Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Rapscallion's characters

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PostSubject: Rapscallion's characters   Thu Aug 06, 2009 6:33 am

Character Name Gideon Blackstar
Archtype Bounty Hunter
Sex Male
Metatype Dwarf

Body: 4
Agility: 5
Reaction: 4
Strength: 4
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 3
Logic: 3
Willpower: 4

Edge: 4
Initiative: 7
Essence: 3.3

Knowledge Skills
Japanese : N
Cop Trids : 1
Crook Hangouts : 1
Lone Star Procedures : 2
Biology : 2
Poison antidotes : 2
Military : 2
English (Lingo) : 3

Active Skills
Climbing : 2
Gymnastics : 2
Running : 2
Swimming : 2
Shadowing : 2
Blades : 2
Clubs (Batons) : 2
Dodge : 3
Data Search : 1
First Aid (Other) : 3
Longarms : 3
Pistols : 1
Automatics : 1
Perception : 2
Survival : 2
Tracking : 3
Unarmed Combat (Subdual Combat) : 5

Positive Qualities
Animal Empathy
Quick Healer
Martial Arts (15 BP / Escrima)
Maneuvers x2 (10 BP)
• Off-Hand Training
• Disarm

Negative Qualities
Lost Loved One - Mother (5 BP) / Father (5 BP)
Vendetta (5 BP)

Cybereyes Basic System (Rating 3)
Flare Compensation
Low-Light Vision
Ultrasound Sensor
Cyberears (Rating 2)
Audio Enhancement (Rating 3)
Select Sound Filter (Rating 3)
Obvious Full Arm
+ Body (Rating 4)
+ Strength (Rating 4)
+ Agility (Rating 3)

Ares Desert Strike sniper rifle (rigid stock with shock pad / detachable imaging scope)
Franchi Spas 22 Shotgun 10 Flechette rounds
Katar Punch Dagger
2x Survival Knife
2x Shock Gloves
5x Thermal Smoke
5x Flash-Pak
10x Flechette Rounds (10 shots)
10x Regular Ammo (10 shots)

Lined Coat

Rover Model 2068 (SUV) (arsenal pg 109)
Amenities (High)
Off-Road Suspension
Passenger Protection 2
Anti-Theft System 2

Erika Elite (OS: Novatech Navi /Agent/IC/Pilot (Rating 4) / Subvocal Microphone)
Security RFID Tags (per 20)

+Low Light Vision
4x Plasteel Restraint
DocWagon Contract (Gold - per Year)

Gideon was born in Lone star. Gideon’s father was a security guard and ex policeman for Lone Star and mom was a medic in a local clinic. They met when dad was shot trying to stop a robbery. Dad lived but was never the same, hence his becoming a security guard.

Dad would tell Gideon stories of his younger days as a cop for Lone Star. This got Gideon’s imagination going, he dreamed of being a cop like his dad. For years after, Gideon would watch the trids for stories about the police, studied Security Procedures with his dad, and when older joined the military.

While at basic training, Gideon did well. Unfortunately, he had an attitude problem. This led to a few fights and more than one trip to the military jail. By the end of training, Gideon had made more than a few enemies, mostly form the ranks of officers. He just barely passed training. When he returned home, he found hell had found him.

He was told that some military types type attacked his home and killed his parents. It was made to look like a robbery, but some friends of dad’s told Gideon that it wasn’t a robbery but a hit. The police didn’t know the reason or the target, just that it was a hit. Gideon wanted answers.

He took all his savings and inheritance, then disappeared into the shadows. Noone heard or saw him for 5 years. Althought there were stories of someone hunting down ex military and more than a few street thugs, but noone knew who it was.

Gideon took all his money and a couple contacts and became a bounty hunter. First he practiced on those responsible for some of the crimes his father tried to solve, then moved up to those who killed his parents. Once he had finished with them, he decided to stay in the shadows, hunting those who the police couldn’t or wouldn’t because of proof or connections. The guilty will pay, justice finds everyone.
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Rapscallion's characters
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