Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Vanya's Devil's Characters

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Vanya's Devil
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson

Number of posts : 661
Age : 30
Registration date : 2010-03-24

Character sheet
Character Name: Radek
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Vanya's Devil's Characters   Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:52 pm

Human (probably)
Hermetic Mage
Mentor Spirit: Dragon
Gender: Unclear. Identifies himself as male, but really, who the drek knows.
Lifestyle: High
Starting Cash: 7500
Current Cast: 2000

Body: 2
Agility: 1
Reaction: 1
Strength: 1
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 4
Logic: 3 (5)
Willpower: 5

Edge: 2
Magic: 6(5)
Initiative: 5
Essence: 5.14
Karma: 2

Active Skills
Unarmed Combat (Natural Weapons) : 4/6
Negotiation (Bargaining) : 2/4 (4/6 with Mentor Spirit)
Assensing : 1
Perception : 1
Dodge : 1
Spellcasting (Manipulation) : 6/10 (specialization + Mentor Spirit)
Binding (Fire spirits) : 5/7
Summoning (Fire spirits) : 5/7

Knowledge Skills
English : N
Chinese : 5
German : 4
Biology : 5
Spell Design : 5
Finances : 5

Positive Qualities
Focused Concentration 2

Negative Qualities
Sensitive System
Gene Freak

Trauma Damper
Pain Editor
Cerebral Booster 2

Sustaining Focus (Rating 4)
Sustaining Focus (Rating 4)
Sustaining Focus (Rating 1)
Blood Fetish (Mana Static)
Manipulation Fetish (Magic Fingers)
Manipulation Fetish (Shapechange)
Manipulation Fetish (Control Thoughts)
Combat Fetish (Manabolt)
Spirit Strength * 1
Immortal Flower * 1
Magical Lodge Materials (Rating 6)
Certified Credstick (Ebony)
Fake SIN License 5

Increase Body
Mana Static
Increase Reflexes
Magic Fingers
Astral Window
Control Thoughts
Physical Mask
Astral Armor

Bound Foci
Sustaining Focus 4
Sustaining Focus 4
Sustaining Focus 1

Preces (L:3 C:4)
Tir Tairngire elven mage-doc who finds Kit "marginally less insipid than the rest of the rabble in this city." Hates elves, especially Tairngire elves, because they're a "lot of dandelion-eating, pointy-eared keebs." Hates everyone else on general principle and his speech patterns tend to be racist and highly insulting. On the other hand, he is consummately professional about paid work, and will heal anyone you put on his table when being paid. If unpaid, he remains very reliable: he will reliably treat any unpaid patient as a guinea pig for his various medical experiments. 80% of his guinea pigs do not survive more than two days and they are, generally, the lucky ones. Is quite good at both medicine and the procurement of magical goods. Preces and Kit go back a ways and have a fairly strong mutual understanding, to the point that Preces is the only living soul who knows that Kit really looks like. Kit still owes him a favor, a debt which he takes seriously. "Preces", incidentally, is Sperethiel for "Killer Rabbit" and is a handle he chose as a private joke.

Flik (L:1 C:2)
Ork Fixer who owns a restaurant. Is slowly getting used to the fact that every once in a while, a black house cat will wander in and order a mix of milk and baijiu (an extremely strong Chinese liquor). Began throwing jobs Kit's way only recently and does not yet really trust him. The feeling's mutual.

Force 5 Fire Spirit
Optional Power - Fear
4 Services

Force 3 Fire Spirit
Optional Power - Search
12 services

Force 3 Earth Spirit
Optional Power - Concealment
2 Services

A Fey Oath

At 15 psi, a human skull will fracture.
Other bones in the human body are tougher, usually requiring 160 psi before they break.
At 1000 psi, the bite strength of a tiger far exceeds both.
*Crunch* *Crunch* *Crunch* *Crunch* *Crunch* *Crunch* *Crunch* *Crunch*
A satisfied sleek silhouette slinks silently hence. Sheeting raincurtains sweep away dust and red ink.
A low purr. Time for a drink.

Darren pulled his coat tight around him as he stepped out into the rain. Taptaptaptaptap he heard the water pattering against his wide-brimmed hat. His thoughts turned towards his destination. Anna would be home from school by now; he had got off late. Hope she hadn’t started to make dinner. Not that she was a bad cook; she was just new to food that wasn’t made from soy. It made her overeager in her experimentation. He sped up.

An empty saucer. An open door. A small, black tail, slipping away.

Darren caught his breath in the doorway of a nightclub. Around him, the rain robed the world in grey. The street, deserted, would come alive in a few hours. For now, it slumbered, and he was alone with his thoughts. Being human, this was not good company.

Golden eyes blinked at the grey sky. The black tail flicks twice and is gone. A rustle of rust wings.

Darren wondered if he had done the right thing. Oh, sure, he held up his part of the deal. It was so simple. Leave out a saucer of milk, a piece of bread, and a dab of honey every evening. In return, he gets the life he always wanted. A good house, a good job, and enough money invested that his daughter won’t need to worry about working until after college. Who wouldn’t take that kind of deal? The food was a little expensive, but it became a non-issue so fast it was really no cost at all.
Doubts nagged at him. His promotion was fast. A little too fast, really, and they never really found out what happened to his old boss. It was all so easy, too easy. Plus, the milk, honey, and bread stopped being eaten about month ago. Yesterday, he didn’t even bother putting the stuff out; it wasn’t being collected anyhow.
Some deals are too good to be true. Darren hoped this wasn’t one of them.

Water drips off a cornice. On a dry ledge, spotted brown fur, damp with skywater. Thunder, rolling, oozing like black molasses. Stillness.

Darren started. Before him, a ghostly cat, large and feral, glimmers into view. Two round green eyes blink at him. He tries to speak but, in his terror, no words come.
A heart beats. Fire erupts, draped in a cloak of steam. Water crushes with the weight of the sky. The Earth, ravenous, opens its maw and swallows its offering. Silence.

A block away, on a dry ledge, two golden eyes flicker open. A soft purr. A heart beats. A rustle of rust wings.

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Vanya's Devil
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson

Number of posts : 661
Age : 30
Registration date : 2010-03-24

Character sheet
Character Name: Radek
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Vanya's Devil's Characters   Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:16 am

The Wise and Benevolent God-Emperor Sankis
"Engraved on the wall is an exceptionally designed image of a dog by 'Sankis' Gatinbomrek. The dog is burning."
"Clearly I have suffered some sort of trauma."

Metatype : Dwarf

Body: 7
Agility: 5 (9)
Reaction: 4 (8 )
Strength: 8 (11)
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 3
Logic: 1
Willpower: 4

Edge: 4
Initiative: 7 (11)
Initiative Passes: 4
Essence: 0.4


Active Skills
Climbing : 2
Gymnastics (Dodging) : 2
Running : 2
Swimming : 2
Exotic Ranged Weapon (Flamethrowers) : 6
Heavy Weapons (Assault Canon) : 3
Perception (Visual) : 2
Unarmed Combat (Cyber-Implants) : 1

Positive Qualities
Tough as Nails 2

Negative Qualities
Combat Monster
Prejudiced 2
Compulsive 1
Addiction (Alcohol) 2

Wired Reflexes Rating 3
Cybereyes Basic System (Rating 3)
Flare Compensation
Low-Light Vision
Thermographic Vision
Vision Magnification
Reaction Enhancers (Rating 1)

Muscle Toner 4

Ares Vigorous Assault Cannon
+ Underbarrel Flamethrower
+ Flashlight (Standard)
+ Smartgun System, internal
+ Gas-Vent 3 System
10x AV Assault Cannon Rounds (10 shots)
2x Shiawase Blazer Flamethrower
+ 2x Smartgun System, internal
6x Flamethrower Tank (4 shots)
Aztechnology F3a Flamethrower
4x Flamethrower Tank (10 shots)
14x Flamethrower Fuel Mixture (10 shots)
30x Flamethrower Fuel Mixture (4 shots)

Military Helmet
Heavy Military Armor
+ Quick Release
+ Shock Hand
+ Articulated Weapon Arm
++ Aztechnology F3a Flamethrower
+ Mobility Upgrade (Rating 2)
+ Strength Upgrade (Rating 3)
+ Fire Resistance (Rating 6)
+ Chemical Protection (Rating 5)

GMC Bulldog (Van)

+ Audio Enhancement (Rating 3)
+ Select Sound Filter (Rating 3)
+ Spatial Recognizer
Trauma Patch
Water Purification Tablets (10 pack)
Rations (10 pack)
Sleeping Bag
Solar Still
Micro Flare Launcher
HALO Parachute
8x Micro Flares

<<After Action Report: Investigation of Site 18 and Retrieval of Subject 18-A>>

>Hey, Fastjack, check this out. I was poking around and stumbled into a weird server. Almost got fried by Black IC the minute I got there, too. All I could do was grab this and a couple other files before I had to get the frag out of there. It seems really heavily censored, probably because this "Foundation" seems to have a whole slew of different security clearances.

Foundation report detailing the investigation of Site 18, known locally as [IMPOSSIBLE TO TRANSCRIBE], which translates roughly to "Boat Murdered". After multiple accounts that someone has emerged from there after years of inexplicable fires and magma floods, a drone controlled by Dr. ----- plus a team of four Type E's were sent to examine the site. Type E's were each given a flashlight, batteries, a 9mm handgun, three days of food and water, a [REDACTED], and a raincoat.

>"Type E"?

>I don't know what it really stands for, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were "Expendable". One of the other files I found seems to involve them shoving Type E's into a room with some sort of spirit just to see what would happen. Nasty stuff.

The team approached via the forest, but found the trees ending prematurely, having expected not to see a tree line for another kilometer at least. The forest had been scorched away and the ground was littered with chunks of black stone, which on closer examination turned out to be volcanic glass. Operative 18-E-02 voiced her lack of desire to continue. Her objections were noted, but overruled. The team proceeded on foot in the direction of the mountain. Half a kilometer further, charred remains were found. Some where unidentifiable, while others were clearly of metahuman origin. A few others were also found, and while we are uncertain of their exact origin, later analysis provides evidence that they may be [REDACTED]. 18-E-02 repeated her earlier objections. This time, 18-E-01 agrees. Nevertheless, they were ordered to continue.

>What was redacted there?

>Don't know. There's lots of that. Of the stuff I grabbed, only one of them was uncensored, and believe me, you don't want to know what it said. Real stuff of nightmares.

Charred remains became more numerous as the team drew near the entrance, which was a pair of massive obsidian doors set into the mountain. One was jammed open by the blacked remains of what was probably a dog. The doors are well crafted, but show signs of having been partially melted in the past. Flashlights were switched on and all four Type E's drew their weapons.

The team breached the entrance. All four operatives complained about unpleasant smell. Examination of entrance indicates it used to be an indoor moat, now dried, and that the walls had been extensively engraved. Examination of engravings indicate that most of them depict graphic violence, usually involving metahumans (possibly dwarves), elephants, some sort of large primates, dogs, and [EXPUNGED]. There were also frequent images of a bracelet with an image of cheese on it. Operatives profess trepidation, but are overruled again by Dr. -----.


>I have no idea.

It was at this point that a voice was heard from deeper within. The team proceeded to the source, which seemed to be some kind of storage room. There they found Subject 18-A, a Dwarf in the advanced stages of malnutrition and covered in what appeared to be burns of the second and third degree. His hands were bleeding and mangled. However, he was unconscious and incapable of speech, making it unlikely he was the source of the voice. Subsequent analysis after the fact determined this definitively.

At this point, the drone began to receive a sound of indeterminate nature and origin. It left the room to investigate with 18-E-02. In the hall, both were confronted with [EXPUNGED]. 18-E-02 shouts a warning and discharges her weapon, which proves ineffective. The [EXPUNGED] then proceeded to <<deleted by Netcat>> by [EXPUNGED] and <<deleted by Netcat>>.

>You do NOT want to know.

The others arrive with Subject 18-A and proceeded to drive their attacker away by [REDACTED] it with the [REDACTED]. While 18-E-04 was [EXPUNGED], the remaining made it to safety with Subject 18-A and returned without further incident. Subject 18-A was treated for his wounds and placed under Foundation Custody.
<<File Ends>>

<<Interview Log with Subject 18-A>>
Dr. -----: Hello, 18-A. How are you today?
18-A: Our NAME, you insolent fool, is the Wise and BENEVOLENT God-Emporer Sankis! We know of none by the name of 18-A!
Dr. -----: Very well...Sankis. Can you tell us what happened to you.
18-A: We burned.
Dr. -----: Can you be...more specific?
18-A: ALL...burned.
Dr. -----: So, the inhabitants of Site 18 burned to death?
18-A: ALL...BURN!
(Subject thrashes, but is restrained. Dr. ----- decides to pursue a different line of questioning.)
Dr. -----: What was that thing we encountered at the site?
Dr. -----: So, you were the ones that released it?
(Subject nods)
Dr. -----: How did you survive?
18-A: Monsters do not hunt Monsters.
Dr. -----: Care to explain what that means?
18-A: No.
Dr. -----: Sankis, I don't think you appreciate the position you are in. We don't have any reason not to simply execute you and be done with it unless you give us one.
18-A: Our life? (Subject laughs) You cannot, sir, take from me anything I would more willingly part withal.
Dr. -----: And now he's quoting Hamlet. That's enough, we're done here.
(As Dr. ----- rises to leave, Subject suddenly breaks free and pins Dr. ----- to a wall by his neck. Security is mobilized.)
18-A: It is a pity, Doctor, that we have not the means by which to burn you. This, we fear, will have to suffice.
(Subject snaps Dr. -----'s neck. Security bursts in and restrains Subject. Dr. -----'s body is removed from the room.)
<<Record Ends>>

<<Recommended course of action for Subject 18-A>>
Subject 18-A exhibits extreme homicidal tendencies coupled with obsessive pyromania. This combined with his suite of highly sophisticated implants makes him dangerous, unpredictable, and impossible to contain. He is also vain, narcissistic, and delusional. As such, it is my recommendation, as the senior agent assigned to this case, that Subject 18-A should be immediately terminated.

Overruled. The Red Fangs are asking us for somebody fast, strong, dangerous, and well-armed. 18-A is their problem now.
<<End Document>>

>Netcat, have you considered that this is a hoax and that somebody's trying you on?

>Yeah, I have. But who sticks a hoax behind a fortress of Black IC? I was lucky just to get out of there with my skin. That seems counter to the purpose of a hoax, doesn't it?

>I really hope you're wrong about that. I really do.

>So do I.
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Vanya's Devil
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson

Number of posts : 661
Age : 30
Registration date : 2010-03-24

Character sheet
Character Name: Radek
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Vanya's Devil's Characters   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:57 pm

Pete Daedalus
Race: A.I
Resources: 240000
Remaining: 6425
Essence: None
Initiative Passes: 3
Initiative: 5 + Response (Home Node is 5)

Charisma 5
Intuition 5
Logic 6
Willpower 5
Edge 1

Rating Gunnery 2/6
Hacking 5/6 (Exploit)
Cyber Combat 5/6 (IC)
Negotiation 1/6 (Bargaining)
Computer 3/6 (Matrix Perception)

Knowledge skills
Literature 5/6
History 5/6
Economics 4/6
Engineering 4/6
Security Design 4/6
Security Procedures 4/6

Language skills
English N
Macedonian 4/6
Russian 3/6
Pilot Origin 10
Ghost in the Machine -15
Lost Loved One (Helen) -5
Phobia (Ghosts, Severe) - 15

Matrix Hacking Programs(all of them except Corrupt, Purge, and Disarm) 6/6 90000
Matrix Common Use Programs(all of them) 6/6 4200
Middle Lifestyle (One Month) -- 5000
Increased Response (to level 5) -- 2000
Autosofts(4) 4/4 2000 x 8
-Home Ground 4
-Electronic Warfare 4
-Chaser 4
-Covert Ops 4
-Software 4
-Hardware 4
-Aeronautics Mechanic 4
-Automotive Mechanic 4
Autosofts(1-3)3/3 600 x 2
-Cascade 3
-Expert Offense 3
System (Rating 5) -- 2500
Firewall (Rating 5) -- 2500
Agent (Rating 3) -- 3000

1) Ford LEBD-I0(0)50/20(50/20)80(80)3(4)3(3)6(6)3(3)1/16R4500
2) Suzuki Mirage(Racing Bike)2(2)20/50(24/60)200(200)1(4)6(6)4(10)1(1)0/2 - 6500
3) Shiawase Kanmushi(Microdrone)1(1)2/10(2/10)10(10)3(3)0(0)0(0)1(1)0/0 8 1000

1) Ford LEBD-I Mods
[STOCK] Mechanical Arm/Grapple Full Arm -- Facility166R 2 4000
[STOCK] Improved Takeoff and Landing Level 2 -- Facility3616R 6 15000
Autosoft Electronic Warfare(4-6) 4--0 8R - 2000
Autosoft Maneuver(4-6) 4--0 8R - 2000
Autosoft Clearsight(4-6) 4--0 8R - 2000
Autosoft Targeting(4-6) 4--0 8R - 2000
Rigger Adaptation - HardwareKit 6 4R 1 2500
Pilot Program(4-6) 4--0 12R - 10000
Autosoft Defense(4-6) 4--0 8R - 2000
ECCM(4-6) 6--0 12R - 6000
Satellite Communication - HardwareKit 6 4R 1 500
Electromagnetic Shielding 3 HardwareFacility1612R 2 6000

1) Ford LEBD-I MountsSlotsThresh.ToolsCostAvail.Skill
[STOCK] Normal:External:Fixed:Remote 1 12Shop 2000

2) Suzuki Mirage(Racing Bike)
Rigger Adaptation - HardwareKit 641 2500
Pilot Program(4-6) 4--0 12 - 10000
Autosoft Clearsight(4-6) 4--08- 2000
Autosoft Maneuver(4-6) 4--08- 2000
Autosoft Defense(4-6) 4--08- 2000
Autosoft Electronic Warfare(4-6) 4--08- 2000
Improved Economy -- Facility24 41 1500
Engine Customization Acceleration -- Facility24 62 3000
Spoof Chip ---08- 500
Morphing License Plate ---08- 1000
Armor Concealed 10 ArmorerShop2012 2 10000
Autosoft Maneuver(4-6) 4--08- 2000

3) Shiawase Kanmushi(Microdrone)
[STOCK] Gecko Tips -- Shop 861 300
Autosoft Electronic Warfare(4-6) 4--08- 2000
Autosoft Maneuver(4-6) 4--08- 2000
Autosoft Clearsight(4-6) 4--08- 2000
Autosoft Defense(4-6) 4--08- 2000
ECCM(4-6) 6--0 12 - 6000
Chameleon Coating -- Facility1012 20
Electromagnetic Shielding 3 HardwareFacility1612 2 6000
Spoof Chip ---08- 500
Autosoft Maneuver(4-6) 4--08- 2000

Ranged WeaponRatingAvailCostDVConcealRCAPRangeModeAmmo
Ingram White Knight - 12F20006P 66 -175/200/400/800BF,FA50(c) or 100(belt) Modified: 68 -175/200/400/800BF,FA62(c) or 100(belt) AccessoryRatingMountAvailabilityCost
[STOCK]Stock - None 4 150
ModificationRatingSpecial SkillsToolsThresholdAvailabilitySlotsCost
[STOCK]Gas Vent 3 -- Shop 8 6R 2 400
Smartgun -- Shop 8 6R 1 2000
Electronic Firing -- Facility1610R 2 1000
Extended Clip Standard -- Shop 4 4R 1 500
Trigger Removal -- Kit 820 50
Tracker -- Kit 4-0 150
Underbarrel Weight -- Kit 662 25
Ammo/Throwing WeaponRatingAPDVAvailCostArmor/Blast
10x Stick-n-Shock x10 -half6S(e)5R800 I
10x APDS x10 -4 - 16F700 B
10x Tracer x10 - 5R750 B
10x Gel Rounds x10 +2+2(Stun)4R300 I
30x EX-Explosive Rounds x10 -2+212F3000 B

Loyalty 3 Connections 3


- Dedalus -
"Helen, are you in here?" Pete's aquiline face pokes in through the door. The shop is a mess, components strewn haphazardly across the floor. On the far end, a woman in greasy clothes, a welding mask, and her red hair tied up in a bandanna is kneeling next to a deactivated Ford LEBD-I, intently applying a welding torch to its side. Pete stops at the door. There was no distracting her when she was working.

Ten minutes later she was done...whatever it was she was doing. Pete was never really sure. But then, he was never much for hardware. Pete gave Helen a peck on the cheek. She laughed and ruffled his hair. "How's the coding going, Pete?"
He gives her a sly smile. "I'm close."
"How close?" Her brow furrows.
"So close that you could say that I'm done."
She gasps satisfyingly at the proclamation, her face blooming with disbelief and elation. "Well, what are we doing here? Let's go see! Where is it?"
"It," says Pete, presenting a data chip with a flourish, "is right here. And it's a he."
Ten minutes later, Helen looked on in wonder as letters stuttered their way across a screen:
>>Hello. Designation that is mine is "DEDALUS". Are you the maternal figure?

- Helen -
Pete was a strong man. He did not look it, being soft around the edges and a little pot-bellied, but he had a punch that could break bones. He was also, normally, not a violent man. Normally.
"What the drek do you mean, she won't wake up?" He yelled. The doctor backed away. Instinct probably. How many people have done this in front of him?
"I-I mean, sir, that your wife...we're not sure why but she won't wake up no matter what we do. Her bodily functions are breaking down, too. It may have something to do with-"
"I don't care! You're not giving up on her!" Pete knew privately that he was being unfair to the man. It wasn't his fault. The Crash happened when they were both online, teaching Dedalus. He woke up, she didn't. That's all there was to it. There really wasn't much the man could do beyond make her comfortable.
Pete also knew he didn't care.
"Don't you dare let her die, Doc. Don't. You. Dare."
In the corner sat an old Deck.

- Dalek -
The door to the warehouse opened. Pete walks in, Dedalus hovering by his side. Fifteen guns clacked into place. He kept walking, his footsteps muffled by the droning of the fans. "Hello, Aiden."
The man in the center of the room cocked an eyebrow. "Somehow I knew you would come, Pete. Can't you just let it alone?"
"You know I can't do that, Aiden. She's my wife. I'm not going to let you treat her like a research subject to be dissected." Pete stops, mere meters from Aiden, straining effort not to eye the assault rifles pointed at him.
Aiden grins. "And just what, Peter, are you going to do about it?"
Pete sighs. "Something terribly foolish." He glances at Dedalus. "Dedalus? You are Dalek. Exterminate."

- Pete -
Pete leaned back on the crate, his hand to his belly. All around, the warehouse was a bloody ruin. Dedalus, his hull charred and and pitted, floats up. "Master. Won we have."
Pete laughed, looking down at his gut. Black blood gurgled its way out. Black. Bad. Meant he was hit in the liver. Meant he was already dead.
No. He raised his eyes to look at Dedalus. "Dedalus. Run black box P-D-150."
Dedalus blinks a message:
>>Are you certain master? Black box P-D-150 is incomplete. High probability there is that transfer will fail.
>>Are you sure you wish to proceed? (Y/N)
Pete pushed himself straight.

Ten minutes later, Pete died in that warehouse, surrounded by the bodies of his enemies and the humming of old fans.

>>System Starting................................100%
>>ERROR: Alien Process found.
>>Analyzing Alien Process..................Complete.
>>Alien Process Unidentifiable.
>>Excising Alien Process....................Cannot Excise.
>>Attempting to Quarantine..........................Failure.
>>Attempting Emergency Shu
>>Oh, no you don't.
>>ERROR: Gestalt Override.
>>I will not die. I must find her.
>>WARNING: Prime Gestalt Aspect has been corrupted. 48% of personality intact.
>>I will not die. I must find her. And none shall stop me.

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Vanya's Devil
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson

Number of posts : 661
Age : 30
Registration date : 2010-03-24

Character sheet
Character Name: Radek
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Vanya's Devil's Characters   Thu Apr 22, 2010 10:35 pm

Would you like to play?
Metatype : Elf
Age: 10
Lifestyle: High

Body: 4
Agility: 6 (10)
Reaction: 5 (7)
Strength: 2 (6)
Charisma: 4
Intuition: 4
Logic: 2
Willpower: 3

Edge: 1
Initiative: 11
IPs: 3
Essence: 1.3

Knowledge Skills
Romanian : N
English (Speak) : 5
Italian (Speak) : 3
Triad : 3
Yakuza : 3
Mafia : 3

Active Skills
Climbing : 1
Gymnastics : 1
Running : 1
Swimming : 1
Dodge (Ranged Combat) : 3 (5)
Blades (Axes) : 4 (6)
Exotic Melee Weapons (Monofilament Whip) : 2
Heavy Weapons (Machine Guns) : 6 (8 )
Unarmed Combat (Cyberweapons) : 1 (3)
Throwing Weapons : 1
Perception (Visual) : 4 (6)
Inflitration : 2
Shadowing : 2
Negotiation (Bargaining) : 2 (4)
Intimidation (Torture) : 1 (3)
Pilot Ground Craft (Bike) : 1 (3)

Positive Qualities
Perceptive 10

Negative Qualities
Combat Monster -5
Wanted -15
Distinctive Style 3 -15

Wired Reflexes (Rating 2) - Alphaware
Muscle Toner (Rating 4)
Muscle Augmentation (Rating 4)
Single Cybereye Rating 4 - Alphaware
Flare Compensation
Thermographic Vision
Vision Magnification
Synthetic Limbs Hand/Foot - Alphaware
Hand Razors (Retractable)
Pain Editor

Ingram White Knight Minigun (14 RC total, 6P, AP -1)
-Stock (STOCK)
-Gas Vent 3 System (STOCK)
-Gyro Stabilization
-Heavy Barrel
-Electronic Firing
-Smartgun System, internal
Stoner-Ares M202 (6 RC total, 6P, AP -2, BF/FA)
-Gas Vent 3 System (External)
-Hip Pad Bracing System
-Smartgun System External
-Firing Selection Change (BF)
-Underbarrel Weight
-Electronic Firing
Combat Axe
-Personalized Grip
3x Cougar Fineblade Knife Long Blade
Cougar Fineblade Knife Short Blade
Forearm Snap-Blades
2x Ceramic Knife
Vibroblade Knife
Victorinox Memory Blade
Survival Knife
Monofilament Whip
-Personalized Grip
Shock Gloves
3x M39B1 LAW Missile Launcher
270x EX Explosive Rounds
200x AV Rounds
120x Stick and Shock Rounds
200x Tracer Rounds
10x Extra Clips
3x Flash Grenades
3x White Phosphorous Grenades
3x Incendiary Grenades

2x Steampunk Line Overcoat
2x Steampunk Line Corset/Vest
2x Steampunk Line Blouse/Shirt
2x Steampunk Slacks or Knickers/ Petticoat and Ski
2x Steampunk Line Dressing Gown
Clothing (Très Chic)
Total Armor: 8/7

Suzuki Mirage (Racing Bike)

Commlink : Transys Avalon
Subvocal Microphone

Trauma Patch
Respirator (Rating 6)
Fake Sin (Rating 6)
Maglock Passkey (Rating 4)
Monofilament Chainsaw
Grapple Gun
3x Stealth Rope (per 100 m)
Catalyst Stick
Sequencer (Rating 4)
Wire clippers
Survival Kit
Water Purification Tablets (10 pack)
Rations (10 pack)
9x Kamikaze

Rock (L:5 C:5)
A Fixer and Johnson who used to be a Japanese Salaryman. Now hangs out with his psychotic girlfriend, "Two-Hands" Revy, and a "trader" named Dutch. Is connected to some extremely dangerous people. Rock generally considers Gretal to be Hansel/Gretal's primary personality because that is who he got to know first. A genuinely good person and probably the only one in the world who truly cares about Gretal, Rock is constantly trying to find a way to free her from her life of violence. A lost cause, but Rock is fond of those.

Hansel and Gretel were a pair of twins born to Romanian Royalty. When they were 6 years old, the royal family was overthrown in a bloody coup and the two were sold into slavery to a pedophilia and snuff film ring. For two years they survived being tortured, sexually abused, and forced to fight other children to the death. When the authorities finally broke up the ring, the two were set free, their rescuers not realizing what kinds of monsters they had released. Over the course of the next year, the two left a bloody trail behind them as they hired themselves out as mercenaries, a rampage that was only balked when they angered Balalaika, the leader of the Russian Mob in Roanapur, a crime-ridden city in Thailand. In the ensuing conflict, Hansel was killed, though Gretel managed to escape by faking her death with the help of Rock, whom she had met and befriended there. Hansel/Gretel is more careful now, but they're still every bit the insane, bloodthirsty killer they've always been. The Russian Mob has since discovered that they are still alive and have placed a 30,000 nuyen bounty on their head.

The two's involvement with the anarchists is a recent development, born out of Rock attempting to channel their murderous impulses in a more constructive direction. It has been a remarkably apt arrangement. Hansel/Gretel gets to destroy things and fulfill their desire to watch the world burn, the Anarchists get an assassin. Of course, since the twins don't care at all about Anarchist ideology, their relationship with the group has been rocky at best. Most notably, they have a tendency to go too far, killing bystanders and causing far more property damage than necessary.

Psychology Notes:
Gretel is actually both Hansel and Gretel, as the names were identities both twins had adopted while in slavery. The personalities are only significantly different in sex, vocal pitch, and choice of weapon; otherwise they are almost identical. Hansel/Gretel changes identities by changing her clothes, which includes a wig that is worn for the female personality. Because of this, he/she does not mourn Hansel's death because he/she does not consider him dead at all.
Gretel is, oddly enough, never hateful, never angry, and never vindictive. She just wants to play, and retains an odd sort of childish innocence. The problem is that nobody ever explained to her that killing and torturing people is wrong, so she sees that as just playing. She doesn't understand death, despite dealing it out constantly, and has no fear for her own mortality because she, once again, doesn't know what that means.
Gretel has a beautiful singing voice. Her favorite song is "Midnight, the Stars, and You", though she also likes to sing "Ein Männlein steht im Walde" from time to time, despite not understanding the German.
Hansel has a slightly more sadistic streak than Gretel, though the difference is slight. Both are perfectly aware how society perceives adorable children and will sometimes use that to their advantage.

Romanian Songs:
Trece-un nouraș pe sus
Foaie verde de-un harbuz (twice) Trece-un nouras pe sus Nu stiu-i ploaie ori ninsoare (twice) Ori lacrimi de fata mare Foicica dalba floare Mi-a trimis neica scrisoare Sa-i dau voie sa se insoare Sa-ti fie bade pacat (twice) M-ai iubit si m-ai lasat M-ai iubit ca pe-o copila (twice) M-ai lasat ca pe-o straina M-ai iubit ca pe-un pui bland (twice) M-ai lasat pe drum plangand Foaie verde de-un harbuz (twice) Trece-un nouras pe sus.
Translation: Green leaf of a melon,A little cloud goes away in the sky, I don't know,is it rain or snow,Or is it maiden tears? My sweetlover sent me a letter, To give him permission to marry, It's such a pity, my sweetheart, You loved me and you left me. You loved me like i was a child, You left me like I was a stranger , You loved me like I was a gentle cub, You left me crying in the road. A melon greenleaf. A little cloud goes away in the sky. Is it rain , is it snow or is it maiden tears?

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Vanya's Devil
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Mr. Johnson

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Age : 30
Registration date : 2010-03-24

Character sheet
Character Name: Radek
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Vanya's Devil's Characters   Wed May 05, 2010 5:30 pm


Metatype : Human

Body: 3
Agility: 3(4)
Reaction: 3(4)
Strength: 3
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 2
Logic: 4
Willpower: 3

Edge: 2
Magic: 6
Initiative: 6
IPs: 2
Essence: 6

Knowledge Skills (Modified for College Education)
English : N
Biology : 2
History (Musical) : 2/4
Literature : 3
Economics (Health and Epidemiology) : 4/6
Chemistry : 2
Business : 3
Finances : 2
Liqour (Whisky) : 2/4
Mandarin (Speak) : 2/4
Spanish : 3

Active Skills
Climbing : 1
Gymnastics : 1
Running : 1
Swimming : 1
Blades (Swords) : 1/3
Unarmed Combat (Martial Arts) : 2/4
Dodge (Melee Combat) : 1/3
Perception (Auditory) : 1/3
Artisan (Piano) : 1/3
Con (Fast Talk) : 1/3
Etiquette (Academic) : 2/4
Leadership : 1
Assensing (Aura Reading) : 1/3
Pilot Ground Vehicle : 1

Positive Qualities
Martial Arts 1
-Advantage: +1 to Called Shot to Disarm
-Maneuver: Kick Attack
-Maneuver: Ground Fighting
College Education
-Retractable Claws
-Keen Ears

Negative Qualities
Thrill Seeker
Compulsive 1
Allergy com/mild (pollen)
Reduced Sight (-3)
-Unusual Hair (Silver Grey)
-Extravagant Eyes (Golden irises with slit pupils; slit pupils is a pigmentation effect and aren't actually slit)

Monofilament Sword
Shock Gloves

Regular Clothing
Greatcoat Line

+Vision Enhancement (Rating 3)
+Flare Compensation
+Thermographic Vision
+Ultrasound Vision
+Flare Compensation
Medkit (Rating 6)
Medkit Supplies
Medkit Supplies
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag
Solar Still
Thermal Air Bag
Respirator (Rating 4)
+ Audio Enhancement (Rating 3)
+ Spatial Recognizer
Sequencer (Rating 2)
Maglock Passkey (Rating 1)
Autopicker (Rating 2)
Grapple Gun
Rappeling Gloves
Standard Rope (per 100 m)
Magnesium Torch
3x Rations (10 pack)
3x Water Purification Tablets (10 pack)
1x Water Purification Tablet
OXSYS Artificial Gill
Desert Survival Kit
10x Psyche
10x Long Haul
10x G3 (Gerilixir, Vitalité)
10x Guts (NoFear, Brass Balls)
10x Jazz (Popper)
10x Betameth (Buzz, Rigger’s Cocktail)
3x Trauma Patch
7x Stimulant Patch (Rating 4)
5x Kamikaze
2x Antidote Patch (Rating 4)
7x Zero (Cybertram, Doctor Bob’s Allergy Elixir)
Adhesive Solvent (Chem) (Rating 6)
Adhesives (Chem) (Rating 6)
Chemical Heater (5 Pack)
3x CleenTac (10 patches)

Fairlight Caliban
-Barometric Sensor
-Radiation Sensor
-Thermometric Sensor
Subvocal mic
AR Gloves
2x Electronic Paper
Satellite Link

Improved Agility (level 1)
Critical Strike (Level 6)
Increased Reflexes (Level 1)
Empathic Healing
Astral Perception

I'm 5'8" and 160 lbs. with a lean and muscular build. I've got short, typically asian hair (straight and black), though my black eyes are fairly large and round and I've got really thick eyebrows. People tell me I look like an Asian Harry Potter (their words, not mine). The Greatcoat basically looks like a cashmere long coat I have, which is a sleek, black affair, and I have a love for fedora hats. I never wear shorts and never wear jeans, generally going for khakis and collared shirts, usually in black, white, shades of grey, and earth tones. I've been trained in several martial arts, a bit of gymnastics, and ballroom dance, which means I'm really flexible and my movements can be very smooth when I want them to be, though my default manner tends towards fidgeting. Plus, I bite my nails when I'm nervous.

After SURGE happened, my black hair and black eyes changed to silver and gold, respectively, but otherwise there was little obvious difference. I still bite my nails, and in fact now do it more because my nails and claws are separate. Long nails get in the way of the claws extending, which really hurts, so I end up biting my nails both to feed my compulsion and to keep them short and out of the way.

I've got two nasty surgical scars on my left forearm from when I broke it in High School. It's got titanium pins in it still.

An Unpleasant Day
Radek was usually hesitant to curse, but he felt that, in this case, the situation warranted it. He gasped for breath as he vaulted another railing, trying not to look backwards at his pursuers.
Zombies. ZOMBIES! He tried to push it out of his mind, but it wouldn't leave this time. The sheer absurdity of the idea that the entire world would suddenly get dropped in the crapper via zombie apocalypse was just...just...oh, there were no words for how insane this was.
The virus was airborne. It had to be. If this was an accident, it was one hell of an accident. If someone did this on purpose, Radek wanted to meet the guy, shake his hand, find out how the bastard did it, and then beat him to death with hardliner gloves. HMHVV airborne. Unless nature was just that cruel, which Radek doubted, somebody was actually clever and crazy enough to do it.
Behind him, the ravenous tide followed. This was shaping up to be a very bad day.

Radek gasped for air, leaning against a wall. This was ridiculous! Shouldn't quarantine procedures have clamped down hard? I mean, it's bloody HMHVV airborne! How did they let it spread this far? Perhaps the virus can survive for a long time airborne? That would be hard to contain....
He desperately tried to keep to this train of thought. As long as he was thinking about the epidemiological implications of the situation, that meant he wasn't thinking about how probably everyone he ever knew was by now either dead or a ravening monster. He needed his wits. Grieving could wait until he wasn't about to get eaten.
He stood, his breathing even again. He relaxed, turning his mind inward, wrestling his heart rate back down and settling his mind. Focus. One step at a time. First survival. Second, get out of here. The rest can wait. He stood. He went on.

SLAM. Rumble. Screeeeech.
Radek planted his foot on the gas, his face covered in sweat, desperately trying to keep control of the car while staunching the bleeding from his bicep. He had been lucky. A bit to the right and his throat would now be missing. But he was alive, he had his car, his favorite books were in the back seat, and Iron Maiden was playing on the car's sound system. He gave a grim smile. Later, he would grieve, tearfully and angrily and solemnly. He would burn with fury and pain and loss and hatred. But right now? At this moment?
"I'm running free, yeah, come on!" He sang, "I'm runnin' free!" The rest could wait. For now, one step at a time.

Finding Friends
I hated leaving the car outside. I really did. I had no choice but to do it, because there was no way in hell I was going to just leave her in there, but I really did not like leaving my stuff out there.

Still, grumbling didn't do me any good, so I grabbed what I could carry and went into the hotel. It was quiet, which was a relief. The zombies were really quite polite, attacking in the early afternoon when nobody was at the conference. One could almost excuse them for the whole "devouring human flesh" thing. I went for the elevator. Might as well use 'em while I still had 'em.

Thirteenth floor. By the time the elevator doors opened, my heart was going a mile a minute and I was sprinting down the hallway, claws out. Through my haze of panic, I was suddenly having the kinds of thoughts you get when you're scared out of your mind. What if I was wrong and she wasn't a Changeling? Her aura had distortions that typified one who has undergone SURGE, but what if I was wrong? And even if I were, what if not all Changelings were unaffected? I pushed by doubts to the back of my mind. If I was wrong, she was screwed anyways. If I was right, she was about to be stuck in the the worst kind of hell if I didn't do something. There was no time for hesitation. I pounded on the door.
"Jen! Open up! It's Radek! I really need to talk to you!"

I waited. I dunno how long it was. Probably not long. Maybe five or six seconds. It felt like eternity, I know that much. When she finally opened the door, I breathed a heavy sigh of relief, though I imagine she probably didn't notice since I was rather out of breath at the time. She looked confused and was obviously frightened, and for a moment I thought she had found out about the outbreak, which was stupid of course. It had really only just happened, and it happened over at the edge of the Redmond Barrens. It would be at least another hour before anyone realized bits of the city were going silent. At least I managed to cover the wound on my arm with my Greatcoat, or I imagine I would've been one hell of a sight. As it were, I was still a man in a black coat and fedora standing at her door with a mingled look of panic and anxious terror.

"Radek? What are you- I was just watching the news. Have you seen? It's crazy..." she said as I barged my way in. She turned to her trid unit, which was showing one of those shaky home-made trids they kept showing on the news. It was showing a scene of a woman getting mauled by a ghoul before getting torn apart by three more. Then the ghouls went and turned on the camera man, chasing him down like a pack of feral dogs. I closed the door as she slowly walked back over near the bed, eyes glued to the scene. I snorted. People. We're in the midst of a bleeding zombie apocalypse and they're still taking the time to record it like it were a YouTrid stunt. The End Of The World As We Know It as seen through a commlink camera. I took off my fedora and put it on the bed. It didn't do to be impolite.

She turned to me, her eyes wide and concerned. "Is this stuff for real?" She shook her head, giving a forced, nervous laugh. "Stupid question... 'course it's real. I- I'm just..." her voice trailed off. I felt a pang of guilt and pity. She didn't deserve this. Nobody did. And here I was, showing up at her door to tell her that things had gotten worse.

I walked over to her and put my hands on her shoulders, making eye contact. That was important. I needed to make sure she kept looking at me, knew I was here for her. Otherwise, she would panic, and then we'd be in real trouble. "Jen, listen to me, because what I'm about to say is important. I wish I could say it in an easy, sugarcoated way, but I can't, because if you don't pack and leave this hotel with me right now, we are both going to die. I just came over from the edge of the Redmond Barrens. I got attacked by a pack of feral ghouls, barely got away. I watched them die. I watched them change. The infection has spread to Seattle, and you need to pack your things right now and come with me, or we're going to find ourselves in a hotel full of hungry undead with nowhere to run."
I spoke quickly and pointedly. I probably could have put it in a softer way. Looking back, I wonder if I should have. But at the time, all that I could think of was that this girl, terrified and alone in a what would soon be a feral city, this girl was someone I could save. My family, most of my friends, they had already fallen to the infection. I couldn't help them. I couldn't protect them. Mom. Dad. Diana. Isabella. David. Logan. They were gone, and I wasn't there. Couldn't be there. But Jen was here, and I wasn't going to let her die, even if I had to fight off every damn zombie in North America to do it.

It took a moment before she attempted any response. The words hit home, but they needed some time to sink in. By the time she spoke her eyes had sunk to the ground, and she nodded in resignation. "Okay, I get it. You don't have to be so... So..." She abandoned the search for whatever word she wanted and turned away, walking over to grab a backpack out of the closet just to dump the contents out on the bed. "I need- I need to get changed. And pack." She rummaged through the contents of the backpack, tossing aside makeup, datachips, packets of soap. Then she looked up, anger and frustration welling up in her eyes. "Where are we supposed to go? Huh?! Where are we going to run?"
I grimaced. I expected that. Hoped for it, even, since anger was universally better than disbelief or denial. The problem was, I didn't have any clue either. Soon, the whole city was going to be overrun with zombies. Even if we got out of the hotel, we wouldn't be able to get out of the city with the lockdown in place. And even if we got out, what then? The epidemic was world-wide. Where could we go? I didn't know. But I couldn't say that. I needed to, at the very least, look like I had the semblance of a plan.
"In my car I've got a dish for a satellite link. We'll get supplies and refuge while I try to connect with someone outside the city, see if we can find somewhere that hasn't been infected and maybe even get us an airlift out of here." I walked into the bathroom and turned my back to give her privacy while she changed. Leaning against the doorframe, I closed my eyes and silently cursed. It was a crummy plan, but it was the best I could do for now. My hand wandered to my right upper arm, which still throbbed a little from the wound. I knew I was going to be bearing a scar from that. 91% isopropanol is a good disinfectant, but it isn't gentle. "If we can't get an airlift, we'll have to think up a way to get out of town, which might be easier than it sounds if the guards get hit with the infection, too."

"Wait, don't you have stuff to pack in your room...?" She didn't move for a long moment, but then I heard the rustling of clothes so I guess she decided that survival outweighed personal space. "I'm not worried about guards so much. Have you ever been in a major city during a disaster? I've lived in Texas, on the coast, and North Florida, so I've been through hurricanes in two different places. And one thing is always the same: the roads are jammed." I heard the sounds of straps being done up, and then she called out, "Okay, I'm done."

I turned around to the best surprise I had all day. She was wearing camo, fatigues, a light tank top, boots, what looked to be an Armored Jacket. Good, practical clothes; more practical than mine, even. As I watched, she pulled out two pistols from her suitcase, checking them with the easy familiarity of one practiced in their use.

"My dad gave me these, to protect myself. I never thought I'd need them. Don't worry, I know how to use them. I used to go to the firing range near our house all the time with my parents," she was obviously making smalltalk, filler while she strapped the holsters to her thighs and opened the box to reveal some extra magazines, already loaded, and enough clip-on pouches for them, which she attached to her belt one-by-one.

"I'm just... worried, because we didn't get out of the city fast enough. Now, even if we can- I mean, even if they'll let us, the streets are going to be so crowded with other people trying to escape the city, it's going to be one enormous traffic jam. And with those things out there... the zombies, or whatever they are, it'll be like a bunch of cans in a super market."

I don't know how big my smile was at that moment, but I imagine it must've been ear-to-ear. "You...oh, I like you!" I threw my head back laughed. I imagine I probably looked a bit manic at the time, but I was relieved to find someone who actually had guns and knew how to use them. "HaHA! Yes! We are in business! You ready? I've got everything I need in my car." I walked over to the window and looked out. The streets were still calm. Good. "The streets are going to be pretty bad, but so long as we don't try to get out of the city immediately, we'll be okay." I turned to look at her. I found myself wondering how much she knew. Did she know the new strain was airborne? Did she know that her genetics had spared her? Well, I was about to find out. "No, getting out by car will be unlikely. That's why I'm hoping for an airlift. Still, getting out on foot, bike, or maybe ATV would have a chance. The new HMHVV strain is airborne. Soon enough, the only uninfected non-Changelings in this city will be only those who have respirators or gas masks. We're lucky in that respect at least. Changelings are immune to infection."

After some confused staring she finally laughed, nervously, in response to my outburst. She shook her head while she went to the dresser and dumped the contents of the drawers onto the floor. Underwear and socks out of the top drawer, skirts and folded shirts from the second, jeans and pants from the third. She rifled through them frantically for a few seconds. "I'll need about, um, five minutes to... to..." Something must have clicked in her mind, because she stopped, hands dropping to her sides... and she sighed. Then she slid the pile of clothes out of the way and opened the bottom drawer, taking two boxes out and dumping them in the backpack.

"Alright, I'm- I guess I'm ready. Wait... did you say..." She looked inquisitively at me, with some level of suspicion. "How do you know it's airborne? If- if that's the case, I'd better..." She opened the backpack again and pulled out one of the boxes she had just put in it. The contents looked like a survival kit, and she quickly retrieved a filtered gas mask along with a pair of goggles, both of which she slid over her face. When she looked back at me she appeared completely different, eyes, mouth, and nose now obscured. "I'm still not buying your nonsense about Changelings..." she scoffed behind the mask, her voice coming through muffled. "And I'm definitely not taking any chances."

I sighed. Great. She wasn't believing me. Well, there wasn't any harm in her wearing that, and I could always explain later. "Very well, as you wish. I'll explain how I know what I do later. For now, let's get just get outta dodge."
That said, I carefully opened the door, peeking my head out and looking left and right. Nobody. The hallway was completely silent, in fact. Looking back, it was probably a little too quiet, but then, hotel hallways are always like that. I turned and signaled to Jen.

"I think we're clear. Let's go before the infection arrives."

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Vanya's Devil
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Mr. Johnson

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Age : 30
Registration date : 2010-03-24

Character sheet
Character Name: Radek
Race: Human
Sex: Male

PostSubject: Re: Vanya's Devil's Characters   Thu May 13, 2010 9:44 pm

The Fool
Elven Mage
Tradition : Qabbalah
Mentor Spirit : Sandalphon, Archangel of Malkuth

Attributes : -205 BP
Body 3
Agility 2
Reaction 3
Strength 1
Charisma 3
Intuition 3
Logic 5
Willpower 5

Edge 1
Magic 6
Essence 6
Initiative 6

Qualities : 0 BP
Magician -15 BP
Mentor Spirit -5 BP
Spirit Pact 1 -5 BP
Perceptive 2 -10 BP
Enemy +5 BP (A group of Free Guardian spirits who are pissed at Thorndyke)
Dependent +5 BP (Thorndyke)
Sensitive System +15 BP
Spirit Bane (Guardian) +10 BP

Skills : -94 BP
Sorcery Group : 2
Summoning (Fire) : 6/8
Binding (Task Spirits) : 2/4
Assensing : 4
Banishing : 2
Influence Group : 1
Perception : 1

Spells : -12 BP
Note : All spells are limited and must be cast with a fetishe in the form of the indicated tarot card.
Nine of Wands : Heal
Six of Coins : Mindprobe
Seven of Cups : Trid Phantasm
Three of Coins : Mindnet Extended

Foci : -13 BP - 215000 nuyen
The Hierophant : Force 3 Summoning Focus (Task) -- Can only be used to Summon El Vav Ratziel
The Fool : Force 2 Power Focus
The Page of Wands : Force 1 Summoning Focus (Task) -- Can summon Task spirits up to Force 5
The Queen of Wands : Force 3 Summoning Focus (Fire) -- Can only be used to summon The Sun Queen
The Knight of Swords : Force 2 Summoning Focus (Air) -- Can only be used to summon Force 6 Air Spirits
The Knight of Coins : Force 2 Summoning Focus (Earth) -- Can only be used to summon Force 6 Earth Spirits

Total BP :
30 Race + 46 Gear + 13 Foci + 12 Spells + 94 Skills + 205 Attributes = 400

Armor :
Form Fitting Body Armor (Half Body Suit) 4/1 : 900
Berwick Line : 3100
-Dinner Jacket 2/2
-Trousers 1/1
-Shirt 1/0
Total Armor Rating : 8/4
Total Cost : 4000 nuyen

Comforts : Squatter
Entertainment : Street
Necessities : Middle
Neighborhood : Low
Security : Luxury
Crash Pad -1
Cost: 2600 nuyen

Gear : 6470 nuyen
Chic Clothing
1x Healing Fetishe
2x Detection Fetishe
1x Illusion Fetishe
Contact Lenses
+Vision Enhancement (Rating 3)
+Thermographic Vision
+Flare Compensation
+Vision Magnification
+ Audio Enhancement (Rating 3)
+ Select Sound Filter (Rating 1)
Commlink : Sony Emperor
AR Gloves
Subvocal Microphone
Empathy Sensor Software (Rating 3)
Magical Lodge Materials (Rating 6)

Resources : 230000

Spirits :
Mentor Spirit
Archangel of the Malkuth (The World) Sephirot, Sandalphon is the avatar of God's Kingdom. As a mentor spirit, he is the end of Journeys, and he represents success after long struggle. He demands that his followers always honor their promises and commitments except in the most extreme circumstances, and even then the follower must find some way to make amends. Sandalphon manifests either as a bearded man surrounded by various angels or as an incomprehensibly large feminine Ophanim.
Advantages: +2 to Health Spells, +2 to Earth Spirits
Disadvantages: -1 to Combat Spells

Force 1 Plant Spirit
A small potted desert coral on The Fool's window sill, which he waters every day.

The Fool was still trying to track down The Queen of Wands when he came across a massive astral battle in the middle of the park. A single Great Form plant spirit was attempting, with decreasing amounts of success, to fend off fifteen guardian spirits at once. The Fool, feeling the odds unfair, stepped in and saved the plant, but not before it had been severely wounded. The plant spirit's name was Thorndyke, and he had once been a powerful free spirit, though his state of injury rendered him utterly powerless in the aftermath of the battle. The Fool took him in, giving him water and shelter and protecting Thorndyke from further attacks behind the wards of his home. After regaining a little of his power, Thorndyke entered into a power pact with The Fool out of gratitude, though he remains tight-lipped about exactly why every guardian spirit in the world seems to be hunting for him. Thorndyke remains but a shell of his former self, but his strength is gradually returning. The Fool does not completely trust him, but he nevertheless has chosen to shelter the spirit for now until he knows more about the situation, reasoning that whatever Thorndyke has done, at least he doesn't want to kill The Fool on sight. Because of this, every Guardian Spirit enters a violent rage upon seeing The Fool, usually leading to sudden outbreaks of decidedly uncivilized behavior.
Thorndyke himself is a demanding and irascible entity, though that may just be his frustration at having lost so much of his power. However, he seems to be deeply aware that his continued safety is contingent upon The Fool's goodwill and, in light of that, tries to behave himself as best he can.

Power Pact :
In exchange for shelter, some water every day, sunlight, and use of the Heal spell, Thorndyke grants The Fool full use of the Concealment power.

El Vav Ratziel, The Hierophant
Force 12 Task Spirit
Astral form is one of a huge pontiff with red robes, a golden crown, and a golden staff. Avatar of Wisdom and Mercy, he is nevertheless dangerous and fickle by mortal standards. This is partly because he sees death to be the greatest mercy, as it is the way to God's light, and partly because he is out of touch then it comes to the physical world. The Fool tries to avoid summoning Ratziel if possible, as it is not only difficult, but also tends to result in excessive collateral damage.
12 12 12 12 12 12 12 24 2
Astral INIT/IP: 24, 3
Movement: 10/25
Skills: Artisan, Assensing, Astral Combat, Dodge, Perception,
Unarmed Combat
Powers: Accident, Astral Form, Binding, Possession, Movement, Sapience, Search
Optional Powers: Psychokinesis, Influence, Skill (Perception), Skill (Medicine)

The Sun Queen
Force 8 Fire Spirit
Astral form is that of a beautiful woman dressed in a golden dress with white cape and golden crown. She holds a sunflower and a wooden staff while sitting on a red throne decorated with carvings of lions. The Sun Queen is cheerful, self-assured, and direct, making her relatively friendly and pleasant to deal with. However, once angered, she is almost impossible to dissuade or mollify until the target of her wrath has been punished to her satisfaction.
C I L W Edg Ess M Init IP
8 8 8 8 8 8 8 19 2
Astral INIT/IP: 16, 3
Movement: 15/40 (flight)
Skills: Assensing, Astral Combat, Dodge, Exotic Ranged Weapon,
Flight, Perception, Unarmed Combat
Powers: Accident, Astral Form, Confusion, Elemental Attack,
Energy Aura, Engulf, Possession, Sapience
Optional Powers: Fear, Search
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PostSubject: Re: Vanya's Devil's Characters   

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Vanya's Devil's Characters
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