Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Psikerlord's characters

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PostSubject: Psikerlord's characters   Wed Apr 15, 2009 5:24 am

Lars Brekkenhal, aka “Hammerhead”. Troll (40 BP) Bodyguard

“Don’t sweat it, chummer. We both know how these things work. You need a top draw bodyguard, I need a drekload of nuyen. You got secrets, and hell, I hate corp fraggers. But I’ll tell you what. You pay me right, and I’ll keep your important salaryman alive long enough for my fee to clear. My eyes miss nothin’, and my ears hear ‘em long before they draw a bead on your guy. When I engage, I finish things quick. I don’t make mistakes, can’t afford to in this biz. No man, elf or tusker will set foot near your boy as long as I live. And I don’t die easy, Mr Johnson. Trust me on that.”

Hammerhead is a 25 yr old Troll specialising in close combat protection. He worked for a few corps in the past (most notably Knight Errant), but was left for dead on a contract that went horribly wrong. Surviving only with the help of a Samaritan street doc, he found a new world view and abandoned his employer, taking his expensive implants to the shadows. He hates the corps, but loves their nuyen, and (more often than he likes) is willing to bend his rules to complete a job. He’s only hit the Seattle plex recently, and remains a relative newcomer with a minor rep.

Attributes (200 BP)
Body 8(10)
Agility 4 (6)
Reaction 5 (6)
Strength 8

Charisma 1
Intuition 2
Logic 2
Willpower 5

Edge 1
Essence .9
Magic 0
Resonance 0

Initiative 8 (2 initiative passes)

Physical condition monitor 13
Stun condition monitor 11

Movement: 15m walk, 35m run

Traits (29 BP)
Martial artist: Karate (+1 DV) (His unarmed attack is Reach 1, 8P)
Maneuvers: Disarm, Throw
Magic resistance 4

Active Skills (96 BP)
Dodge 4 (ranged combat +2)
Unarmed combat 5 (martial arts +2)
Perception 3 (Visual +2)
Infiltration 2 (Urban +2)
Running 2 (Sprint +2)
First Aid 3 (Combat wounds +2)
Throwing weapons 2

Knowledge skills (free 12)
Physical Security Measures 3
Urban Brawl teams 2
Organised Crime 2
Street Gangs 3
Magic 2
Languages: English (free)

Contacts (12 BP)
Trixie Mac (Human female Fixer, Connection 5, Loyalty 4)
Wee Eddie (Elf male street doc, Connection 2, Loyalty 3)

Gear (26BP; $130,000)

Dermal plating level 2 (essence 1 +2 impact and ballistic armour, $10,000)
Aluminium bone lacing (essence 1, +2 body, unarmed attacks cause str/2+2 P damage, $15,000)
Datajack (essence .1, to use chips, $500)
Skillwires 3 (essence .6, allows skillchips and linguachips use, $6,000)
Wired reflexes 1 (essence 2, +1 reaction and initiative pass, $11,000)
Muscle toner 2 (bioware, essence .4 (.2), +2 Agility, $16,000)
Flare compensation (essence .1, $750)
Vision enhancement 3 (essence .1, $4,500)

4 x Throwing knives (3 in jacket, 1 in boot)
Armour jacket (9/7), gel packs, non-conductivity 6 ($3,600. Note his total armour is 12/10 including troll bonus and dermal plating).
3 smoke grenades ($90)
Armour vest ($600, for more formal occasions)
Transys Avalon commlink (resp 4, signal 4, $4,000) with Iris OS (Firewall 3, System 3 $1,000). Has datajack cable to allow him to recieve/transmit messages mentally via comlink (I think that works?).
Jammer (directional) rating 3 ($1,500)
Linguasofts (Japanese 3, Italian 3, $3,000)
Activesofts (Pilot ground vehicle 2, Negotiation 2 $40,000)
Fake SIN (rating 6, $6,000)
Earbud (rating 3, audio enhancement 3, spatial recognizer, $430)
Radio signal scanner (rating 6, $150)
2 x plasteel restraints ($100)
Miniwelder ($250)
Grapple gun ($500)
Respirator (rating 6, $150)
Medkit (rating 6, $600)
3 x stimulant patches (rating 6, $450)

low (one month, low end apartment in Redmond, $2,000)

Starting cash: 3d6 x $50.

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Psikerlord's characters
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