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 Custom Weapons & Ammunition

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PostSubject: Custom Weapons & Ammunition   Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:56 am

With the introduction of battle rifles in WAR I thought it a little odd that not a single weapon using High Powered Chambering could utilize specialized rounds. As a result I decided I'd make a list that broke down the cost of Specialized rounds for High Powered ammunition (Considering such things exist IRL, I don't see why they wouldn't in game).

Specialized High Power Ammunition (Cost per 1 round in Nuyen):

APDS: 24F (14/Round)
Anti-Tank: 30F (24/Round)
AP Flechette: 22F (23/Round)
Assault Cannon: 22F (60/Round)
AV Assault Cannon: 30F (450/Round)
AV Rounds: 23F (19/Round)
Explosive: 16F (15/Round)
EX-Explosive: 20F (17/Round)
Flechette: 10F (17/Round)
Frangible: 14F (12/Round)
Gel: 10R (10/Round)
High-C Plastic: 14F (22/Round)
Hollow Point: 14F (12/Round)
Flare Rounds: (The effect, Availability and cost of these rounds is unchanged)
Stick-n-Shock: (The effect, Availability and cost of these rounds is unchanged)
Suppression Rounds: 10R (9/Round)

These rounds are not available in 'High Power' as that completely defeats the purpose.

Gauss Rifles:
A 'High Powered' version of the rifle is simply ruled to use twice as much energy per shot while maintaining the same ammunition cost. This is largely due to the fact that a Gauss Rifle merely fires metal darts.

Deathdealer ammunition may be added as an option to any other specialized Ammunition type with the following Cost/Availability Modifiers; Availability: +10F Cost: +80/round (+800 per 10 rounds)

Silver Bullets and other exotic materials:
This will still be handled on a case by case basis beyond the basic silver round presented in Arsenal. This is based on the fact that there are some variations in allergies suffered by various paracritters beyond Silver. (Gold is used as an example with shapeshifters in RC as an alternative alergen). Any such rounds must always be either custom ordered or created by the player character(s).
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Custom Weapons & Ammunition
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