Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 EFEK Background

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Troy Urbalejo

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PostSubject: EFEK Background   Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:49 pm

Alder Grove Aka EFEK Background for Shadowrun Denver

Ok so im not going to lie to you so i can look like some huge hero, im also not going to try and make myself look like some really huge badass that dwells on doing evrything perfect...cause i dont. Im not going to tell you my story making it up, as i go so i look cute or so i look like the man iv always wanted to be.I have no intentions on telling you my story looking for pity or forgivness, and i hope my story does not inspire anyone to follow in my path.
My mom was 23 when she had me, giving birth to me in the back of my dads car, yah i know. My father was a butcher for Denver third largest meat packing industry...he was a vegitarian,what does that tell you. I had two older brothers Mark and Felcon they never paid much attention to me, even when i started walking at eleven months they just thought i was invisible. At the age of two my first death was brought into my family, although too young to understand or even be sad im sure some part of me knew it was not a good thing. At the age of five i saw my first hero "The Vast Adventures of Tork" a series that came on every Tuesday. Tork was a huge troll always got the ladies and he was a international spy just all around badass...to be honest with you i never really got why i liked him. At the age of nine i started training in martial arts, I loved fighting and it was simple way to take my anger out and pass my time. I grew fond of learning skills and bettering my self, soon after martial arts calsses were followed by boxing. I found it inspiring...boxing and tae kwon do under my belt. At the age of thirteen i found my first competition, Denver Rage a underground mixed martial arts society. I knew it was very dangerous but i felt something, something pulled at me saying go for it. So i signed up yah stupid idea, KO in a minute and fifty three seconds was embarrasing I was on no level as those guys....(sigh). Like i said im not going to lie to you, i left that place crying but i knew i would get better i just had to keep trying. Soon after a couple of months i tryd out again winning two fights in a row. I got six hundred and thirty bucks and felt on top of the world, i will never forget that feeling. I lost my next fight to Muriso Rutuck a muay thai ace, loosing that fight droped me to third runner up to take on the middle wieght chapion of the world....Troy 'The Mean Kid' Urbalejo. I soon after won my next two fights bringing me to runner up with Tj Nogira, the same man that beat me in my first fight. I saw this as a chance to show myself, to be great, just like Tork was every Tuesday. I trained sixs weeks for that fight and i trained hard. That night came it was a amazing fight, "gosh" he had a good left hook but his followed right was much slower and sloppy. I saw the left and ducked waiting for the right i leaned in with a elbow, stagering him back. I soon the followed with a high kick to the back of his head knocking him out. I really think i screamed like a little girl after i saw what i did. After that i didnt even care that my next fight was against the middle wieght chapion, i just loved my vengence. But vendetta would turn out to be my curse.I won the chapionship and went on two be a five time defending chapion..."I was Tork"
Four years later i graduated high school, what a memory although i felt like dropping out ever year. I turned 18 on may 2 and first thing i did was go to jail yah ( chuckle). I had my birthday party it is was awsome, Emelia was there...i had a crush on this girl since 10th grade and it seemed evrywhere i went she was soon to follow. Later that night the party was busted my house became a zoo for wild scared running in circle teens...and I was right along with them. For some odd reason i didnt realize my mistake till i was on the curve in cuffs...yah arrested for a MIP( minor in possesion) and well here where the fun began.
Jail was not bad I got my whole right arm and chest and side tattoo'd with tribal i thought it was sweat. I got into the occasional fight you know the drill "solitary for you!!" I hated that cop.Officer Decker or Dallas Decker he was a asshole for a Lonestar but then again all of them are, like when you give a man a badge it changes them. One night i think it was septemeber sometime...iv lost count of the date, a elf in the D-block made a cell made bomb and blew away three walls of the entrence to my block and his. Well till this day i cannot tell you why i did it, I ran as fast as i can leaping through the smoke and flames to the otherside. Its human nature to want to be something that others look to right...well all the other inmates looked at me like im a idiot thinking any second now a lonestar will shoot me. I pretty much was able to sneak all the way through to the exit door that had no lock or anything to keep me from opening it...i found it odd the jail did.
So i ran and i ran, thank god i did alot of cardio training. LOoking back at that day i really dont regret what i did.
I knew i was wanted and for some reason i loved the feeling "I am Torks enemy" . I knew I wanted to do this now, I heard storys about these men and women doing crimes for corrupt cops and huge corporations. They were hitman,gang memebers, bounty hunter,hackers, and beings possessing magic...in the story they called them "Shadowrunners!!!". So i went on a journey...my own little mission, to find out more about these invisble people.My journy led me to a pub in the lower part of denver noerth of my side of the hover tracks, to a small pub named "The last You Betcha" i really did not know if the owner thought it was catchy or if there was a story behind it. As i enterd the bar i knew i was being judge three years in jail and i still look like a young elf. I really had no clue who to ask or even how to approach them but well i thought why not. I walked up to the bartender, a heavy set human and i mean heavy set. He was washing off a bottle of jager 453 a cheap and yet illegle liqur. I for some reason could not find the words except " hey...Shadowrunner". The bartender looked at me like i was a lukemia pateint smoking a cigar..." your looking for Burnbox's" the says the fat man, i couldnt help but be grossed out by the bartenders wieght. I look over to the third table form the south cornor and see a orc a larg orc with red hair and what looks like a bikers suit..maybe punk rock. He waves me over waving his had in a really flamboyent manner...i would doubt it if he was wearing assless chaps. Obvisouly assuming i was somebody else Burnbox shouts "I dont have much more time".I knew i know nothing about whats going on but i decided to go with it,after all watching Tork the international spy i learned quite a few skills in conning."im your replacement..the other could not make" i said to Burnbox as i sat across from him."i was not aware she would be replaced...is evrything ok" i could tell he really didnt care although i could see it was in his nature to seem friendly." yes...lets just say her options have greatly decreased"i smerked as i lied but i did not know y but lucky guess i said she was a girl."so she is dead...what a shame,such a pretty young girl Amelia was!" A shock ran through my back, i couldn help but wonder could this be the Amelia...like thee Amelia.So i inprovised...."Yah I didnt know much about this amelia,she sounds like she was a great runner" i calmly said although i felt like just screaming out...!" yah although she was only 23 she was a grown women i met her after i picked up at some party that got busted four years ago and introduced her to shadowrunning" Burbox says as i can see he was about to cry holding back the tears. God evrything he said was correct, she would be that old...and it could of been my party i mean whats the chances right."well anyways so buisness, I need this datajack deliverd by tommorow to a client of mine...Emila fixed it she was a great decker!" Burnbox says as he slides the datajack over the table."But theres a catch this datajack is on the A list of evry decker and well...they know i have it" laughs Burnbox"so basically you sent me to my death" i said as i was regreting doing this. "maybe but if you can do it ill have more money for you in the future.""800 this job but there can be more" Burnbox scoleded in his really akward style.
The run was really simple i never had a problem delivering it, I came to do hundreds of runs the past sixs years for Burnbox basically me and him became best friends. I did runs from robbing corps for top secret information to escorting a snitch to jail, sniping anti politics and goverment officials to stealth assassinations. Iv killed local gang memebers to corpret head CEO's, kingpens to black op mercenarys... i was starting to make a name for myself and after sixs years i really thought i deserved it. Till one day...still to this day i do not know who assassinated Burnbox or why but all i know who ever it was was after me. I came to find that Burnbox was really all i ever had and well, evrything i needed. Burnbox new all the contacts info and anything you needed to know so much i never took the time to know or learn any of this. I had to find something i had to find information, something a contact, a snitch, anything. Finally i came acrossed a letter from two years ago, it was Emilia my heart stoped. I though why if Burnbox knew i lied to him why would he have kept me. Nothing made sence till i read the letter. Emilia informed him not to kill me saying things like look how helpfull iv been and the things iv been able to accomplish. I couldnt believe it...i have not thought of her in five years and here i am reading her words to keep me alive. There was address i thought maybe just maybe she still lives here. It took me three whole days to find it, a basement under a old squat house that used to be a SIN fraud company. It didnt take me long to understand who Emilia has become over the past 9 years that iv not seen her. As soon as i walked in i noticed thousands of wires and safe's evrywhere. She had so many computer i didnt even want to ask or count.
Emilia turned around surprised to even see me thinking i was dead she dashes to her aries on the table. Pointing it at me she demands "Who are you,get out of her now or maybe i should just kill you so you wont ever come back" Emilia jabbing the gun twoards me. "Emilia....Efek, Alder Grove...High school,Burnbox!" i say. Emilia shoots the aries at the roof "bullshit you stupid, whats the price on my,,," I scream Emilia interupting her in mid sentence..."its me Efek i know hard to believe but i need you..Burnbox is dead, i dont know where to go, what to do!" i stare at her as if im about to break down and cry. "I swer you were dead..how did you get away" she says "nevermind that you cant be here there looking for you..they will find yo here!" she yells as she starts shoving me back too the door. I cant find what to say like she has grabed my tounge " forget this address forget who you are...!" She stops at the door " Run efek...run and dont stop running!" Emilia wispers as i feel a sharp sting in the nack of my head and come too contious four hours later. Emilia had somehow renderd me uncontious. All of her stuff was gone like it up and vanished along with Emilia. There was a note pined in my color of my armor vest. "Efek when the times is i will contact you for now on you have to hide and stay low. To find the guys you are looking for i have no way to help however i do have someone who can point you in the right derection. Lenixs is a bounty hunter and a really good friend of mine. I have already informed him of your arival show up there and he will give you work. Efek be carefull the jobs you will do now are walking dogs...! Move your way up and find more work and new contacts im sure you will find what option you will like to make and your future. P.S. Whatever you and Burnbox stired up is big...those men will never stop hunting you. The note ended with her sharetrueth colored lips. To this day i cant tell you why i never went to her contact maybe its my thick head or maybe i didnt truste him but as of last week i really dont know if i can truste anyone. So here i am center of Denver with a bunch of mercenary's hunting me and all iv got is my katana my rifle and armor and back pack of gear...god this is going to suck.
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EFEK Background
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