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 Stubbspks' Characters

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Character sheet
Character Name: Yiska Keme
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Stubbspks' Characters   Sat Dec 27, 2008 7:02 am

Following Wr3ck's lead, I'm going to devote a thread to my characters as well.

They will be in this thread.
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Age : 33
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Character sheet
Character Name: Yiska Keme
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Yiska Keme   Sat Dec 27, 2008 8:53 am

Yiska Keme

Born as Achak Cha'tima to AmerIndian parents in the south side of Pueblo, Colorado. Throughout his younger years, Achak took computer science courses at Central High and studied hard to get a job with the software company his dad worked for. In his free time Achak played a vast amount of matrix games. These games are what started him on hacking. In order to best the other players, Achak would sometimes find holes in the game code that would allow him to give his character more life, extra weapons, or more money.

As he left high school and attended the University of Pueblo his curiosity only grew stronger. That is, until the crash. Achak was trapped inside the Matrix for almost 2 weeks during the crash. His roomate had been away on a camping trip at Lake Minnequa and returned to the dorm room to find Achak jacked in, but unconscious on the floor in a puddle of various bodily fluids.

The doctors were taken completely by surprise when Achak suddenly awoke from his coma one day. Not having food or water for the 11 days he was trapped in the Matrix should surely have been the end of him. Achak told the doctors that someone else inside the Matrix had been feeding him and that had somehow nourished his body. Of course no one would believe this story and simply chalked his survival up to luck, or possibly even divine intervention.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks Achak noticed that something wasn't quite the same as before the crash. He would occasionally hear things that people around him didn't seem to notice... whispers that weren't actually there. The whispers started off rather quiet, but with each day they grew increasingly louder and lasted longer. To deal with the pain of the whispers, Achak turned to Rx painkillers he'd gotten from his roomate's novacoke dealer.

Not being able to deal with the whispers any longer Achak secluded himself in his room and attempted to make sense of what was happening to him. As he sat and meditated about his situation as his parents had taught him, he could vaguely make out what the whispers were saying. It seemed as though they were giving him instructions. Not entirely sure if he wanted to know where the instructions would take him, Achak jumped into HotSIM VR as instructed and followed the directions of the whispers.

He was being taken through so many different nodes that he soon lost his way and simply followed the directions blindly. He was cruising along at blinding speeds until the directions led him straight into a node he'd never DREAMED could exist. The node was decorated as a meadow, but through the middle of the node was a jagged "rip" and through this "rip" Achak could see what could only be one of the fabled Essence Realms.

The whispers beckoned him toward the rip, but having heard the stories of what those places could do to a man, he dared not go near the rift. It was then that Achak met Kavo. Kavo is a free sprite that lives in the Matrix. He is extremely curious about the users he meets that are able to sever their connection to the Matrix, and he seemed to have taken a particular interest in Achak but would not say why.

Over the next couple of days Achak would meet Kavo on the 'trix and they'd chat about different aspects of each other's worlds. About 3 weeks after meeting Kavo, Achak was chatting with him when Kavo pointed out that Achak's comm hadn't been charged in days and must be running low. Not wanting to get cut off, Achak left HotSIM to check his battery level and to plug his comm in to charge while he chatted. To his surprise, his commlink battery was dead when he exited the node. That couldn't be possible as he could still see messages from Kavo popping up on his AR overlay... The biggest smile Achak had ever seen began to form on Kavo's face as the realization set in... Kavo took particular interest in Achak because the crash had done something to him... something that most people regarded only as myths and fairytales... Achak had Emerged as a technomancer.

Kavo revealed that he'd met Achak during the time in which he was trapped in the Matrix, but Achak hadn't remembered him when he came to in the hospital. However, Achak had been online almost the entire time he lay unconscious in the hospital bed. This is what had drawn Kavo to him... How could a normal person exist in both worls at once without a commlink?

Kavo slowly introduce Achak to people just like him, and it was from them that Kavo learned most of the things he needed to know as a technomancer. After having spoken to many different technomancers and hearing almost any theory that could possibly exist about where these "powers" had come from, Achak decided that the stream that made the most sense to him was that if the Technoshaman.

In the quest for the right stream for him, Achak also discovered that there were living beings deep in the 'trix. The Paragon he was drawn toward was that of the Black Hat. The black hat represented everything he'd wanted to accomplish in his old life (coding, hacking, etc.) and it just seemed to make sense.

Through his following of the Technoshaman stream and his search for way to please his Paragon, Achak met up with a group of people calling themselves KivaNet. Immediately recognizing one of his classmates from UP, Achak greeted him by name and sent an invite for a private chat. His former classmate was none too please about his real name being used, and explained to Achak that his parents had died in the crash and he had turned to the shadows to make enough money to support his younger sister. In doing so, he had made up an entire fake identity to ensure that his activities would not be traced back to his sister.

With his help Achak began the transformation into Yiska Keme. His classmate taught him that discretion in the meat is key to survival as a technomancer. Although not from the same stream as Yiska, this new friend was proving to be a valuable source of information. After some time his friend offered to sponsor him into KivaNet and Yiska has since been a member of the guild.

After a year or two Yiska was asked to help a couple of the recruits who has joined around the same time as him to perform something called a Submersion. Not knowing exactly what this submersion entailed, Yiska immediately agreed. KivaNet had helped him so much, now this was his chance to give back. The task chosen for this group of recruits was called a "Resonance Realm Search." Thinking this meant he simply had to locate a resonance realm, Yiska was excited as he'd done that before he'd even known he was a technomancer.

Yiska was taken by surprise when he and the others of his group were led directly to the entrance of a resonance realm. They were then told they must enter the realm, pass the event horizon, and use the resources of the resonance realm to discover the true name of the leader of KivaNet, and to also learn the ancient skill of resonance mesh in order to be more connected to the guild. To describe the event horizon to someone who has never experienced it is utterly impossible. The best description found so far is that of a wall which cannot be passed until all aspects of a technomancer's life have been inspected for faults and flaws. If passing through as a group, every member of the group is privy to all of the information... This means the group will know EVERYTHING you've ever done, and have access to every single one of your memories. Being that vulernable creates a bond between the technomancers who experience this event horizon together.

Anyway, the group eventually found the name and learned the echo they'd come to learn. After what could only have been weeks inside of the realm, the group came back to reality successful! Surprised to see that they had not been hooked to IVs in order to keep them hydrated, the group was informed that they'd only been gone 35 minutes, and that time often passes differently in resonance realms than in the real world.

KivaNet welcomed the recruits into the core of the guild, and revealed to them that the guild actually controls access to a rather powerful resonance well that they were now entitled to use should they have great need.

Not much had happened since his submersion, but Yiska was eager for something big to come his way so that he, along with the help of his guild, could tackle it!


Stuff to note:

Stream - Technoshaman
* Resist fading with: Charisma + Resonance
* Sprites: Crack, Data, Machine, Paladin, and Sleuth

Paragon - The Black Hat
* The Black Hat is the personifed essence of the hacker, who works to exploit computer systems out of a certain self-serving motivation. While some are just data thieves who steal and sell data for personal gain and monetary interest, there are also those who intrude on nodes just out of fun, curiosity, or personal fame among the community of hackers.
* Advantages: +2 dice to Exploit Tests, +1 die for Crack or Fault Sprites (player must choose one)
* Disadvantage: Black Hat technomancers have extreme difculty restraining themselves from hacking into a node that is interesting in any way. Te technomancer must succeed in a Willpower + Charisma (3) Test to avoid hacking such a system when the op-portunity arises.

Guild - KivaNet
* Purpose: Te KivaNet advocates the integration of technomancers into tribal society and has dedicated itself to act as a platform for open exchange and communication between technomancers and normal Matrix users via the Matrix.
* Members: 130 (~10 technomancers, mainly technoshamans)
* Strictures: Attendance, Belief, Limited Membership (NAN citizens), Service
* Resources/Dues: Luxury, no dues (fully sponsored). The network possesses a plethora of nodes and has access to a resonance well (Rating 5) that is deeply entrenched and safeguarded in the Kiva network.
* Patron: Pueblo Corporate Council
* Description and Customs: Created by the Pueblo Corporate Council on the advice of various shamanic interests in the autumn of 2070, the KivaNet is a network of virtual nodes called “kivas” holy places) that work toward a common goal, the acceptance of technomancers within global society. Supported by the PCC, the KivaNet works to establish communication among technomancers and between the tribal communities of the PCC (and those of the NAN who want to participate). While the KivaNet is open to non-technomancers, it has a core group of, mostly, technoshamans, who take care of the kiva nodes, teach newly Emerged technomancers, and moderate or participate in open forums or discussion groups to educate the public. Most technoshamans follow some sort of paragon and are interested in understanding and communication with the entities and ideas they are aligned with, using the network’s resonance well as gateways to the resonance realms to commune with their paragon or explore diferent resonance realms.

Codeslinger - Exploit

Addiction, moderate - Painkillers

Allerg unc/mild - Dog fur
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Character sheet
Character Name: Yiska Keme
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Stubbspks' Characters   Sun Mar 01, 2009 6:49 am

Mr. Grey
Not entirely sure what happened to Grey's description, but here's the link for his character sheet in the meantime


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Character sheet
Character Name: Yiska Keme
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Hastiin   Wed Mar 04, 2009 10:05 am

Born ASKUWHETEAU, meaning "he keeps watch". Askuwheteau took the name Hastiin, meaning "man" when he began running as a constant reminder that he was but a mortal man and he could die if he weren't careful.

Preferring the wilderness, Hastiin lives in a small cabin that he built on the outskirts of Seattle and rarely ventures into the city.

The only electronics he owns is a comm link with upgraded signal and a sat link so he can get signal out in the woods. He wouldn't even own that if it weren't for Howahkan. Howahkan is the man who taught Hastiin everything he knows about healing others.

Hastiin was a member of a small nomadic tribe that came to settle just outside of Seattle. A few of the members were tempted by the allure of the city and never returned from a supply trip one day. Hastiin was sent into the city to find them, but when he did he was appalled by the lives they were living. He returned to the tribe and announced that the mean he went to find no longer lived. It was only a half-life in Hastiin's eyes as they had embraced a life of drugs, BTLs, and were caught up in a prostitution ring.

Hastiin decided that he would make it his mission to prevent that from happening to the rest of his tribesmen. When he suggested that they return to their nomadic ways few agreed with him.

As part of his awakening, Hastiin realized that he was destined for greater things. He left what remained of his tribe to set out on his own. Sadly, he has not found that greater destiny yet, but has managed to avoid joining the rest of society in their downward spiral.

In order to get the small amount of Nuyen he requires to get the supplies he can't find or make, Hastiin has taken to doing a bit of running on the side.

%%%%%%%%%%% Negative Qualities Explained %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Addiction -


Duration: (6 – Body) hours, minimum 1 hour
Effects: +1 Willpower, forces Awakened characters to astrally
Description: Also known as “bad karma,” this substance is derived
by Caribbean houngans from an Awakened form of kelp.
Naturally laden with nicotine and THC, deepweed is especially
enticing to the Awakened and is sometimes used to dose targets
for possession. It is ingested or inhaled.
Deepweed forces any magically active user to astrally perceive,
even if the user is an adept without astral perception ability.
Once its eff ects have worn off , deepweed users may suff er a
–1 to all dice pool modifi ers for an equal duration.
Deepweed users say that the drug is relaxing and opens
the mind. While it may be so, there are still dangers inherent
in forced astral perception, such as attracting unwanted attention.
Roleplaying the eff ects of deepweed may mean portraying
someone who seems not completely “present”—she isn’t

Incompetent - Hacking

%%%%%%%%%%% Positive Qualities Explained %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Quick Healer - A Quick Healer recovers from damage faster than other characters. The character receives a +2 dice pool modifier to all Healing Tests made on/for/by him, including magical healing.

Sense of Direction - A character with the Sense of Direction quality never gets lost. The character always knows where true north lies. If the character also possesses the Survival skill, she can always retrace her path and will be able to estimate distances traveled.

Outdoorsman - Outdoorsman quality modifes the character’s the character’s existing ratings in all skills of the Outdoors skill group by +1 (subject to modifed skill maximums).

Hawk Eye - Characters with the Hawk Eye quality gain a + 1 dice pool modifer to Perception Tests to spot something at a distance and see their unaugmented Weapon Range Modifers reduced by 1 step (for instance, Long Range becomes Medium Range).

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Character sheet
Character Name: Yiska Keme
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Delgan - Dwarf Technomancer Rigger   Wed May 13, 2009 8:40 am

Delgan was hired by the Shiawase Corp. right out of highschool. He wasn't required to attend the private college they'd setup, but was instead sent to college in the California free state in Sacramento. Shiawase paid for his entire education, living expenses, and even a little side money for extra-curricular "projects" as they referred to them.

In essence, Shiawase hired Delgan as a technical spy. He constructed drones with his "project" money and when he was done learning about/tinkering with them, they would then be used by Shiawase to collect data on rival companies operating outside the UCAS.

Delgan excelled in his engineering classes, and upon graduating top in his class, was called back to the Shiawase Campus. He finished out his contract with Shiawase as a general drone repairman. Drones were something that had always come naturally to Delgan, but toward the end of his stay at Shiawase things were changing.

Little did Shiawase realize at the time, but Delgan was beginning to discover his technomancer abilities.

Delgan hones his abilities in secret, knowing that if Shiawase were to discover his new found abilities, they would force him to remain in their employment.

As soon as his contract finished, Delgan bought himself a decent place, a ride, and a small army of drones. With his money running out, Delgan opened a private eye business. Using his drones to spy on people, Delgan was able to barely scrape enough money to keep up his lifestyle.

However, the lure of the shadows eventually tempted him to go underground and use his pets for darker purposes.


Quick Notes:

Fading: Intuition Resonance
Sprites: Crack, Data, Fault, Machine, and Tutor
Technomancers who originate from the Japanese tekeno-feto culture, or who possess some other kind of technofetishism associated with robots, drones, vehicles, or other electronic devices, are known as dronomancers, puppeteks, or robomancers. For a dronomancer, the Matrix is a world of connected machines that he can talk with. Unlike other technomancers, who are drawn to the code and information, dronomancers are drawn to slaved
machines and other electronic devices. Dronomancers see the dog brains of drones and agents as pet-like entities, and sprites as embodiments of the spirits of the machines from which they manifest. Sprites compiled by dronomancers typically display some feature of the object or node in which they are compiled, often appearing machine-like. Because of their rapport with machines, dronomancers enjoy experiencing the world through the electronic eyes (i.e., sensors) of their slaved drones and devices.

Duration: (12 – Body) hours, minimum of 1 hour
Effect: 1 Intuition, 1 Logic
Description: This designer drug, allegedly produced by MCT, is especially prized by magicians and technomancers, as the
drug stimulates their brain into hyperactivity. In addition to the eff ects noted above, Awakened users also only suffer a –1 dice pool modifi er for each sustained spell (rather than the standard –2). Psyche users are simultaneously hyper-aware and detached, easily absorbed by detail and obsessive about certain facts or problems.


Daniel Yardley - UCAS


Linguasoft: Or'zet

GM-Nissan Doberman:
Equipped with Ares MP-LMG

2x Steel Lynx:
Equipped with Ares MP-LMG

2x Van Weapon Mount:
These are holding Ares MP-LMG's as well

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Number of posts : 287
Age : 33
Location : United Kingdom
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Character sheet
Character Name: Yiska Keme
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Kiani   Wed May 13, 2009 6:00 pm


Metatype : Elf

Body: 3
Agility: 2 (4)
Reaction: 2 (4)
Strength: 1 (3)
Charisma: 5
Intuition: 5
Logic: 5
Willpower: 5

Edge: 1
Initiative: 11
Essence: 0.4

Active Skills
Computer : 3
Data Search : 3
Hardware : 3
Software : 3
Cybercombat : 3
Electronic Warfare : 3
Hacking : 3
Disguise : 3
Inflitration : 3
Palming : 3
Shadowing : 3
Con : 2
Etiquette : 2
Leadership : 2
Negotiation : 2
pilot aircraft (remote operation) : 3
Dodge (Ranged Combat) : 1 (2)
Pilot Ground Craft (Remote Operation) : 2
Pilot Anthroform (Remote Operation): 3

Knowledge Skills
English : N
Sperethiel (Speak) : 3
Japanese (Speak) : 2
Cantonese (Speak) : 2
Spanish (Speak) : 2
Ares Macrotechnology : 2
Engineering (Mechanical) : 4
Security Design (Physical) : 2
Street Drugs : 2
Local Junkyards : 4
Poker : 1
KN:Urban Survival : 3

Positive Qualities (-10BP)
First Impression
Restricted Gear (Move-by-wire)
Restricted Gear (Car Weapon Mount)

Negative Qualities
SINner (5 BP)
Allergy Com/Mod (Soy)
Addiction, moderate (Zero)
Nano Intolerance

Muscle Replacement (Rating 2)
Move by wire (Rating 2)
Control Rig

Ruger Super Warhawk
+Gecko Grip
5x Regular Ammo (10 shots)

Form-Fitting Body Armor (Half-Body)
Lined Coat
Securetech PPP Vitals Protector Plate
Securetech PPP Arm and Leg Casings

BMW 400GT (Sports Car)
+Complete Skinlink
+ECM (Rating 3)
+Interior Cameras
+Manual Control Override (Drive-by-wire)
+Small Drone Rack (Can hold one Medium or Small drone)
+Satellite Communication
+Rigger Adaptation
+Rigger Cocoon (Standard)
+Weapon Mount (Normal,Internal,Flexible,Remote)
+Area MP-LMG
+25x Regular Ammo (10 shots)

+ Radio Signal Scanner (Rating 6)
+Ultra Wideband Radar (Rating 2)
+MAD Scanner (Rating 3)
+Cyberware Scanner (Rating 6)
+Camera Neutralizer (Rating 3)
+Camera (Front)
+Low Light Vision
+Flare Compensation
+ Camera (Rear)
+Flare Compensation
+Low Light Vision

Ra - MCT-Nissan Roto-drone (Medium)
+Weapon Mounts
+Area MP-LMG
+25x Regular Ammo (10 shots)
+Clearsight Autosoft (Rating 3)
+Targeting (Weapon) Autosoft (Rating 3)

Horus - Renraku Stormcloud (Medium)
+Clearsight Autosoft (Rating 3)
+Covert Ops (Rating 3)

Anubis - GM-Nissan Doberman (Medium)
+Area MP-LMG (Free)
+25x Regular Ammo (10 shots)
+Clearsight Autosoft (Rating 3) (Free)
+Targeting (Weapon) Autosoft (Rating 3) (Free)
+Fuzzy Logic

Osiris - GM-Nissan Doberman (Medium)
+Area MP-LMG (Free)
+25x Regular Ammo (10 shots)
+Clearsight Autosoft (Rating 3) (Free)
+Targeting (Weapon) Autosoft (Rating 3) (Free)
+Fuzzy Logic

Sekhmet - Steel Lynx (Large)
+Area MP-LMG
+25x Regular Ammo (10 shots)
+Defense Autosoft (Rating 3) (Free)
+Targeting (Weapon) Autosoft (Rating 3) (Free)

Ma'at - Ford LEBD-1
+Area MP-LMG
+25x Regular Ammo (10 shots)
+Clearsight (Rating 3)
+Targeting (LMG) Autosoft (Rating 3)
+Fuzzy Logic
+Armor 9

Nut - Ford LEBD-1
+Area MP-LMG
+25x Regular Ammo (10 shots)
+Clearsight (Rating 3)
+Targeting (LMG) Autosoft (Rating 3)
+Fuzzy Logic
+Armor 9

Geb Shiawase Kanmushi (Microdrone)
+Covert Ops (Rating 3)

Shiawase Kanmushi (Microdrone)
S-B Microskimmer (Microdrone)
Lone Star iBall-Off (Minidrone)
Lone Star iBall-Off (Minidrone)
MCT Fly-Spy (Minidrone)
MCT Fly-Spy (Minidrone)


Subvocal Microphone
Commlink : Meta Link
OS : Vector Xim
Response Upgrade (5)
Signal Upgrade (5)
Firewall (Rating 6)
System (Rating 6)
Satellite Link
Sim Module Modified for BTL/Hot Sim
Optimization (Command)

Analyze (Rating 6)
Armor (Rating 3)
Attack (Rating 2)
Biofeedback Filter (Rating 6)
Browse (Rating 6)
Command (Rating 6)
Data Bomb (Rating 3)
Decrypt (Rating 6)
Defuse (Rating 3)
ECCM (Rating 6)
Edit (Rating 6)
Encrypt (Rating 6)
Exploit (Rating 2)
Medic (Rating 2)
Scan (Rating 6)
Sniffer (Rating 6)
Spoof (Rating 3)
Stealth (Rating 2)
Tacsoft (Rating 2)
Track (Rating 1)

Skinweb Array
Plastic Restraints (per 10)
Jammer, Directional (Rating 3)
Tag Eraser
White Noise Generator (Rating 6)
3x Activesofts rating 4 (pistols, mechanic groundcraft, perception)
3x Fake License (Rating 4)
Fake Sin (Rating 4)
+ Spatial Recognizer
+ Audio Enhancement (Rating 2)
Contact Lenses
+Flare Compensation
+Image Link
+Vision Enhancement (Rating 2)

Jereth (L:2 C:3)

Jorg (L:2 C:2)
This armorer is the main guy who helps with bigger repair jobs on the drones.

Marros (L:2 C:2)
This is my fencer

Background coming soon.
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Stubbspks' Characters
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