Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Toldrumen's Characters

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PostSubject: Toldrumen's Characters   Sun May 03, 2009 6:49 pm

Dorian Daltrend
Metatype : Ork

Body: 4
Agility: 5 {6}
Reaction: 4 {8}
Strength: 4 {5}
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 5
Logic: 4 {6}
Willpower: 3

Edge: 4
Initiative: 13
Essence: 1

Active Skills
Cybercombat : 4
Electronic Warfare : 4
Hacking : 4
Computer : 4
Data Search : 4
Hardware : 4
Software : 4
Disguise : 3
Inflitration : 3
Palming : 3
Shadowing : 3
Longarms (Sniper Rifles) : 4 (6)

English (N)
Japanese (4)
Spanish (2)
Germanic (1)

Knowledge Skills
Mafia Politics 4
Conspiracy Theories 3
Virtual Meeting Spots 3
Matrix Security Procedures 3
Jackpoint Locations 2
Metahuman Politics 1
Metahumanity 1
Data Brokerage 3

Positive Qualities
Restricted gear (HK PSG Enforcer)
Human Looking
Restricted gear (ADPS rounds)

Negative Qualities
Delusions (Believes he is Human)
In-debt (15bp)

Move by wire
Muscle Replacement (Rating 1)
Commlink (1/2)
Control Rig

Cerebral Booster 2

2x Knives
2x + personalized grips
HK PSG Enforcer
+ personalized Grip
Ruthenium coating
Smartgun System, external
6800x +Large modification
Shock Pad
6x Ex-Explosive ammo (10 shots)
APDS (10 shots)
5x Spare Clips

form fitting body armor
Actioneer Businnes Clothes
Securetech PPP forearm
Securetech PPP shin guards
Securetech PPP helmet
Chameleon coating

Cyberspace Designs Dragonfly
Ruthenium coating
improved sensor array
+ Camera
+Thermographic Vision
+Low Light Vision
+Flare Compensation
+ Cyberware Scanner (Rating 6)
+ Laser Microphone (Rating 6)
+ MAD Scanner (Rating 3)
+ Radio Signal Scanner (Rating 6)
+ camera neutralizer rating 6
+ultrawideband radar

4x Fake License (Rating 4)
Contact Lenses
+Vision Enhancement (Rating 2)
+Vision Magnification
+Image Link
+Thermographic Vision
+Flare Compensation
+ Audio Enhancement (Rating 3)
+ Spatial Recognizer
Gecko Tape Gloves
DocWagon Contract (Basic - per Year)
2x Fake Sin (Rating 4)
1x combat load vest
2x ammo pouch

Response Upgrade (5)
Signal Upgrade (5)
System (Rating 6)
Firewall (Rating 6)
Subvocal Microphone
4x Activesoft (Rating 4) (dodge, Blades, perception, pilot aircraft)
Analyze (Rating 6)
Browse (Rating 6)
Scan (Rating 6)
Black Hammer (Rating 5)
Stealth (Rating 5)
Spoof (Rating 5)
Sniffer (Rating 4)
Exploit (Rating 6)

Johnson (L:2 C:4)
Armorer (L:2 C:4)

Originally a hacker and assassin for the mafia, Dorian took out a large loan to pay for some more “state of the art” equipment. The mafia realized that it was cheaper to pay individually for a skilled Hacker, and a Skilled assassin, and so Dorian’s work suddenly dried up, leaving him without a source of income, and a large debt to be repayed.

Dorian is also a very racist fellow, particularly towards orks, which poses a problem for him since he himself is an ork. Thankfully neurosis stepped in, and averted a major disaster, because Dorian believes with all his heart that he in-fact a human, and any attempts to persuade him otherwise result in a long conversation about how “they” are performing some “conspiracy” or other.

(more to come, and more completion when I write it up)

Physical Bio
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 183
Age: 28

For Ultra Red
4 Tracking
4 Survival
2 survival Pack
2 Survival knives
1 Activesoft (first aid)
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Toldrumen's Characters
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