Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 The Doctor Is In

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Perfect Paradox

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Character sheet
Character Name: Richard 'the Doc' Wright
Race: Human
Sex: Male

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PostSubject: The Doctor Is In    The Doctor Is In  EmptySun Jan 22, 2012 12:59 pm

Hello everyone. It's good to be here. I've had something like this in mind for awhile. Basically, Richard here is a doctor who runs the shadows as a side to help pay for his clinic and his debts. The intent was to make him a healer/face for a party. Let me know how I've done and if I need to change anything.

Name: Richard 'the Doc' Wright
Race: Human

Body 2
Agility 4 (+1)
Reaction 4
Strength 2
Charisma 4
Intuition 4
Logic 5 (+1)
Willpower 3
Edge 4
Essence 4.895
Initiative: 8

Skills: (134 BP)
Pistols (Revolvers) 5
First Aid 6
Medicine 5
Leadership 4
Ettiquette 5
Dodge 4
Negotiation 4

Biology 4
Hospital Routes 3

English: N
Japanese: 3
Latin: 4

Qualities (0 BP)
Ambidextrous (-5)
First Impression (-5)
College Education (-5)
Analytical Mind (-5)
Guts (-5)
High Pain Tolerance 2 (-10)
Addiction, mild (alcohol) (+5)
SINer (+5)
Day Job 3 (+15)
In Debt 2 (+10)

2x Cavalier Deputy Heavy Pistols
2x Laser Sights
1 Knife
2x Flashbangs
50 Rounds of Regular Ammo

Voice Modulator
Secondary Voice Pattern (1)
Cyberears (2)
Fiberoptic Hair

Tailored Pheromones 2
Cerebral Booster 1 (cultured)
Muscle Toner 1

Armor Vest
Greatcoat Line
Clothing (Chic)
Bunker Helmet
5x Med Kits (5)
1x Fake SIN (4)
Commlink Novatech Airware (Signal 3, Responce 3)


Jered Nova (L 2, C 3)

A ganger that Richard has patched up several times in the past. Upon becoming a 'runner, Richard maintained contact with him, and uses his connections to Seattle's criminal underworld for information on current runs.

Mona Leya (L 4, C 3)

A friendly joygirl. Richard helped treat her ailing grandmother in the past for a reduced cost, and has used her... services, as well. Given the penchant for joygirls to hear juicy gossip while plying their wares, Richard keeps her in contact regularly for information. The fact that he may be slightly in love with her probably doesn't help matters.

Polite, well-spoken, cultured--all of these words can apply quite well to Richard, making his choice to become a Shadowrunner seem a rather dubious one. He is certainly a product of his environment; all those years in college earning his medical degree have left their mark, as has the clear indication of good breeding. Even his accent, a friendly English tone, goes against any hope of a tough-looking exterior like a 'runner might want. Nevertheless, do not mistake him for a pushover; those heavy pistols of his have seen heavy use, and the way he holds them on his waist with clear comfort means he's not afraid to draw at any time.

He seems friendly normally, but his eyes always carry a hard edge, warning that he may not be as nice as he may seem at first blush. Should someone come onto his table, however, he is professional--and perhaps even caring, always seeming to do his utmost best to save lives, be they a customer or a member of his team.

The son of a well-to-do British family, Richard (or 'Dickie', though anyone that calls him that save for a close friend will recieve a disapproving glare) long heard about the dangerous streets of Seattle, and, by extension, the dangerous lands outside his corporate home. Ever a precocious child, he decided he wanted to become a doctor at a young age. This was motivated by two thoughts: firstly, to help and save people, and secondly, a wish to study the bodies of the various forms of metahumanity he saw around him. Backed by his family's money and his own intelligence, Richard strove towards his goal.

Which, upon completing his doctorate degree, he decided to move towards the lawless (or so he was told) lands of Seattle, where he joined up with a corporate hospital. His initial naive thoughts of helping people, however, were soon dashed. A quick look outside of the corporations walls revealed the squalor that many called home. He heard the news of people dying, from gangs, from drugs, from diseases. Though he continued his work, he was becoming disillusioned with it. The final straw came when he found out one of his coworkers was helping organrunners as a side business. Thoroughly disgusted, he left the home of the corporation hospital, and using his family's funds, made his own practice in one of Seattle's Barrens.

But the people here were poor. Often, Richard had difficulty making ends meet. Gangs who didn't appreciate his presence threatened him and his practice constantly. Death threats and attempts to trash his offices were a daily ritual. In anger, the good doctor decided he simply couldn't be so 'good' anymore--and thus, he started purchasing the instruments of his current trade, and began to train constantly. At first, they still didn't learn; it was only when he began to display the bodies of his enemies did people know to leave the 'mad doc' damn well alone unless they had good reason to be there. A different gang ended up taking control, one who appreciated his skills and used them to their fullest potential.

Nevertheless, Richard had seen the darker side of life. There was blood on his hands, and even then, he wasn't making enough money to fully cover his debts. Thus, the doctor took his newly-learned skills, and began seeking work in the shadows. And thus, a new shadowrunner was born...

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The Doctor Is In
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