Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 TheOneBigOne Characters & NPC's

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PostSubject: TheOneBigOne Characters & NPC's   Wed Jul 15, 2009 4:17 pm

NPC - Something went wrong.

James Clyde was born into poverty, stealing everything he has ever called "his". He learned about computers by tearing apart old junk and putting it back together. Working in the shadows came naturally to him, a progression from stealing and robbing with the local go-gangers.

James Clyde
Metatype: Human
Sex: Male
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs
Lifestyle: Homeless
Nuyen: ???
Karma: 10 Current 5
Street Cred: 2
Notoriety: 1
Public Awareness: 0

Body 1
Agility 5
Reaction 1
Strength 1
Charisma 1
Intuition 5
Logic 6
Willpower 2

Essence: 5.00
Edge: 7
Magic: 0
Initiative: 6
Initiative Passes: 1
Resonance: 1

Composure (WIL+CHA) 3
Judge Intentions (INT+CHA) 2
Lifting (STR+BOD) 2
Memory (LOG+WIL) 8

Armor: 6B/6I
Stun damage: 0/10 (-0 mod)
Physical Damage: 0/10 (-0 mod)

Active Skills
Pistols 3
Automatics 3
Cybercombat 5
Electronic Warefare 2
Hacking 6
Computer 3
Data Search 4
Hardware 5
Software 4

Knowledge/Language Skills
Commlink Design 5
Net Background 4
Corporate Security Tactics 3
Programming Theory 6

English (Native)
Netspeak 5

Natural Hardening
Photographic Memory

Fairlight Excalibur Cyberdeck (yes he is old school) with full suite of programs and fully upgraded. Modified to use under current matrix protocol.
Ingram Smartgun its pretty much stock.
Lined Coat - 6B/4I Armor. +2 concealability to all items hidden underneath.

Farraday Quinn (6C/1L) Mr. Johnson.
A very well connected Mr. Johnson that would sell out his own mother if the Nuyen was right. Nobody knows (or is telling) who he works for, but he seems to be non-descriminating against all AAA megas. His runs pay REALLY well but usually come with a high mortality rate. If you go on one of his runs bring your own toe tag.

Dervish (4C/3L) - Smuggler/Gunrunner
Dervish is a smuggler/Gunrunner he is your go to man for transport of illegal firearms and explosives. Also an accomplished T-bird pilot/rigger.

Ellaneth (3C/1L) - Fixer (Western Great Dragon)
A Great Dragon. What else do you need to know chummer?
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Number of posts : 145
Age : 40
Registration date : 2009-07-14

Character sheet
Character Name:

PostSubject: Re: TheOneBigOne Characters & NPC's   Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:12 pm


Yoshi Bento Akimura, was born in Japan and moved to the UCAS from Japan around his third birthday. His parents were deeply ashamed when he turned 3 because his little body finally awakened and displayed the characteristics of his elf blood. Disgraced he was sent to live in a more meta-tolerable environment with his extended family that brutally abused him for his differences and sub-human genetics. Yoshi’s relatives were strict and unrelenting repeatedly reminding him of his tainted blood and how his culture despised him. They worked for Fuchi until the break and were swallowed up into the Renraku folds. He lived in the corporate arcology of Renraku for a few years until he was hired as a janitor. He spent his formative years watching the security guards “Red Samurai” as he cleaned the floors at night secretly despising the corporation and culture that hated his meta-blood. He was shunned by mages and told that he was cursed (something about him disrupted mana and set all mages he ever met on edge) All the while he bided his time and watched the elite security teams drill and practice studying the combat techniques and non combat verbal judo they practiced to disarm situations without physical conflict (a task he found much more strenuous and difficult) one night he witnessed a runner team that had infiltrated and took a senior executive hostage. The team had captured the man and had gotten pinned down in a dead end boardroom. Any forced entrance by the Red Samurai would have resulted in casualties, so they sent in a negotiator he lasted twenty seconds against the sociopathic runners. Something came over Yoshi, he grabbed a loudspeaker and with brilliance and tact managed to negotiate the release of the hostage and the safe escape of the team. The Exec was in charge of shadow operations for Renraku and had noticed Yoshi’s “people skills”. Yoshi ended up leaving renraku arcology for the very first time in his adult life and entered the poverty stricken Redmond barrens on his first day as Mr. Johnson. He was good at his job sharing a tortured existence with these people he communicated with. He had a deep sense of the injustices that the corporate structures had applied to them. He himself coming from a brutal childhood also shared a certain indifference to human life and had no compunctions about ordering men to be put to death. He gained riches and respect both from the underworld and the corporation he served. And then the shutdown occurred. His family and the Exec were caught inside and so too were all of his possessions. Everyone that knew who he really was and existed were all gone. He was alone for the first time in his life. Yoshi struggled to survive he had but pennies on his credstick. He turned to the people he thought respected him and found that they only respected the money and corporation he represented. Those he thought of as friends were really just mercenaries. But Yoshi has always been very clever and adaptable and will regain his status of power and respect (and a good deal of money too). So begins his re-rise to power.

Skills A
Magic B
Elf C +1Q +2C low light vis
Attributes D
Resources E

Body 1
Quickness 5(6)
Strength 3
Charisma 5(7)
Intelligence 4
Willpower 3
Essence 6
Magic 6
Reaction 5

Magic Resistance 6

Active Skills:
Pistols 3
SMG’s 3
Stealth 5
Computer 3
Electronics 3
Biotech 3
Etiquette 6
Negotiation 6
Instruction 6
Leadership 6
Interrogation 6

Knowledge Skills:
Psychology 3
Corporate Politics 3
Corporate Security Procedures 3
Data Brokers 3
Runner Hangouts (Seattle) 3
Underworld Crime Syndicates (Seattle) 3
Shadow Meet Protocol 3
Stocks, Bonds, and Corporate Script 3
Current Events 3
Crime Malls and Illegal Shops (Seattle) 3

Language Skills:
Engilsh 3
Japanese 3

Astral Chameleon
Good Reputation


The clothes on his back (unarmored Mr. Johnson suit)

Fixer - Flinch
Decker - Bypass
Fixer - Kya
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TheOneBigOne Characters & NPC's
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