Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 RelentlessImp's Characters

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: RelentlessImp's Characters   Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:32 pm

Kai Mai'laiku, aka "Lost"
Male Elf (Mundane)
Height: 1.9 meters
Weight: 81 kilograms
Hair: White, long
Eyes: Dark pink
Skin: Milk-white
Ethnicity: Hawaiian, Albino
Archetype: Gunslinger/Face

Kai Mai'laiku, native of Hawai'i, left home at an early age to travel to the UCAS in hopes of finding fame, fortune, and love. He didn't find fame; fortune came with a Connections Shop that linked aspiring mages with formulae theorycrafters, for a modest finder's fee from all parties involved, in the hopes of advancing magical research to new, interesting levels. Well-off with such a lucrative business, Kai Mai'laiku also found the last part of the equation; love.

Her name was Serina Mei. An ork with some magical talent, a wannabe adept, came to Kai in hopes that he might, perhaps, direct her to a teacher with similar talents that could guide her through the difficult transition stage between being mundane and being Awakened. Instantly smitten with the very attractive ork, Kai did everything in his power to connect her with such a teacher, waiving his usual finder's fee and, instead, charging her one very different price; a date. Their courtship lasted several months, ending with Serina moving in with the successful elf. For two months, Kai was deliriously happy.

Then the Matrix Crashed, and everything went to Hell. Kai rushed home and found his apartment building aflame, and when the smoke cleared, there was no sign of Serina. No corpses were recovered from the gutted building, and with the loss of SINs, Kai had no luck trying to find her through official channels.

It was Serina's younger sister, Asina, who found the first lead several months later. Kai dove headlong into the shadows after it, leading him to The Old Man - an ancient Dwarf 'runner who had no information on Serina. Kai begged the old Dwarf to teach him how to navigate the shadows, the only way open to him if he had any hope of finding his lost love.

For the past few years, Lost has been searching for her, refusing to give up despite the lack of leads. With his funds drying up, the former businessman has been forced into something he's been trying to avoid in the shadows; 'running, for fun and profit.

Attributes (200 BP)
Bod: 5
Agi: 6 [8]
Rea: 4 [6]
Str: 1
Cha: 5
Int: 4
Log: 2
Wil: 4

Initiative: 8 [10]
Composure: 9
Judge Intentions: 9
Memory: 6

Essence: 4.45
Edge: 1

Positive Qualities
Ambidextrous; No penalty for using off-hand weapons
Martial Arts [Firefight] 3; -2 ranged mod 'attacker in melee', +1 melee dodge
Martial Arts [Krav Maga] 1; -1 ranged mod 'attacker in melee'

Negative Qualities
Albinism; -2 dice pool tests while in sunlight (Mild Common Allergy), *1.5 times effect from flash/flare effects
Lost Loved One; ork girlfriend Serina Mei vanished on the day of the Crash. Willpower+Logic (2) to resist following leads.
Pacifist 1; avoid unnecessary violence, don't kill except in self-defense; no wetwork missions.
Severe Uncommon Allergy [Gold]; 1 box physical damage/minute, -4 dice pool tests while in contact; +4 DV weapons made from the substance

Combat Active Skills
Pistols [Semi-Automatics] (Agi) 4 (6)
Dodge [Melee Combat] (Rea) 4 (6)

Physical Active Skills
Stealth Group 4
-Disguise (Int) 4
-Infiltration (Agi) 4 (10 vs thermal sensors, thermographic vision, etc)
-Palming (Agi) 4
-Shadowing (Int) 4
Escape Artist 3

Social Active Skills
Con (Cha) 3
Intimidation (Cha) 2
Negotiation (Cha) 3

Knowledge & Language Skills
Hawaiian: N
English: 3
Japanese: 3
Sperethiel: 3
Club Music: 3
Street Drugs: 3
Elven Society: 3

Asina Meri [Loy: 4, Conn: 3] - Owner of a Sinthcore nightclub; Serina Meri's younger sister.
The Old Man [Loy: 3, Conn: 5] - Retired Dwarf 'runner; taught Lost the basics of shadowrunning.

Gear 45 - 225,000 Nuyen

Synaptic Booster [R2, Standard, Cultivated] (+2 Reaction, +2 IP, -1 Essence) - 160,000 Nuyen
Muscle Toner [R2, Standard] (+2 Agility, -0.4 Essence) - 16,000 Nuyen
Sleep Regulator [Standard, Cultivated] (-0.15 Essence) - 10,000 Nuyen

Firearms & Ammunition
Ares Predator IV x2 - 700 Nuyen
-Internal Smartgun System
--6 Stun, -half AP, 15 Clip
10x Stick-n-Shock [10 Shots] - 800 Nuyen
-30 loaded into Ares Predator IVs.

Armor & Modifications
Chameleon Suit (B6/4I) - 8,000 Nuyen
--Thermal Dampening [R6] - 3,000 Nuyen

Fairsight Caliban Commlink [Response 4, Signal 5] - 8,000 Nuyen
-Novatech Navi Operating System [Firewall 3, System 4] - 1,500 Nuyen
Subvocal Microphone - 50 Nuyen
Contact Lenses [R3] - 150 Nuyen
-Image Link, Smartlink, Flare Compensation - 575 Nuyen

SINs and Licenses
Fake SIN: Iri Ai [R4] - 4,000 Nuyen
-Japanese immigrant. Linked to Lifestyle and 'open' life.
Fake SIN: Serge Auvpau [R4] - 4,000 Nuyen
-Shady, criminal type, known to visit many ganger sprawls.
Fake SIN: Ti'ali Ser'ia [R4] - 4,000 Nuyen
-Former citizen of an elven commune. Currently has no ties to anything beyond that.

Low, 2 months prepaid - 4,000 Nuyen

Leftover: 225 Nuyen
Starting Nuyen = 450 Nuyen
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Number of posts : 9
Age : 32
Registration date : 2009-07-28

Character sheet
Character Name:

PostSubject: Re: RelentlessImp's Characters   Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:32 pm

Alexi Divai, aka Modest (moe-dest)
Male Human (Technomancer)
Height: 1.7 meters
Weight: 75 kilograms
Hair: Black (natural), Navy Blue (dyed)
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Average caucasian
Ethnicity: Russian
Age: 18
Archetype: Technomancer/Hacker/Rigger

Bod: 3
Agi: 1
Rea: 1
Str: 1
Cha: 5
Int: 5
Log: 5
Will: 5

Initiative: 6
Judge Intentions: 10
Composure: 10
Memory: 10

Resonance: 6
Fade: Charisma + Resonance
Stream: FuSer (Below)
Firewall: 5
Response: 5 [6 in Full VR]
Signal: 3
System: 5
Biofeedback Filter: 5
VR Matrix Initiative: 11
VR Matrix Initiative Passes: 3

Positive Qualities

Negative Qualities
Dependent 2; younger sister
In Debt 5; Borrowed 25,000 from the Vory

Skill Groups
Electronics 3
Cracking 4
Tasking 2
Mechanic 2

Knowledge & Language Skills
Russian: N
English: 3
French: 3
Japanese: 3
Mandarin: 3
Cantonese: 3
Business: 3
Chemistry: 3
Liquor: 3
Matrix Security: 3
Data Haven: 3

Gear: 3 - 15,000 Nuyen + 25,000 Nuyen
Complex Forms: 60

Lined Coat (6B/4I) - -2 Concealability to items hidden underneath
Commlink: Meta Link
-OS: Redcap Nix
20 Datachips
2 CS/Tear Gas Grenades

Low: 5 months prepaid

SINS & Licenses
Fake SIN (Rating 4)
-Aleksander Pitrov (Lifestyle) - Russian Freelance Matrix Security Consultant
Fake SIN (Rating 4)
-Yuri Romanov - Russian implant Mechanic

Drones & Vehicles
Suzuki Mirage (Racing Bike)
-Rigger Adaptation
2x Repeater Drones (Minidrone)
1x Micro-Tapper Bug (Microdrone)
2x Shiawase Kanmushi (Minidrone)
2x Lone Star iBall (Minidrone)
1x MCT Fly-Spy (Minidrone)
1x Lockheed Optic-X (Small)

Complex Forms
Analyze 6
Attack 6
Browse 6
Command 6
Exploit 6
Sniffer 6
Spoof 6
Stealth 6
Track 6

Fixer: Ari Vladivostok (Loy: 1, Con: 5) - Russian Ork Vory v Zakone Fixer
Leftover Nuyen: 0

Starting Wealth: (Original Draft Roll = 3000 Nuyen)
Second Draft Starting Wealth (Same Roll): (3000/50)-49 = 11, 11*50 = 550 Nuyen

Physical Description
Modest is average height for a human, with a handsome, sharp-cast, rough-featured face that belies his Russian heritage. He wears his dark blue hair shoulder-length, often tied back in a ponytail to keep it out of his face. His skin, at first, looks fair, but shows signs of darkening from long hours outdoors. Modest wears a Greatcoat and carries no firearms or melee weapons; instead, the pockets of the coat are lined with his mini- and microdrones, his true weapons that he uses with prejudice.

They say nobody chooses running, and you know what? They're right. Oh, sure, you've got spoiled little rich kids stepping into the shadows every so often, thinking they want to be big bad runners, and either wind up dead or scarred for life. The latter's pretty common amongst runners, but they stick with it when the brats run back to their daddy's corp money.

Let's take a little step back in time to 2060. At that point, there was an up-and-coming PR corporation by the name of Image Unlimited, based out of Russia. The head honcho, one Vladimir Divai, was a savvy businessman, on the verge of picking up an R&D facility to start expanding his business practices. Vladimir was a widower; his wife had died given birth to their second child, Eleyna. Their first child, Alexi, was the heir apparent to the corporation, having been groomed for the position every waking moment of his life. The six year old Alexi had also been raising his five year old sister since she was born, since pop was too busy and the servants all fawned over the golden boy.

Like everything else, there's a catch. The basis of Vladimir's business deal was steeped in tradition, harkening back to the barbaric dark ages of the 17th through 20th century. To put it shortly, Vladimir's daughter was sold to the head of the R&D facility, and their marriage would take place on Eleyna's 14th birthday. Alexi had been raised on premise of big business - whatever it takes to win, do it. So of course, he could have simply stepped back and let the whole thing go by without so much as a fuss.

Overprotective Big Brother Syndrome, however, reared its ugly head. Alexi and Vladimir had several shouting matches about what the old man had done, a number of them ending in physical violence, with the scrawny kid getting his trog beat, but giving as good as he got, too. In the end, however, the contract was signed and was ferrosteel-clad, so there wasn't much the kid could do about it.

Fast forward four years. Yeah, the Crash. While the rest of the world was going to hell, two kids hit the jackpot. SINs gone, a load of gold bullion (the old man hated banks) in their pockets, and Vladimir's very expensive sports car made for a perfect getaway. Alexi wasn't about to let the old man have his way - not in this. They hit the road, Jack, and didn't come back no more.

After everything settled down, the kids got almost full value for the gold bullion and found a place to live. Not the best of places, but not a dump, either; high living would make them easier to spot on the radar, and who really looks in on run-down suburbs just outside the city limits, anyway?

Prepare for the plot twist. Alexi was seriously affected by the Crash, like a lot of people were. It started as little voices whispering in his ears that only grew louder; the voices of wireless devices, steadily growing stronger with each new toy added to their house, though he couldn't possibly have known that. With Eleyna going to school (and having been advanced several grades - she's a bright kid), Alexi was left alone for most of the day, every day, with the constant babbling in his ears that wouldn't stop.

Then - he jacked in. No link, no nothin', and suddenly he's telling the fridge to chill down ten degrees, the stove to start, and the toaster to eject the bread. Fast-forward to present day.

Eleyna's in college, Alexi's got control of his abilities (and keeping them a secret from little sis), he's in hock to the Vory for 25 grand - uni's expensive, you know - and the nuyen from the gold bullion's gone. The Vory are calling in their debt, and it ain't just money they want, no. They know Alexi's got a bit of hacking skill, and are forcing him into the shadows - for a modest 50% cut, of course, until his debt's paid, with interest.

Fading: Charisma + Resonance
Sprites: Paladin, Tank, Crack, Machine, Data

To FuSers (Full uSers, someone's idea of a bad joke), the Matrix and the physical world coexist side by side - and, by association, FuSers must be similarly dual-natured. Their waking lives are split between the ultra-fast datastream of the Matrix and the slow, plodding world of meat. While most FuSers feel more comfortable in the Matrix, they don't neglect their bodies the way some other streams do. The mind is their tool, and their body the housing in which it rests, and if the housing is damaged or neglected, so too will the tool be.

To a FuSer, Resonance with the Matrix is all-important, with importance on the strength of their minds and their bodies split evenly. Their sprites and living persona icons reflect this philosophy; they are typically metahuman in shape and appearance, though idealized toward the perfect metahuman body, and are grounded mostly in logic. A Tank sprite, for instance, might appear as a Troll or Ork in medieval-style armor, with a sword and shield, or a Crack sprite might look akin to an elf runner decked out with the latest in lockpicking technology.
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RelentlessImp's Characters
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