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 Twitch's Characters

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Number of posts : 46
Age : 29
Location : COP Margah, Afghanistan
Registration date : 2012-06-28

Character sheet
Character Name: Twitch
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Twitch's Characters   Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:41 am

Not finished yet, have to go to work for a little bit and don't want to lose progress
Character Name:Alex 'Doc' Augustus BP=400
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 30
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 200 LBS.
Eyes: Blue(Right) Red(Left (cyberware))

Alex 'Doc' Augustus has always had an unfortunate obsession with his little 'inventions' Though in the past he has tried to stay on the right side of the law, his unfortunate luck with his 'toys' has landed him in some serious trouble.

Right out of High school Doc joined the UCAS Army, and barely graduated from the Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) course due to a number of accidents with the subject matter. he served for two years when he was Dishonorably Discharged due to "Reckless and Near Suicidal methods utilized in the line of duty.

Alex spent the next five years as a general consultant for Knight Errant, who loved some of his 'modifications' to the equipment he worked with. Most of which were packages runners carried. He was fired and nearly arrested for one of these modifications. He was supposed to design a simple water pump for a fountain commemorating the Sacrifice of Law enforcement officials in the greater Seattle Area, the problem was his 'Pump' was made of a special blend of Sodium and Thermite, the resulting explosion, though non-lethal pissed off everyone to such an extent that Knight Errant attempted to confine him on grounds of Domestic terrorism. Through an amazing storm of luck (mostly his modifications blowing up in the faces of his pursuers) Doc, managed to escape with his most treasured posessions into the underworld.

For the last five years Alex, has run a very special shop in the seedy underbelly of Seattle called "Gremlins: your one stop shop for ruining someone else's day" The shop itself is inside a GMC bulldog Step-Van that has been converted into a Dirigible. Any time a runner leaves a post on his private forum, Doc will show up at an agreed upon location. Gremlins services include but are not limited to: Modding weapons, gear and vehicles; explosives for any occasion; and taxi services. All deliveries will be made at the agreed upon time in almost any situation including firefights.

Recently Alex has been branching even further into running. He has been hired by other runners as an explosives expert to help them get into or out of some sticky situations, and now Alex feels that he is ready to finally step all of the way into the shadows.

Regardless of which side of the line he stands on Alex 'Doc' Augustus just wants to tinker with some bombs.

Body: 3 20 BP
Agility: 4 30 BP
Reaction: 4 30 BP
Strength: 3 20 BP
Charisma: 1
Intuition: 4 30 BP
Logic: 5 40 BP
Willpower: 2 10 BP
Edge: 2
Essence: 3.075
Initiative: 9
Magic/Resonance: 0

400 BP-180 BP
BP = 220

Active Skills:
Armorer Rate 5 With Explosives specialty; 22 BP
Demolitions rate 5 with improvised specialty; 22 BP
Heavy weapons Rate 4 with Grenade launchers specialty; 18 BP
Mechanic Skill group rate 4; 40 BP
Electronics Skill group rate 3; 30 BP
Biotech Skill group rate 2; 20 BP
Athletics Skill Group rate 1; 10 BP
Navigation Rate 1. 4 BP
Pilot Aircraft rate 1 4 BP

220 - 170 = 50 BP
Log 5 +Int 4 =9x3= 27

Knowledge Skills:
Ucas Army experience rate 5 with EOD speciality; 6 KS
Private Security Companies Experience rate 5 with a specialty in tactics, techniques and procedures; 6 KS
Seattle streets and locales rate 3 3ks

27- 15 = 12 KS

Language Skills
English (N);
CHinese (4); 4 KS
Japanese (4); 4 KS
German (4). 4 KS

12-12=0 KS

Wanted (Runners Companion page 110 (+10 BP)) There is a bounty on Doc's head of 50,000 Nuyen. The bounty was posted by the Knight Errant in Seattle under suspicion of domestic terrorism;
Criminal SINner (+10 BP) same as above
Gremlins rate 3 (+15 BP) Alex has an unfortunate problem with technology, not a good quality for someone who plays with explosives

Analytical mind (Runners companion page 96 (-5 BP)) +2 dice pool modifier to Logic tests;
Adrenaline Surge (Runners companion page 96 (-15 BP)) Allows character to act first in the first Initiative Pass of the first round of a new combat regardless of their initiative score, after the first IP the character returns to his location in the intiative order;
Black Market Pipeline (Runners companion page 96 ( -10 BP)) Gadgets and explosives pipeline, through Supply SGT Thomas

Supply SGT Thomas (UCAS, Denver Area (Black market Pipeline)) Loyalty 5 connection 4

9 BP
50-9=41 BP

Gear 41 BP converted into Nuyen = 205,000 Nuyen BP=0

Armtech MGL 12 with internal smartgun system; 4000 Nuyen
10 spare clips with 60 rounds frag and 60 rounds high-ex 4850 Nuyen

205,000 - 8850 = 196,150 Nuyen

Alphaware Single Cybereye (left) Rate 4 W LLV, Flare Comp., 4500 Nuyen
smartlink, and vision magnification;
Alphaware cyber ears rate 1; 500 Nuyen
Alphaware Wired reflexes 1; 11000 Nuyen
Cyberware lower arm (left), Bulk Modification (+4 capacity)( his Cyberarm is an old model hence the bulk) 14000 Nuyen

196,150 - 30,000= 166,150 Nuyen


GMC Bulldog step-van with mechanical repair workshop (Arsenal Page 144),
an additional fuel tank, concealed turret weapon mount with
an Ingram white Knight LMG, Ammo Bin, 350 normal rounds
and Normal armor rate 20; 72,000 Nuyen
Lighter than Air Conversion
More MODS planned

Novatech Air Wave Commlink, with Novatech Navi OS, 2,750 Nuyen
Lined coat 700 Nuyen
Ares Victory Vest (solid Black) with mag pouches and medkit rate 6 1600 Nuyen
Explosives making kit 500 Nuyen
Fake SIN rate 3 (Robert Lawson; Mechanic UCAS) 3000 Nuyen
Fake License Rate 4 ( Ares Viper SLivergun) 400 Nuyen
Fake License Rate 4 (Armtech MGL 12) 400 Nuyen
100 pounds solid commercial explosive 10,000 Nuyen
200 meters Detonating cord 5000 Nuyen
50 detonator caps 3750 Nuyen
10 pull detonators 600 Nuyen
10 push detonators 600 Nuyen
20 timer detonators 700 Nuyen
medium Lifestyle 5000 Nuyen
-35000 Nuyen
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Number of posts : 46
Age : 29
Location : COP Margah, Afghanistan
Registration date : 2012-06-28

Character sheet
Character Name: Twitch
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Twitch's Characters   Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:11 pm

Name/ Alias: John Quinn / Doc Twitch
Occupation: Medic
Metatype: Human
Height: 6'0"
weight: 200 pounds
Skin Color:Albino
Eye Color: Red
Sex: Male
Lifestyle: Low

Body: 4
Agility: 2
Reaction: 3
Strength: 5
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 4
Logic: 5
Wisdom: 2
Edge: 2
Essence: 3.9

Photographic memory
Speed reader
Exceptional attribute (Logic)

Pacifist (I)
In Debt (20000)

Active Skills:
First Aid 5
Medicine 5
Cybertechnology 4
Athletics (Group) 4
Mechanic (Group) 4
Influence (Group) 1
Pistols 3 with Specializtion in Semi-Automatics
Pilot Groundcraft 2

Knowledge Skills:
Design (Vehicles) 4
Navigation (Hospital Routes) 2
Hangouts (Safehouses) 3
Biology 2

English Native
Or'zet 4
Cantonese 4
Sperethiel 4
Arabic 4

Cyberware / Bioware
Clean Metabolism 1
Nephritic Screen 1
Wired Reflexes 1

Armor Vest
Lined Coat

Colt Government 2066 (Aria)
-Personalized Grip
-Smartgun system

Ares Crusader (Lily)
-Personalized Grip
-Smartgun system

10 clips heavy pistol (140 rounds)
10 clips machine pistol (400 Rounds)

Fairlight Caliban
-Novatech Navi OS

Smart Pack
SmartLink Glasses
Fake Firearms License rate 3 (for Aria)
Fake Firearms License rate 3 (for Lily)
Fake SIN rate 3 (Robert Maxwell, Paramedic in Bolston Springs, Colorado)

Medical Gear:
4 X Medkit Rate 6
20 X Trauma Patch
20 X Stimulant Patch rate 5
20 X Tranq Patch Rate 5
20 X Antidote Patch
10 X Innoculations Rate 6
20 X Antivirals Rate 6
20 XAntibiotics Rate 6
20 X Antiparasitics Rate 6

GMC Bulldog Step-Van
-Run Flat Tires
-Engine Customization (Speed)
-Engine Customization (Acceleration)
-Life Support 2
-Enhanced Image Screens
-Additional Fuel Tank
-Gridlink Override
-Passenger Protection

Back Story:
on the way
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Twitch's Characters
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