Negotiation (Charisma) 4
Assessing (Intuition) 3
Artisan (Intuition) (Singing) 6

Knowledge Skills (Logic + Intuition x3 = 24)
Megacorporation holdings: 3
American Yakuza: 2
Megacorporation Horizon: 4
Corporate Conspiracies: 2
Black Metal Music: 3
Yogi Philosophy and practice: 4
English: N
Norwegian: 3
Trog: 3

Adept Powers (5):
Astral Perception (1)
Enhanced Perception x3 (.25/lvl)
Improved Ability x2 (.25/lvl) Negotiation
Improved Ability x2 (.25/lvl) Con
Sound Dampening (.25)
Kinesics x3 (1.5)
Voice Control (.5)

Gear: 15,755 [4 BP]
5,000 Middle Lifestyle 1 month
150 Yamaha Pulsar
350 Hidden Arm Slide
250 50 Taser darts
700 Lined Coat (6/4)
1,000 Some nice Clothes
1,000 Micro-Trans Rating 5
100 Rating 4 Glasses
100 Vision Magnification
100 Lowlight
50 Flare Comp
25 Rating 1 Glasses
1000 Ultrasound
30 Rating 3 Earbuds
600 Rating 3 Select sound filter
900 6x glue sprayer
400 Stun Baton
100 Laser Sight
1500 Actioneer Business Clothes
300 Monofilament Chainsaw
600 Rating 6 Medkit
200 4x Supplies
100 Survival Kit

2,500 Commlink Erika Elite (3/4)
1,000 Iris Orb
300 AR Gloves and subvocal mic
600 Pro User Suite (Analyze 4, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4)

1,045 left

Contacts: [23 bp]
Rune Connection:2 Loyalty:3
Troll synth music expert, takes the whole Techno Viking thing to a whole new level. Was responsible for all the electronic noise, beats, and effects in the band, Peter was his brother.

Bearsark Connections:2 Loyalty:3
Troll Guitarist. Despite being a troll Bearsark learned to play guitar in the classical tradition, he was just at home playing acoustic sets, blues on his steel guitar or that harder Troll Metal that he played for Lost Echoes. Peter recruited him for the band and the two were good friends since.

David Shaw Connections:3 Loyalty:1
Horizon agent. Elven talent recruiter for Horizon. Though he didn’t care much for Lost Echoes’s music, he was impressed with the cult following that the band was able to bring. He saw Lost Echoes as his ticket to a promotion within Horizon. He and Z have maintained contact After Peter’s death and the band breaking up.

Bruce Ax Connections:2 Loyalty:2
Club Owner. Bruce was a huge supporter of Lost Echoes. They played his club as often as they could. Bruce is an older dwarf and sees himself as something of a father figure for Z. He didn’t approve of her and Peter’s romantic relationship but he fells for her loss and will do anything he can to help her.

Brenda Stevenson Connections:2 Loyalty:1
Horizon Johnson. Human. Brenda And Z have met a few times and have a professional relationship. Brenda had heard Lost Echoes play once and was impressed with Z’s voice (even if the growling vocals of Peter grated on her nerves).

Franklin Pierce Connections:2 Loyalty:2
Lone Star Officer. Human. Franklin was a bouncer at Bruce’s Club. A friend of Z’s after Lost Echoes played there a few times.

Rin Ishikawa Connections:2 Loyalty:1
Yakuza, Human. Just a fan of lost Echoes. He Approached Z after Peter’s Death and give her his number, saying if she ever needed anything to call him.

Tito Connections:2 Loyalty:1
Hacker, Ork. Tito is a major Lost Echoes fan, he has a major crush on Z as well. He was running the LE matrix sight till they started negotiations with Horizon and it was taken away. Though Peter tried to get Horizon to keep Tito’s services, Horizon and Tito could not reach an deal.

St. Nougat Connections:3 Loyalty:1
Fixer, Elf. A very strange elf but well connected and with a good reputation. Bruce introduced Z to the saint and the two work together when they can.

Lost Echoes was an up and coming band in the Seattle ‘plex over the past few years. Combining the raw gritty power of troll metal with symphonic overtones and the angelic voice of the lead singer Z balanced by the guttural vocals of Peter. They managed to bridge the metahuman gap and gain a large cult following that, while consisted mostly of Trolls, Humans and Orks, included members of all races and crossed into several nations.
Unfortunately just as LE was on the verge of global popular recognition tragic struck and the deep guttural voice was removed from the world, Peter died under unknown circumstances. At the news of his death several members of their fan base ended their own lives, notes all stated that they were joining Peter in death. Many theories exist as to what happened to the troll vocalist but the remaining members of the band will not answer any questions on the issue.
Following Peter’s death the band dissolved much to the dismay of their loyal and often fanatical fan base. Some members have gone on to other projects but none with the success that LE was enjoying. The angelic voice of Z has not been heard since Peters death, she has completely disappeared into the shadows.
I for one feel that Z’s silence is one of the most tragic parts of this story, anyone who was blessed by Allah with a voice like that is doing the world a disservice by not using it. I pray daily that she will once again return to grace the world with her voice.

Z is a classically trained singer, who takes great pride in her singing ability. Even after she awakened with adept abilities she would not use them to enhance her singing, with the exception of using voice control to project her voice without using an audio system that she says ‘distorts the sound and makes it unnatural.’
At one point, after hearing her sing, Peter approached her with a proposition to start a new band in the tradition of the old symphonic black metal bands from the turn of the century. Together Peter and Z formed Lost Echoes and combined the complex musical rhythms of operatic music, with the hard guttural sounds of troll metal. Also Z voice when paired with Peter’s created an enchanting sound that appealed to many. At some point Z took Peter as a lover and their relationship only enhanced the magic of their music.
Lost Echoes had gained a significant cult following when they were approached by an agent of Horizon Corp with an offer to make it huge. It took some time for the two parties two agree on the details of the contracts but the night before the contracts were to be signed Peter met his demise.

Only the members of the band know exactly what happened that night and they have all sworn to not speak of it. Lost Echoes was also a front for a team of runners. They used their status of rock stars to get welcomed into some places that other teams would have to use more devious tactics. They also used their status as trolls to their advantage when necessary. Z was not part of the team, nor did she approve of the shadowrunning aspect of their careers but accepted it. Peter promised her that this would be the last run; with the signing of the contract they wouldn’t need to anymore, and he and Z would be able to get married. Unfortunately the run was a setup and everything went to drek. Security descended on the team like they were a cupcake in a fat camp. Peter worked to hold them off while the rest of the team made it out.
Without Peter the band dissolved, Z had no desire to sing anymore. She has stepped back into the shadows where she is using her other talents to become a face, her goal is to find out who set up the team and when that happens she will bring them to justice…Troll justice.

Z is a practicing Yogi and as a result has no desire to harm any other living creature (Other than those responsible for her fiancé’s death) and as a result does not eat meat [I gave her an allergy to meat to represent what would happen if a long time vegetarian ate meat]

[To get an idea of the type of music I am referring to, seed a station in either Pandora or Slacker with Sirenia, Elis, Tristania and Tarja]

I am the Patron Saint of Unknown Confections

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Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson

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Character Name: Kouryuu.LV
Race: Elf
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PostSubject: Re: Living on the Edge - Dossiers   Fri Dec 30, 2011 5:03 pm

<<0007>> Andromeda
{Health: 0 / 10P and 0 / 10S damage, NO Wound penalty, No Stun penalty} | {Edge left: 5/ 5} {Defense: 4; Initiative: 9; IP's: 1;Matrix Initiative: 10; IP's: 3} |
{Ballistic Armor: 11; Impact Armor: 9 |

Name: Ann Rockstone
Alias: Andromeda (Rommy) Race: Human
Sex: Female Age: 17 (Looks about 23)
Nationality: UCAS
Lifestyle: Downtown Loft - Middle lifestyle(1 month paid)
Karma Spent/Total Karma: 0/0
Nuyen: (Left after chargen= 0¥ Starting Nuyen= 11.000¥ - 30.000¥ In Debt = - 19.000¥ in total; On Hand 11.000¥
Motto: I Can fix everything, just let me try!
Street cred: None
Factions relations: None


Habu Description
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Sly Hound
Team Leader
Team Leader

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Character sheet
Character Name:

PostSubject: Re: Living on the Edge - Dossiers   Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:43 am

Isabelle Price/Sistah Voodoo
Low-Light Vision

Initiative:8 ,Passes:1
Condition Monitor:Physical:10,Stun:11

Counterspelling:5 +2 Combat Spell
Pistols:3 +2 Semi Automatics
Unarmed Combat:3 +2 Boxing

Magic Theory:5
Magical Phenomenons:4
Street Gangs : 3
Syndicates : 3
Safe Houses: 3
Fancy Restaurants: 3
Classic Literrature: 3

English N

Bad Luck
In Debt 2

Fake Sin: Rank 4
Fake Weapon:Licence: Rank 4
Greatcot Line: 6/5
Form Fitting Shirt:+3/+0
Secure Tech PPP Forearms,Shins: +0/+2
Medkit: (5)
5 Stimulant Patch (5)
Subvocal Microphone
AR Gloves
Skin Link
Commlink: Renraku Sensei: Responce:2 Signal:4
OS:Iris Orb: System:3,Firewall:3
Pro-Users:Analyse 4,Browse 4,Command 2,Edit 4
Contact Lense(3), Image Link,Smartlink,Vision Enhancement (3)
Earbuds: Audio Enhancements(3)
2 Month Low Lifestyle

2 Sustain Foci: (2)
Combat Spell Counterspell Foci:(3)
Power Foci:(2)

Dodge Scoot
Handling: +1 Accel:10/15 Speed:50
Pilot:1 Body:4 Armor:2 Sensor:1

Analyze Truth
Increase Reflexes
Improved Invisibility

Colt America:
DV:4P, AP :-,Mode:SA,Recoil:1,Ammo,11 (c)
Modded:Internal Smartgun,Quick Draw Holster,Customized Grip,3 Spare Clips of Standard Ammo

Shock Gloves: Reach:- DV 5s(e), AP:-Half Armor

Odd-8: Loyalty 3/Connection 4 (Fixer)
"Penumbra": Loyalty 3/Connection 4 (Talismonger)

Isabelle was born into an Hermetic Mages family....she never was any good at understanding it tho....she was obviously awakened but this whole "magic theory" didint cut it for her, so at the age of 16 she ran off home and traveled the world with the credsticks she stolen from her parents.
Unfortunatly money ran out quick....right in the middle of Louisianna...where she met that interesting ork who was quite handsome with his face tatoo resembling a skull and all those piercing.After a few weeks togheter he told her he could "show her some real magic" at first she thought he meant something else but after being drugged and woken in some warehouse bound and gagged naked in front of a croud of "cultist" with the handsome ork holding a sacrificial dagger she saw it wasent related to the bedroom.The at some point during his chanting and her pointless struggle and moaning for help she felt a presence inside her coming in..taking control.When she awakened she was in the middle of the room everyone was burned to a crisp she was holding the dagger in her hand. She then rushed out crying when she bumped into "Penumbra" who claimed to be the reason she was still alive. Penumbra took her in and presented herself as a "Voodoo" Mage and claimed that Isabelle was one too and that she would take her in for mentoring. Not really knowing why Isabelle accepted..she learned she made friends then travelled again she ran the shadows for a few years under Penumbra guidance...now she is 21 she is Sistah Voodoo and life has gotten alot more fun since then.

"Destroy Everything, Connect Everything"

Am Using:
Inner Dialogue
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PostSubject: Re: Living on the Edge - Dossiers   

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Living on the Edge - Dossiers
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