Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 A Few Odd Jobs -Characters-

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Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson

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Character Name: Big Daddy
Race: Troll
Sex: Male

PostSubject: A Few Odd Jobs -Characters-   Sat Dec 31, 2011 1:22 pm

Please post approved characters for this game here for convenience.

I am the Patron Saint of Unknown Confections
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Character Name:

PostSubject: Re: A Few Odd Jobs -Characters-   Sat Dec 31, 2011 1:54 pm

Name: Ravian Storm
Race: Elf
Starting cash:
(bought 650,000 with BP, 49,610 left)

BOD: 5
QCK: 8
STR: 4
CHA: 7
INT: 4
WIL: 3

Reaction: 6 (10)
Initiative: 1(3)

Essence: 2.1


Bonus Attribute Point(QCK) 2
Exceptional Attribute(QCK) 2


Impulsive -2
Gremlins -2

Active Skills:

Pistols: 5
Submachine Guns: 4
Negotiation: 5
Vehicle (Car): 3
Athletics: 3
Etiquette: 4
Stealth: 2
Car B/R: 4
Pistol B/R: 3
Submachine Gun B/R: 3

Knowledge Skills:

Seattle Junkyards: 3
Structural Engineering: 3
Downtown Seattle: 4
Greater Seattle: 2
Seattle Fences: 4
Local Neighborhood (Bellevue): 4


English (Native)
Sperethiel (4)
Italian (2)

High Lifestyle (6 months) - (Condo in Bellevue) - 60,000
Middle (6 months) - (Facility in Downtown Seattle) - 30,000


Fixer - Orc - Jeb Semner - Level 1
Mr. Johnson - Human - "Fink" - Level 1
Scrapyard Owner - Troll - Biff - Level 2
Mechanic - Orc - Red "Mechhead" - Level 2
Armorer - Elf - Rose Belom - Level 2
Street Doc - Human - "Doc" - Level 2


Cyber Replacement Eyes - 20,600
-Image Link
-Electronic Vision Magnification 3
Wired Reflexes 2 - 178,000
-Reflex Trigger
Smartlink - 2,500


Ingram Smartgun - 950
Fichetti Security 500a SL - 1100
Colt American L36 sL - 700
Standard Ammo (Light Pistol)x116 - 2320
Standard Ammo (Submachine Gun)x246 - 4920
Telecom (1000 Mp) - 30,000
Earplug Unit Cellphone - 100
Subvocal Mic - 500
Ordinary Clothing x4 - 200
Lined Coat x2 - 1400
Fine Clothing x2 - 1000
Submachine Gun B/R Kit - 500
Pistol B/R Kit - 500
Car B/R Kit - 500
Car B/R Facility - 100,000


Saab Dynamit 778 TI - 92,000
GMC Bulldog Step-Van - 32,600
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Character sheet
Character Name: Kaneis
Race: Gnome
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: A Few Odd Jobs -Characters-   Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:37 pm


Race: Gnome *10*

Role: Mage(Hermetic) *30*

Ht: 92cm (36 inches)
Wt: 25kg (55 lbs)
Hair: Silver/White
Eyes: Red /pink-rimmed
Description:Kaneis stands a little over ninety-two centimeters (that’s about 36 inches) tall with a build more on the slight side. At first glance he might be mistaken for a six-year-old but for the pale white skin, long silvery-white hair pulled into a pony tail, and pink rimmed eyes. Because of his rather stark appearance, Kaneis often travels about in a hooded long coat etched completely over with a mish-mash of shamanic and hermetic sigils, equations, and symbols. Many mistake his size for weakness… A lesson they’ll not soon forget.

Attributes and Skills:




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Character sheet
Character Name:

PostSubject: Re: A Few Odd Jobs -Characters-   Sat Dec 31, 2011 8:58 pm

Name: Charles "chuck' Jones
Hieght: 5'10" (178cm)
Weight: 140lbs (63.5 kg)

Priority System
A – Skills (50)
B – Adept
C – Attributes (24)
D - Resources (20k)
E - Human

Attributes(24) [SN]




Projectile Weapons(Bow) 4(6) +2[adept power]
Edged Weapons 5
Unarmed Combat 3
Athletics 3 +3[adept power]
Stealth 5 +3[adept power]
Etiquette 3
Computer 4
Electronics 4
Electronics B/R 4
Biotech(First Aid) 2(4)
Car 3
Interrogation 3
Negotiation 3

Small Unit Tactics 3
NAN Politics 3
NAN Myth 4
Modern building construction 4
Megacorp Security 4
Urban Tribes 4
Tribal Thrash Bands 3

LANGUAGE SKILLS (int * 1.5=7)
English N
Read/Write 2
Salish 4
Read/Write 2
Spanish at 3
Read/Write 2

600 Ranger X Compound Bow
MIN STR 5 Damage 9M[(STR Min+4)M]
700 Bow accesory mount - Smartgun, External
900 Ranger X Arrows x50 (only carries 15 at a time)
800 Cougar Fineblade Damage 8M[(STR)M]

350 Secure Ultra Vest Conceal 14 Balistic=3 Impact=2

Smartgoggles = 3000
Grapple Gun = 450
Stealth Line 200m = 170
Catalyst Stick = 120
Climbing Harness = 75
Ascent/Descent Kit = 250
Thermographis Goggles = 2200
Elect. Tool Kit = 1500
Wrist Cell phone w/screen = 150
Micro Transciever rtg 2 = 2000
Subvocal mic = 500

Imp. Bow x2 = 1pt
Imp. Stealth x3 = .75pt
Imp. Athletics x3 = .75pt
Imp. STR x1 = .5pt
Imp. Reflex x1 = 2pt
Att Boost(BOD) x2 = .5pt
Traceless Walk = .5pt (pg 151 Magic in the Shadow)

Level 1 = Fixer - Sex: Male Name: Scooter
Level 1 = Tribal Medicine Man - Sex:Male Name: Choske
Level 1 = Club owner - Sex:Female Name: Natalia
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PostSubject: Re: A Few Odd Jobs -Characters-   Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:18 am

Sundance is a dwarven rigger from Seattle. Despite his Pacific Northwest upbringing he associates himself with the cowboys from the trids. Sundance runs a front company called "Sundance Shipping" where he builds and maintains his vehicles and drone. His cover as a shipping company allows him to operate his delivery vans in the sprawl with a degree of annonymity. He is affiliated with the local go-gang, "The Redmond Razors", and they watch his place for him in return for him maintaining and souping up their bikes.


Body 5
Quick 6
Str 3
Int 6
Will 4
Cha 4
Reaction 6
Magic 0
Essence 1.75

Active Skills:
pistol 3
rifle 3
gunnery 5
car 5
car b/r 3
bike b/r 3
rotor 3
rotor b/r 2
electronics 3
electronics b/r 2
drone b/r 3
mech arm ops 3 (skill from rigger)
Etiquette 2

Knowledge skills:
Vehicle Design Theory 6
Go-gang identification 4
Combat Biking League 3
Scrapyard locations 4
Smugglers routes 4
World Bike Racing League 3
Country Music 3
CAS History 3

English 3 (free)
Japanese 3
Mandarin 3
German 3

Ares Roadmaster (The command Vehicle) – Heavily modified delivery van
2 unmodified Ares Roadmasters
Yamaha Katana
Toyota Elite
2 crawler drones
2 wheeled drones
Wolfhound VTOL drone w/ 2 linked Uzi IIIs (EX Explosive ammo 100)
Arachnid walker drone
Mk 6 Utilily Walker

VCR(2) alpha
Eye replace
Flare Comp+LL+Therm
Image Link
Emag x3
Radio (6)
subvical mic
smartgun link

remote deck (6)
ECCM (6)
survival knife
ruger super warhawk (SL (500 EX explosive)
Winchester (Remington 9s) (SL) (500 EX explosive)
Ranger Arms SM3 (SL) (100 standard)
Pocket secretary
Secure Long coat
vehicle shop
electronics shop
DocWagon (Gold) 2yrs
Low lifestyle – 1yr
A/V suite with quad speakers and 2 screens + 100 chips
900 reserve rounds for drone
2000 reserve rounds for LMG in van

Decker, Red Wraith, Human decker, female
Gang Boss

Shop Owner

The Redmond Razors are a go-gang operating out of the Redmond Barrens. While they range quite a bit on their rides, they really only claim a 4x4 block of residential housing and an adjacent abandoned factory complex as their "turf". They have two "natural" boundaries. The 202 to the north, and the lake to the south. They tend to frequent Patty's Pit Stop - a local bar run by a now-deceased Razor's widow. At any given time one or two (if not more) razors can be found there. They use the abandoned factory complex as their own private track, racing curcuits around and through the buildings. Sundance Shipping occupies one of those buildings and, like Patty's, at least one or two Razors can usually be found there.

The Redmond Razors numbers vary, but they usually have a couple dozen members consistantly, plus affiliated folks like girlfriends and such. The colors are a metallic royal blue and chrome/silver. They have an emblem they put on their jackets of an open straight-razor stylized as the front fork/seat of a racing bike in a blue circle. As might be expected from their name, Razors universally carry short blades (though almost no one actually carries a razor). The few who have gone for cyber-augmentation all get razors as one of their first mods. Most members can get a hand gun if necessary, and a few can get shotguns or SMGs.

Thier primary rivals are the 5th Avenue Vipers, whose own turf runs along the Razor's on the other side of the 202. Both gangs generally resolve issues with high speed races down the 202, but have gotten violent in the past. The gangs to the east and west are generally on good terms with the Razors.

[Edit, 01-09-12, by SN Added name race and gender to decker contact]
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PostSubject: Re: A Few Odd Jobs -Characters-   

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A Few Odd Jobs -Characters-
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