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 Kuro Tsume, Troll Changling, Former Marine and Merc

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PostSubject: Kuro Tsume, Troll Changling, Former Marine and Merc   Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:23 am

KuroTsume(Black Claw) Named for his former UCAS Marine unit, in which he was a Chief Warrent Officer. Born in 2040, in Sioux Falls, to a Half-Cherokee/Half-white father, who was in the Army and to a fully Japanese woman, named Tanika. Kuro's father, was an abusive drunk, a washed out army sergeant in the motor pool on the base. Kuro's mother a beautiful, but heart broken young woman, came over with Kuro's father, when she was only 19. He was 28, and at the time a handsome American, she fell for in Neo-Tokyo. Kuro's Father, William, grew to be abusive when Tanika, two years later bore a single child, Kuro. Born as a Troll, Kuro's father accused Tanika of sleeping with as he put it, mongrel metahumans.

The young Kuro, grew up in a broken home, also beaten as a child, no real friends. Got into a lot of trouble at school, fighting and stealing. Tanika, was never one to really do anything, though she loved her son, even if he was a Troll. When Kuro was 15, and a full adult as a Troll, his poor mother died. The doctors say of an aortic aneurysm, Kuro knew it was of a broken heart. Kuro's father blamed Kuro for her death. And one night, two weeks after Tanika's remains were taken back to Japan for a proper Buddhist/Shinto Funeral by her family, father and son got into a terrible fight. Kuro being a fullly grown troll and his father a drunk, the fight ended with Kuro breaking his father's back and neck. Kuro's father died, gasping for air. Kuro was found wondering outside of the base and was arrested. The Judge, knowing of Kuro's father's criminal activities and drunkenness, gave the young troll a choice. Jail or the Military, Kuro chose the Marines, he signed up the next day. Went into boot camp in Saint Louis, 8 weeks later after the brutal training, Kuro first saw action in the harsh jungles of Cambodia and Thailand. His unit, the Black Claws, a unit in the 1st Marine Division, made up of jungle-combat spec ops. The 30 man team on the hunt for Neo-Communist rebels and Drug smugglers. Kuro would see plenty of action over the next 6 years in such places.

From the Congo, to South Africa, over to Amazonia, then back to South East Asia. He racked up over 150 combat missions and over 800 kills, earning medals by the scores, including the Silver Star and the Bronze star, twice. Trained in Kung Fu, Urban Combat, Demolitions, Heavy Weapons, Filipino Boxing and counter-terrorism, he rose as far as he could in those 6 years in the Non-com ranks. Chief Warrent Officer, or Chief to his men, he earned their respect and he respected them. All that changed when Haley's comet passed by and caused all manner of chaos. Kuro would not be spared, he too was changed. Gaining the scales of a Dragon, clawed fingers, a tail, his horns twisting into dragon-like horns. He also grew fangs, he looked more dragon, then troll. Even his eyes changed, becoming solid jade green in color. The intense eye color contrasted his deep forest green dragon-like scales. At the time the UCAS Military had no real policy on Changlings, thinking it was a disease, he was placed in quarantine for 5 months. Then finally released, a Marine/Navy Medical officer board deemed him unfit for duty and he was discharged from service. A medical discharge to him was disgraceful, he tossed his medals into the face of his former commanding officer and walked away. He would become a merc, hired on by anyone that would pay him. He would do just about any job, except metahuman trafficking, drug running and killing innocent civilians. Gun running and assassination of third-world dictators would be his bread and butter. Even some of his old unit joined him on a mission now and then.

This lasted for the next 9 years, until he got tired of the killing for dirty pay, he quite the merc work. Having made a lot of enemies and went to hide in the shadows of Seattle, a place he would come to call home. Setting up shop in Redmond, contacting his old second in command, Brogen, a surly Dwarf with a bald head and red, bushy beard and blue eyes. Brogen was a well-established fixer, just what the old Chief needed in a friend. He renamed himself Kuro Tsume, to hide his real past and start new, as well as honor his time as a Marine.
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PostSubject: Re: Kuro Tsume, Troll Changling, Former Marine and Merc   Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:47 am

Wow, cool background and a nice concept. I like your description of his SURGE symptoms - too often, it seems, changelings are used for nothing but munchkinry. I'd like to see your build; I'm interested in how you will manage to juggle your wide range of skills and how you will deal with social prejudice. You've pretty much got the triple-whammy of social disgrace: One, you're a troll; Two, you're a changeling; Three, you look like a dragon (and you don't make deals with dragons, omae Wink).
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PostSubject: Re: Kuro Tsume, Troll Changling, Former Marine and Merc   Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:43 pm

all i can think of to say is prime runner and NIIIIIIIIICE!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Kuro Tsume, Troll Changling, Former Marine and Merc   

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Kuro Tsume, Troll Changling, Former Marine and Merc
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