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 Sample Contacts and Locations - Queen Mike

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Sample Contacts and Locations - Queen Mike Empty
PostSubject: Sample Contacts and Locations - Queen Mike   Sample Contacts and Locations - Queen Mike EmptyTue May 17, 2011 5:22 am

Let's make some sample contacts and locations!
Locations can be noted with Lifestyle Qualities from Runner's Companion, as I did, but it's not necessary; mostly fluff. Contacts should note their Connection rating, and group contacts should note their modifiers as well. Here's my sample:

Concept: Take a cup of transvestite bruiser, a pinch of Cheers, and a heaping teaspoon of pink mohawk, and shake vigorously.

Location: Queen Mike's Bar [Runner/Criminal Hangout; Free Access, Inconspicuous, Black Hole 1, Rough Neighborhood]
Contact: Queen Mike [Fixer; Connection 2]
Group Contact: Queen Mike's Boys [30 Members, District-Wide Influence; +3 BP]

Queen Mike's Tavern is an easily missed dump with nothing to even acknowledge its presence but a perpetually flickering neon "OPEN" sign and a simple ARO of a foaming beer mug on its door. A small glass pane window has long since given up its integrity after years of drunken mishaps and has elected to just be boarded up. A miscreant youth has recently spray-painted a red neo-anarchist's symbol on the poor old window's board, much to its chagrin. Nestled between a decrepit apartment building and a dilapidated supermercado, it's the sort of location only a local would know, and even then only someone "in the know" could get to. Thanks to the area's notoriously spotty matrix coverage, it's unlikely that anyone else could even wander up to it. In essence, it's the perfect shadowrunner's hangout.
The establishment itself is run by Queen Mike herself, a gruff but loving Elven drag queen built like a stack of bricks. She is also the matron of a local pickpocket coalition, known collectively as Queen Mike's Boys. When she realized the sort of patrons that flocked to her watering hole, she decided to expand her gutter-beer market by moonlighting as an amateur fixer. She founded the Boys to finance this new line of credit and develop a network of information, and to eventually establish a base of operations. The second floor of her pub has roof access to not only her own rooftop but to those of the surrounding buildings as well - that is, if you don't mind a little hop, skip, and jump across the alleyways. The basement works double shifts as an HQ and hangout spot, with a fun, if glitchy, Maximum Pinball!® table and wired 'trix access.
Queen Mike's Boys can be seen steaming throughout the building and surrounding neighborhood. They are discernible by their various garish pink accessories, which actually distinguish rank: Rookies earn pink feathers for commendable acts, and get a promotion to "buck" after three, who wear leis, and veterans wear full length boas. Alumni can often be seen with a pink stud, gauge, or ring with the gang insignia somewhere on their left ears.Sample Contacts and Locations - Queen Mike Lunapi10
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Sample Contacts and Locations - Queen Mike
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