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 First Char that might make it into a game

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PostSubject: First Char that might make it into a game   Mon Feb 28, 2011 4:04 pm

So I have an idea for a char, but I don't even know if in a game it will be of any use to anyone, and not a weaker version of something else.

Getting on with it then.

My idea would basically be for a person, whom because life is not always pleasant, went from a cushy corp doctor gig with decent pay, to the crash erasing his SIN and wiping his back accounts off the face of the earth. Because he still had to care for his family, (his wife maybe needing some expensive daily medication for something?) he started selling his skills out on the street.

Eventually one of his regulars (one of his contacts probably) who always came in badly banged up, told him he was a runner, and asked if he wanted to go on a run where someone with his skills would be invaluable, wary at first, the chance of earning three times what he made in a month, in a week made him go for it.

The job did not fall apart too badly so, he started going on more runs, gathering some of the skills necessary of a runner, and using his analytical mind to its full potential .

Now, while he would have some combat ability, would skill points in first and medicine(trauma surgery) even make him a viable character.

Other question is whether I should go with adept or cyber it out.
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First Char that might make it into a game
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