Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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 Forged's List of Runners

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PostSubject: Forged's List of Runners   Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:09 pm

Here is where I will be posting my various characters. I will also try to keep track of who is "in use" and who isn't.

Human wheel-man and spare gun
(300 BP)
Current status: -We be Gangers-

Troll Technomancer
(400 BP)
Current status: UNFINISHED

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Number of posts : 48
Age : 32
Registration date : 2011-01-10

PostSubject: Re: Forged's List of Runners   Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:14 pm



Body 2 (10 BP)
Agility 3 (20 BP)
Reaction 3 (20 BP)
Strength 2 (10 BP)
Charisma 3 (20 BP)
Intuition 3 (20 BP
Logic 2 (10 BP)
Willpower 1
Edge 6 (40 BP)
Essence 6
Initiative 6, Passes 1
Condition Monitors: Physical 9, Stun 9

Athletics Group 1 (10 BP)
Firearms Group 1 (10 BP)
Long-arms 3(4) (12 BP)
Automotive mechanic 1 (4 BP)
Unarmed Combat 2 (8 BP)
Automatics 2 (3) (8 BP)
Pilot Groundcraft (Car) 3(5) (14 BP)
Locksmith 3 (12 BP)
Thrown 3 (8 BP)
Electronics Group 1 (10 BP)

KNOWLEDGE (15 Free points)
Trids 4
Seattle Street Gangs 2
Security Procedures 3
Sports 4
Street Drugs 2

English N

Gearhead (Cars) 15 BP
Guts 5 BP
Night Vision 5 BP
Toughness 10 BP

AK-97 500¥
Smartlink 400¥
100 rounds 200¥
Spare Clip 4¥
Smart Firing Platform 2000¥
Mossberg AM-CMDT 1000¥
Smartlink 400¥
20 flechette rounds 200¥
spare clip 4¥
4 Fragmentation grenades 140¥
Armor Jacket 900¥
Glasses w/ Smartlink, Image link, Thermographic Vision 700¥
Sony Emperor commlink w/ Mangadyne Deva OS (2/3/2/3) 1500¥
GMC Bulldog Step-Van 3500¥
1 month low lifestyle 2000¥
Moulding deck of Cards
3d6 x 50¥
(12x50 = 600¥)

“First Heist”
A Smart-linked AK 97 with a smart firing platform.
Mossberg AM-CMDT with smart link.

Fence ("Rakker") (Connection 3/Loyalty 2)
Go-Ganger (“Koko”) (Connection 2/ Loyalty 3)

Gavin loved to sneak into trids as a kid. It was the one distraction he had from his family. His father gambled, and one day the Yakuza came to settle his debts. Gavin doesn't remember to much from that time, but he ended up in the streets. He probably would have died when he met a special woman, Jenesta. She gave him food and told him where other kids where hiding. The other kids were not very happy to see new face and were about to kick him out when Gavin offered to play cards with them. He had a old deck of cards that he had brought with him when he left home. Gavin lost almost every game he played that night, but he got to stay. He spent the next couple years getting by doing random jobs for Jenesta. It was hard to outshine the varied talents the other kids had but he managed.

When he was in his teen he was dropping of a package when a firefight broke out. Gavin found himself hiding behind a truck when a burst of bullets broke open the door. Gavin jumped in the truck, managed to get it started and got away. He drove until he smashed the truck into Jenesta's safe house. Jenesta almost killed him for "Blindsiding me with a truck!". When she found the weapons cache in the lockbox of the truck, all seemed forgiven. Gavin even got to keep one of the rifles. “His first heist”. This was as close to the trids as he had ever been, and he loved it. He began calling himself Blindside, a moniker which only stuck because the bigger kids kept ambushing him when he was home. Jenesta kept his hopes up, and helped train him with the gun he now owned. He practiced his marksmanship in a local junkyard whenever he could.

Blindside mainly worked as a courier for Janesta running packages around. He would use any excuse to get behind the a wheel, and ended up boosting cars with the other kids when they felt up for something daring. Blindside crashed almost every car they ever boosted, must to the dismay of the others. Once he looked old enough to not get pulled over he began to scrounge for his own ride. It ended up being a rebuilt scoot, nothing custom, just cobbled together from things he found in the junkyard. By this time he had become well acquainted with the Junkyards owner. The guy went by the name Rakker, he was a fat orc who had a friendly rivalry with Janesta and would get Blindside to aquire or hide various items for him.

Since then blindside made himself a bit of a reputation with a local go-gang, the Redcaps. They were about to start a street race when Blindeside's car screeched around a bend and shot right between the cars. They took of after him, and while they had faster cars he kept them off his tail for quite the drive. Once again he crashed his car. One of the Redcaps pulled hi from the wreckage. Her name was Koko and she was impressed with his driving. She even vouched for him to join the Redcaps. Blindside didn't meet their standards, but he remained friends with Koko.

Now he is a wheelman and taxi for Janesta. His current ride is a step-van, not as cool as he'd like but its more useful then he would admit. It is brand new, bought at a significant discount from bankrupt car salesman, not that you could tell. Like every car that he ever owned, Blindside doesn't take care of it. He reckons it's only a matter of time till he crashes it, so who cares if he is overdue for a oil change, etc etc.

Appearence and Information:

Gavin is his first name, and due to the crash reports of his last name are lost with his SIN.

He is 19, Caucasian. 5'7 with a lean build. He has light brown hair and green eyes, with a tribal tattoo that runs from his right temple to his neck. He keeps clean shaven and tidy spending large amounts of time on his appearance, trying to mimic the latest trid star's looks.

Earned: 4
Spent: 0

Current 600¥ ~ unknown amount spent
Earned 0¥
Spent 0¥ ~ unknown amount spent

Last update Feb 10

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Number of posts : 48
Age : 32
Registration date : 2011-01-10

PostSubject: Re: Forged's List of Runners   Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:09 am



Troll (40 BP)

Body 5
Agility 3 (20 BP)
Reaction 4 (30 BP)
Strength 5
Charisma 3 (20 BP)
Intuition 4 (30 BP)
Logic 4 (30 BP)
Willpower 3 (20 BP)
Resonance 4 (30 BP)
Edge 4 (30 BP)
Essence 6
Initiative(Matrix) 8(9), Passes 1(3)
Condition Monitors: Physical 11, Stun 10

Athletics Group 1 (10 BP)
Blades 1(+2 Swords) (6 BP)
Cracking Group 3 (30 BP)
Dodge 1 (4 BP)
Electronics Group 2 (20 BP)
Etiquette 1 (+2 Matrix) (6 BP)
Negotiation 1 (4 BP)
Pistols 2 (8 BP)
Tasking Group 3 (30 BP)
Unarmed 1 (4 BP)

KNOWLEDGE (24 Free points)
Goblin Rock 3
Matrix Games 2
NeoNet 4
Literature 3
Megacorp economics 2

English N
Or'zet 4
Spanish 2
Japanese 2
German 2

Technomancer (5 BP)
Spirit Bane: Animal Spirits (+10 BP)
SINner (+5 BP)
Day Job (+5 BP)

Analyze 4
Armor 4
Attack 4
Command 4
Exploit 4
Scan 4
Spoof 4
Stealth 4

Baroque: Crack Sprite, 1 task
Ozzo: Code Sprite, 1 task
Tagger: Machine Sprite, 1 task

Altered Cyber adept
Willpower for Fading
Code, Courier, Crack, Machine, Paladin

Monofilament Sword 750¥
Ares Predator IV 350¥
Spare clip x3 12¥
60 basic rounds(45 in 3 clips) 120¥
30 EX explosive rounds(15 in clip) 300¥
Quick Draw Holster 100¥
Silencer 200¥
Flash Bang x2 60¥
Ballistic Shield 1500¥
Lined Coat 700¥
Actioneer Business Clothes 1500¥
Novatech Airwave Commlink w/ Iris Orb OS (3/3/3/3)2250¥
Meta Link Commlink w/ Vector Xim OS ((1/2/1/1)200¥
Fake SIN (rating 3) 3000¥
Glasses w/ Flare compensation, image link, smartlink 650¥
Grapple Gun 500¥
Flashlight 25¥
Stim patch R3 x2 150¥

Comforts 1
Entertainment 2
Necessities 2
Neighborhood 3
Security 2
1 month paid.

3d6+6 x 50¥

Monofilament Sword
Ares Predator

Fence (“Docker”) (Connection 3/ Loyalty 2)


Drekky commlink, glasses.
Low Key:
Drekky commlink, glasses, lined jacket, pistol in holster, flashlight on hip, stim patches in jacket.
On a Run:
Good commlink, glasses, lined jacket, sword and grapple gun slung on back shield covering them, pistol in holster, spare clips on belt. flashlight on belt. spare clips, silencer, stim patches and flash bangs in jacket.
Nice look:
Actioneer business clothes, pistol in built in concealed holster silencer in clothes, good commlink, glasses.


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PostSubject: Re: Forged's List of Runners   

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Forged's List of Runners
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